Wear Dangle Belly Button Ring to Adorn Your Bodily Appeal

Wearing dangle belly button rings has become a common practice of contemporary women. It is an exceptional technique of adorning a women’s body in a more fashionable style. The utilization of body jewelry improves the sexy look of your abs, which makes them more captivating. The dangling belly button rings are found in huge array of designs from distinct jewelry stores. Incorporating the custom of beautifying your belly button with alluring dangle rings will certainly enhance the charm of women’s hot appeal.

dangle belly button rings

Belly button rings are considered as the most fashionable way of highlighting one’s abs. They can be obtained in different sizes and shapes that will help you show-off in an ideal style which you prefer. You can feel pleased about getting a mix and match with a perfect piece of body jewelry to complement your complete outfit. Most of the times, many prefer using dangle belly button rings that are lengthy and form an impressive impact since it sways while you move around.

dangle belly button rings

If you plan on buying this kind of navel jewelry, you must check out the valuable suggestions that are discussed below,

  • Think what you really look for from a belly button ring. Consider the length, materials and the decoration into account. Some common materials include gold, crystals, silver, surgical steel, plastic and titanium. Having made your plan, you are now ready to shop without having to be confused with many options that are found in the stores. Shopping online often brings you the best deals and enables you to compare prices and styles.

dangle belly button rings

  • The other suggestion to make your jewelry ideal is adding decorations. Including pendants could make dangling distinctive artistically, which at certain times become a more personalized type.
  • You can pick from a birthstone, an essential symbol and many other designs holding significant inference to you. You can prefer different styles of belly button rings based on the occasion, which fits them. Choosing the more preferred dangle belly button rings will remain as an additional appears to your style and look.

dangle belly button rings

  • Patronizing the use of dangling navel rings reveal the individuality of a person. With a great sense of responsibility dealing with navel piercing greatly reflects the individuals’ positive character.
  • Always, try to consider the material used in the product while shopping to refrain from difficulties later. You can also personalize the designs, like your initials, name, and flowers and so on. Locating the perfect one will better suit your skin type and the appropriate style will certainly develop a sophisticated charm to your appearance.

dangle belly button rings

Attractive designs of dangle belly button rings

Dangling belly button rings are stunning navel jewelry, featured in a wider collection of patterns. Dangle designs tend to make a simple barbells or belly rings attractive. The belly rings are crafted to be placed at the navel part of the belly. Dangles can pull out the jewelry to the lower portion or the waist. Cascading patterns and reverse dangles are gorgeous with low-waist outfits.

dangle belly button rings

Materials used in dangling design belly button ring

Dangle belly button rings are featured with different kinds of materials like steel, glass, titanium, sterling silver, niobium, rhodium, gold, etc. Acrylic and plastic materials are utilized for both pierced as well as non-pierced belly jewelry. Few models also are made of organic materials like bones.

dangle belly button rings

The unique types of belly button rings are found in an assortment of designs from sandal and casino to simple hangings. Designs like chandeliers, hearts, drops, teddy bears and stars are considered evergreen among the young ladies. Patriotic themes, playboy, crucifixes and crosses and motorcycle riders are some hot varieties out there in the market. Erotic themes, skulls and snakes are also utilized for the designs.

dangle belly button rings

Recent attractions like glow-in-the dark dangles and UV dangles are more appreciated. They are crafted out of acrylic and bioplasts. You can also come across some personalized varieties include belly button rings with names, initials, sings, zodiac, etc. There are also logo dangles that can be personalized with photographs. Non-pierced dangles and twister varieties are also considered common nowadays as they gain more attention now.

dangle belly button rings

Unique types of dangle belly button rings

A reverse-snake silver belly button ring covered by a crystal, a spider glitter enamel crystal belly button ring, a skull captive ring, a silver windmill navel ring featuring crystal chain and a spike rainbow costume jewelry and zipper belly button ring are some of the ideal varieties of dangling belly button rings.

dangle belly button rings

Different shapes and styles of belly button rings

Belly button rings are available in several styles, sizes and shapes. One specific style is the dangle belly button rings. It is an amazingly sexy and glamorous ring that features a large selection of designs that are made to be positioned at the navel part of the belly. These dangle belly button rings are designed using the materials like glass gold, titanium, sterling silver, glass, etc. They may also available in acrylic or plastic or can be organic.

dangle belly button rings

A special kind of dangle belly button rings is crafted by the incorporation of various materials. To include some punch to the navel ring, stones are used for decoration purpose. Generally, these stones are in the form of Swarovski crystals, diamonds, zirconium, corals, and pearls and so on. There are also different other colors to pick from that it all relies on what you like.

From simple designs to more complicate dangle belly button rings, there are limitless design possibilities to explore. Few new designs also have hit the market since you can find belly rings that can shine in the dark. This proves to be more desirable for many people.

dangle belly button rings

Dangle belly button rings-Things to know

Dangle belly button rings absolutely form a great accessory on your body. They bring upon a certain amount of style and flair to any attire. It is easy to find them online, at stores having jewelry department and at the jewelry stores. If you wear navel ring on regular basis, you need to know certain important things.

  • The first thing you are expected to know when you wear dangle belly button rings is that you must only wear them if your belly is exposed. It is because of a very simple reason. Wearing an outfit covering your belly is likely to cause your dangle belly button ring to get trapped in the fabric. This in turn causes irritation and would even end up with your ring getting ripped out of the navel area. It is obviously something that you need to avoid.


  • The other reason that you must only wear these kinds of navel rings when your belly is fully exposed is it is the only way the other people could see it. You wear belly ring to display it offer to the world. Isn’t it? If your dangle belly button rings are covered by a blouse or shirt, it will not only be not seen by others, but also likely to look like an awkward bump right at the location of your belly button. You can get rid of it by just wearing this kind of jewelry if your midriff is exposing.


  • It is important to consider the length of your belly button jewelry. Do not show attention on buying rings that suspend very low. This just enhances the possibility of your navel ring trapped on something and pulled out.
  • If by chance, your belly button ring is pulled out accidentally, it is crucial that you take action and properly clean the area as soon as possible. A great start is to just dab the area using a cotton ball that is dipped in hydrogen peroxide for cleaning and disinfecting the area.

List of popular dangle belly button ring

You know it that you are beautiful; hence show it off with a wonderful dangle belly button ring.  The collection of dangle belly button rings differs in style from more simple to extravagant and is designed from surgical grade stainless steel, 14k gold or 925 sterling silver. Whether you need a simple pretty dangle that offers a touch of sparkle and movement or an elegant chandelier to beautify your navel, you can explore a wide variety online that will exactly cater to what you want.


  • Diamante flowers dangle belly button ring

Designed out of authentic Austrian crystals, this dangle belly button ring is of the greatest quality. This belly button ring is featured by three cascading crystal daisies. Every petal is made of heart-shaped crystal, forming an attractively sophisticated flower. Every crystal is set firmly in a prong setting facilitating for maximum light exposure so that they glisten and shine to their complete potential.

  • Cubic zirconia dangle belly button ring

It is a classic design featuring reverse style. It has a prong setting on cubic zirconias facilitate just the proper amount o f light to let through, offering this belly button ring an incredible shimmer.

  • Vintage pearl cluster dangle belly button ring

This vintage dangle belly button ring is subtle yet sensational. The barbell of this navel ring is designed from surgical grade stainless steel for your safety.


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