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What could be more special for a girl than wearing a charming crystal earring? Crystal always looks great due to the sheen they get because of special chemical coatings that get rid of the luster. Crystal earrings are usually seen adorning the hottest attires of leading fashion women. Crystals are cut to great perfection, thus reinforcing the quality that crystals come with. If you are a business man dealing in wholesale crystal earrings then you must check out our stocks here.


Increasing use of crystal earrings

The latest addition to already spectacular collection of crystal earrings made it an increasing use among the fashion conscious women. Crystals are the most delicate items yet capable of displaying the sparkle that instantly grab others attention, while enhancing the overall appeal of the wearer. Crystal jewelry normally carries huge significance due to its elegance that appeals to a large audience base. The other attractive feature of crystal earring jewelry is that it is simple to match up the piece of jewelry with almost infinite options together to develop a strong fashion and style statement.


Many women who are extremely conscious about style choose to wear crystal earring designed in exotic patterns and types. Earrings are the popular among the easiest jewelry pieces to make and due to the modest investment in tools and materials; even a novice jeweler can easily design crystal earrings that are beautiful and elegant.


Crystal earrings are especially popular because of its simplicity in appearance. There are few women who always wish to be simple yet dynamic. Such women prefer to be minimalistic in whatsoever they wear, be it clothes or jewels. As crystal earrings can pair up well any sort of attires, whether western or ethnic, they are always in demand right now among the young dynamic ladies.


Designers perform a highly intricate work of incorporating crystals to almost all types of earring, be it the stud model or suspending type or something else. It requires years of experience to design a crystal earring that can only be done by skilled jewelry maker. The wholesale body jewelry makers always work with expert jewelry manufacturer to bring to the market a fabulous collection of crystal earrings in splendid designs and types.


Popularity of crystal earring among youngsters

Young women and teenagers are always inclined towards crystal earring obviously. The dazzling and shining look of crystal earring will always remain as a spotlight among all other pieces of jewelry worn by a lady. Even a small and single piece of crystal studded in an earring is capable of creating aw-inspiring attention. Of all the young ladies out there, majority of them would either be a college student or a working woman. Crystal earring is the suitable choice of wear for both the category of women. The feature of crystal earring being perfect for regular use attracts these young women to include crystal earring into their collection of fashion accessories.


Young women prefer visiting wholesale body jewelry shop in order to look through the wider collection of crystal earring jewelry. Moreover, they can also buy an enchanting pair of crystal earring for affordable rate from wholesale body jewelry. Never like before, the demand of crystal jewelry among women is raging like anything that jewelry makers strive to keep producing novelty designs to maintain the same rage for crystal jewelry forever.


The novelty in crystal earring jewelry not just lifts the fame of the jewelry more and more, but also exceptionally complements the type of outfits that is worn. Women buy crystal earring in distinct designs and types to suit the type of clothes they wear regularly. For example, the crystal stud earring is known to better complement the western wears like jean and skirts. The points are personal opinions and different people tend to have different reasons as to why they like wearing crystal earring.


Manufacturer and supplier of wholesale crystal earring

The wholesale piercing jewelry supplier like sells crystal earring and other body piercing jewelry in bulk quantity and great discount. Retailers can make a best use of wholesale of crystal jewelry by this manufacturer to buy products at high discount prices. At, the body jewelry items available are manufactured intricately and genuinely. The types of crystals used are of premium standard and highly authentic obtained from the international supplier. Let’s check out the variety of body jewelry wholesale for exciting price range.


  • Silver stud earrings with sparkling crystal

This stud earring can develop the maximum charm with the application of anti-tarnish coat that will keep the studs dazzling for more years. It is a handmade piece of crystal stud earring that is designed by experienced jewelry designer using a finest crystal stones in the world in the highly wonderful splendid colors. It is guaranteed that this earring will glitter as well as sparkle in any light.


  • Crystal studded bow drop earring

This kind of crystal earring is a perfect option of young women, especially those who are the frequent party-goers. The great design of this piece of jewelry is of huge demand among the crystal jewelry lovers. This earring can be matched up with any sort of outfit. It is rose gold plated along with crystals n luminous green and tangerine.


  • Crystal drop earrings

The crystal drop earrings come out in several types with great quality crystals studded in it. These kinds of drop earrings have crystals of varied colors to meet the individual preference of the wearers. The designer of this type of earring maintains great standard of excellence to attract the customers’ attention in a single sight. It is also right jewelry choice for women who would like to portray a sense of creativity in the way she chooses the jewelry.


  • Fishhook earring with dazzling crystal

The silver plated stone setting is a highlighted feature of this jewel piece. Suitable to wear along with any sort of outfit, women who want an earring for regular use can go for this pair of earring. The sparkling crystal will further spruce up the appearance of the wearer. It is enough for a woman to wear this pair of earring without other body jewelries to reveal a gorgeous look wherever she heads to.


  • Silver lever back earrings with teardrop crystal

Teardrop crystal earrings are of great popular due to the instant charm that it delivers. With appropriate clasp at the back for security, this earring is a suitable pick. You can transform your outfit glamorous by combining this earring for an evening out. As crystal jewelry is sold in bulk amount, it is easy to buy this pair of earring for an exciting pricing range.


  • Crystal hoop earrings

This is a special type of crystal earring designed with grace and elegance in mind. Studded with a single piece glittering crystal, it will absolutely be a central piece of attraction wherever the wearers wears it. This beautiful pair of drop earrings is perfect for special occasions and as a everyday wear.


Engage into the business of crystal earrings and gain profit

Doing business of crystal earrings is really a highly rewarding decision if you want to make profit effortlessly. There are many suppliers and manufacturers who offer the service of wholesale piercing jewelry. This will help you to buy products in bulk quantity as well as at amazing discount. This will be really profitable for retailers selling high quality earring due to the increased popularity of body piercing jewelry.

In the crystal earring jewelry business, huge tactics need to be applied to increase the profit and also to stand atop among the competitors. The best tactic is to associate with the right wholesale supplier. It is really a great work to find the potent and genuine wholesale piercing jewelry supplier who is intended to lift your business. From a best wholesale piercing jewelry supplier, you can find huge choices on jewelry collections that can be sold at a best price. This will facilitate a steady flow of creative pieces of crystal jewelry in to your business.

The best wholesale piercing jewelry supplier like piercebody is curious on latest trends in fashion jewelry items and also skilled to distinguish the marketable jewelry from other pieces. A best supplier always provide the fashion trends in the piece of jewelry and also has eye on the timeless jewelry items such as sterling silver, semi precious stone jewelry, Swarovski crystal, cubic zirconium, etc. The popularity for such classic jewelry pieces will never lose fame and they are more capable to derive huge revenue to your business and making it profitable eventually.

Piercebody is a genuine wholesaler of crystal piercing jewelry with a comprehensive selection of jewel pieces. The supplier should be capable of offering crystal earrings in different types and designs. If you choose a best wholesaler, you can greatly meet commitment as well as buyer satisfaction. It is always better to consider the comments and recommendations of other people regarding the specific supplier and make right decision. A reliable and steady supply of materials can able to make the business highly attractive and lucrative to make a great mark up in the business.


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