The Latest Fashionable and Stylish Belly Bar

Belly bar is the latest trend in belly piercing and mostly worn by women. They are from sterling silver because it’s for a sensitive body part. It also attaches a jewelry like dangle belly button rings, pearl drops, and also twisters. Much as all made of silver and other stones. They furthermore makes the belly bars more sexy and glamorous. Piercing the belly has become common among woman who loves to show off their abs and make their visual appeal sexier.

Piercebody probably has a wide variety of designer belly bar made by the well-known craftsman. They focus on bringing high-end designs for belly rings. The style of designer belly button ring is mostly stones, butterfly and flower with the artwork pieces. Belly rings have become scientifically popular.


 dazzling belly bar

Belly Bar Designs and Sizes

These were achieved from sterling silver and in the shape of barbells with a bead at one end for support and the other end have dangles jewelry in the shapes of twisters, moving chandelier, banana, and flowers. These dangles in motion glitter and add to the beauty of the belly bar when worn by women.

They come in almost all various sizes and are custom made with huge discounts on bulk orders as they are in constant demand. Women can wear them with ease and it just illuminates their sexuality and glamour content among the crowd and make people go crazy.

Beautiful and cute belly button rings go a long way in transforming your looking and in adding a touch of elegance to your outfit. The latest fad in the fashion market these days are the body jewelry in 10 gauges.

 blue crystal rugby belly bar

Crystal Belly Bar

Crystal belly ring is also famous in trending for the new evolution. The crystals are especially relevant to be set by hands. Their elegant piece designs have almost make the body jewelry looks flirtatious. Crystal belly button ring jewelry identifies as the trend for the evolution. The crystals are all set by hands. They pieces have elegant designs and make the body jewelry looks flirtatious.

uv belly bar

UV Belly Bar

Most colorful belly ring has a new design in colorful curved UV steel barbells with UV balls. It adds a lot of new design in acrylic 5mm balls, hand painted balls with a curved bar.

sterling silver belly bar

Sterling Silver Belly Bars

This navel ring is made from surgical steel belly button rings which are safe on skin and hypo allergic. The charming part from sterling silver glimmers beautifully. It has also a ball that measures 5mm. This is embellished with stones of different cuts and sizes in different colors to help you pick the one that matches your outfit.

curved belly bar

Fake Belly Bars

Belly piercing is much as glamorous and a visual treat for the onlookers with a new range of fake belly button ring. These navel rings appear as curved barbells with ball ends and they are made of 316L. It approves medically yet surgical steel brings no harm to the skin. It also has a long product life even with regular daily use.

Most of all, these belly rings have stone framing while having a dangling jewelry attaches to the ball end. These attachments also have to stones and form the shape of a star. These belly aids are visually grand with lasting shine and the stones are clear and pure, and women go crazy with these models and are very cheap with worldwide delivery.

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