Unique UV Piercing Jewelry Collection

UV piercing jewelry adds a comforting yet a trendy feel to the piercing and makes it look more happening. There’s a wide range available and the products just keep getting extensive in terms of choice. Highly popular among women and can be found in myriad colors, patterns, and sizes.

UV piercing jewelry.

Body piercing is becoming a rage these days with more people catching a fancy for this kind of body art. The latest addition to this trend is the inclusion of UV balls in the body jewelry. Our range of body jewelry is made from an assortment of materials like- sterling silver, surgical steel and titanium to name a few.

These come in plenty of various designs and are adorned with stylish and funky UV balls which react under the UV light and shine. These are also available at a great discount when placed bulk jewelry wholesale orders and are the perfect gift items if your loved ones have a thing for body jewelry.



Types of UV Piercing Jewelry Collection


To add the X-factor to the piercings there are different types of piercings available. The range keeps getting wider with the increasing popularity among youngsters and adults as well. It gives a bold feeling and adds a glam quotient to an extent. As compared to earlier the piercings are very safe these days.

 UV belly button ring

UV Belly Button Ring

This is sexy body jewelry in a work of a navel ring. They are brightly-colored rings that resemble a rainbow. You can find offbeat balls and shapes at the end of the banana that exceedingly appealing. They also have a UV material that lets the jewelry glow in the dark. In addition, you will find more people either men or women drawing close to you when you wear them. In fact, it comes with an affordable belly button piercing price.

UV labrets

UV Labrets

Get rid of studs in single colors and opt for brilliant balls and barbells. Choose a UV piercing jewelry that protrudes from your lower lip and attracting attention in every step of the way. Red, blue, and green, the colors are unlimited as the designs on the balls that dangle from the barbells. The UV labrets material glows in the dark in making your effort completely worth your while. This is a jewelry that shows off your lower lip to perfection.

There are a wide variety of funky designs that includes vertical labret piercing on your eyebrow, chin, and lips. You can sure turn your body into a plethora of cool objects courtesy these quixotic labrets that glow steadily in the dark.

 UV finger rings

UV Finger Rings

You certainly cannot go around wearing jewelry in every body piercing while leaving your fingers bare. You may flaunt a UV finger rings to adorn your fingers. It is 100% biocompatible and you may not feel anything even if you keep it on for years. You can check different full finger rings with exotic shapes and designs. It also has embossed design on the lovely black material and makes a bold style statement according to your personality.


 UV tongue ring

UV Tongue Rings

When it comes to tongue rings and tongue labrets, we have a wide variety of to choose from. These are made from surgical steel and have fancy UV balls at both ends. The surgical steel material is completely skin friendly and doesn’t cause any skin problems like rashes or any other allergies. There are a wide variety of cool tongue rings. While UV balls react under the UV light and give out a soft glow of its own thus being a fashion statement of its own.


UV tunnel and plugs

UV Tunnels and Plugs

Adorn your ear in every possible way in choosing superlative ear tunnels in bright and glittering colors. The screws that aid in giving you a close fit are transparent and hence remain invisible while you strut around, with your ear plug decorated in keeping with the times. Rest assured, the tunnels are well equipped to highlight you in the dark too courtesy the night time glow property of the UV material that you are wearing in your ear.

uv spiral

Where to Find a Legit UV Piercing Jewelry Collection?

Login into Piercebody.com and take in the huge collection of quaint barbells and ball. The website’s offers are simply mindboggling. You may be at loss and can’t make up your mind whether to select one, two or three of them. Stop counting and cherish the marvel of unique jewelry items. It unites two of the most distinctive features of jewelry i.e. a curved UV steel barbells and ones that glow in the dark, marking you out as the life and soul of the party.

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