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Belly pierce is an intimate jewelry from either men or women. They love to show their well-toned abs with stylish belly pierce. These belly button piercing kit are made of gold, titanium and surgical steel.  These rings composed of many metals, but when made of gold it just makes it more elegant.

 black jeweled body pierce

Body piercing considers being an art taboo in many cultures but now it’s the exact opposite. People love piercing especially belly pierce inorder to explore their fashion senses, considers to be erotic body piercing jewelry.

Belly rings have a huge demand for growing fans globally. They are compact and cheap and user-friendly with a sexy visual appeal which makes women skip a heartbeat. Belly rings are the must buy for every occasion.

surgical steel belly button rings

Types of Jewelry for Belly Pierce

Women go crazy when they see a unique style and designs available in this belly rings for girls. Belly pierce have many custom-made designs and have attachments like danglers which can be take off and put back again and these dangles add beauty to the belly.

Women can use this product to flaunt their flat abs and add the extra oomph factor to their glamor. They are a major hit among those in the fashion industry and the younger generation. The materials are safe on the skin and do not cause any allergies. There are many feminine designs available too to bring out your girlie and playful side. Titanium Belly Rings


Titanium Belly Rings

Titanium belly rings are from metal titanium and come in various shapes and are loved by women all over the globe because of its endurance and charisma. These works as outstanding in appearance and grade because of the fine precision in cutting this jewelry and the exotic varieties of stones and colorful gems embedded in them.

Titanium belly button rings are bio-compatible to all human beings and the metal has derived its name from the mighty Titans. They have mighty healing characteristics and are economical and adored gifts to sweep your loved ones. These Belly rings are widely accepted and women apply these to flaunt their slim and flat abdomen.

surgical steel belly button rings

Surgical Steel Belly Button Rings

Most people opt for steel belly button rings but the most appropriate item for belly piercing is 316-L surgical steel. Surgical steel is widely preferable because they are hypoallergenic. Hence, doesn’t react with any tissues of the human body and do not cause any sort of allergic reaction.

Once you adjust to stainless steel, you can change with other decorating and designer stainless surgical steel belly button rings. This is the right time to choose for some high-end belly rings.  Decorate your belly with stainless steel belly rings and be the center of attraction.

gold belly button rings

Gold Belly Button Rings

Gold belly rings are very cheap with industrial experts with very good craftsmanship. It considers every product to be an art. They are from 14 k yellow gold belly button rings in its highest purity with zero percent nickel traces.  Men would definitely love viewing them. These are suitable for clubs, parties and dancing events where women can flaunt their sexy ABS with elegance.


14g steel curved barbell

Stylish and Latest Belly Pierce Designs


Unlike the usual belly rings, UV belly rings give out a radiant light when exposed to the UV lights. These belly rings take the art of body jewelry to a whole new level. This is the latest entry in this category. These UV belly rings come in many designs, be it the curved UV steel barbells or the dangling variety. They are the best choice if you want to show off your belly button piercing at a party.

uv belly pierce jewelry

Titanium double jeweled belly ring has a futuristic design made with fine artistry and craftworks. The metal that was being used is high-grade titanium. It is also clean and suitable for skin and has no ill effects and long product life. They are in the shape of curved barbells with balls at both ends that embed stones of the same color but the diameters of the balls vary. Women love to flaunt their sexy abs and navel piercings using these titanium double jeweled studs and have a high attention grabbing characteristic when worn and are at huge discounts.

double studded belly pierce art

It is an erotic form of body art. They have the shape of a curved banana with balls at both ends. It surrounds one end of the ball with color jewelry stones. In addition, moving dangle belly button rings had an attachment to this end so that they have a visual appeal. These are available in all shapes and sizes and are in the form of curved bars with a top ball of 5mm in size. Hence it is visually appealing and in demand.

skull belly piercing

This new range of red jeweled skull belly rings is creating waves in the fashion world. It’s been a trendsetting fashion statement. Women can flaunt their sexy flat abs and curvy hips with this devilish and bold body art. They are in the shape of a curve barbell with balls at both ends. The one end is detachable and the other end attaches into a skull shape with red stones that adds into their eyes. The banana bar and detachable ball are safe steel for skin use and the silver non dangling belly rings, which makes it preferable for women.


skull belly pierce

Where to Find a Reliable and Safe Belly Pierce Jewelry Collection?


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