Crystal Belly Button Rings – An Art of Sophistication

Crystal belly button rings are a collection of body jewels that have a long life of sophistication. They are famous for adding glamor and elegance.  It never also loses their shine because of the artistic designs and world class attributes. They are suitable for daily wear and occasional wear with huge discounts available.

yin yang crystal belly rings

Crystals are amazing jewels for piercing and accessorizing. Either women or men love this type of jewelry. It started to explore new designs incorporating crystals into their accessories. Crystal belly button rings is a body jewelry that is in demand in fashion and styling statement.

They are also available in other variety of appealing forms and affordable belly button piercing price. It includes crystal belly rings, crystal earrings, crystal jewelry, crystal bracelets, crystal aids for other piercings and crystal set jewelry.

 crystal belly button rings

Wearing Crystal Belly Button Rings

The sparkling crystals are sure to attract every eye in the vicinity making you feel like a star for sure. It shows off your toned midriff to perfection by inserting an epic piercing crystal jewelry through it. These dangle belly button rings are not only productive vogue that catches attention but they also add an attribute to the collection. Whatever words you’ll opt to express the timeless affections, nothing says it’s better than the beautiful craftsmanship.

Swarovski Crystals

The Swarovski crystals in various colors and shapes wink and beckon like no other as you flaunt your belly button chain by embellishing it with sparkling studs, irresistible danglers and fantastic chains, all containing crystals.

Austrian Crystal Belly Ring

              This Austrian crystal belly ring has a tasteful design. They also fall to be an outstanding item and very popular among the jewelry designers. Each piece of a crystal belly ring features in a Ferido glue setting!

crystal buttons

Types of Crystal Belly Button Rings

  • Black Crystal Belly Bar

Black crystal belly bar is the America’s hottest trend of body piercing jewelry.  This black crystal belly button ring is perfect Austrian new evolution body jewelry. This is one of the gorgeous choices in selection among the body jewelry.  This will make ideal gifts for anyone with belly button piercing. The crystals will catch the light and catch the eye. If you prefer a ball size bigger,  then choose a 12mm piece with Banana Size: 1.6x10mm.

 black crystal belly button rings

  • Angry Bird Crystal Stone Belly Ring

                Today’s most trending are the angry birds design. Either it’s a shirt, ear plugs, clay made of angry bird. has made a decision to get in with the latest glam of crystal belly bar in its very own style of “Angry bird belly bar”. Angry bird is one of the finest belly ring jewelry that makes anyone fall in love with.

angry birds crystal belly ring

  • Yin Yang Crystal Belly Button Ring

                The outer circle represents “everything”, while the black and white shapes within the circle represent the interaction of two energies. Called “yin” (black) and “yang” (white), which cause everything to happen. They are not completely black or white, just as things in life are not completely black or white, and they cannot exist without each other.

 yin yang crystal

Where to Find the Most Affordable Crystal Belly Button Rings provides body jewelry collection in the most diverse style.  Entice the hot hunks with a lovely crystal-studded silver chain dangling from your belly button or go for the quiet and sedate single crystal belly stud. The multi-crystal pumpkin face staring out at your navel is highly interesting too as is the red crystal chain in form of a chili that declares how super hot you are.

Elegance and style are the names of the game here and you should not let the opportunity slip this time.  With an attractive collection, beautiful textures and an elegant pattern for belly button jewelry. Our body jewelry gives a comprehensive look at a multitude of body jewelry there are many designs needed as well as styles to be selected. Each piece of our body jewelry attains a good quality which is our #1 concern.

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Opt for the sparking cute but affordable belly button piercing cost by getting hold of the magnificent c on crystal belly piercing jewelry. Flaunt and sparkle in our gallery with amazing stands in various ways from elite, classic, fashionable, funky to traditional. We’re an ideal supplier and a great benefit to the online market shopping network.

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