Flaunt Your Sexiness with Erotic Belly Piercing Jewelry

Body piercing art implements erotic belly piercing jewelry. Women love piercing the belly with gorgeous jewelry with sexy and cute belly button rings. Women use this jewelry globally to showcase their flat abs and express their beauty and glamor with elegance.

erotic belly piercing

These belly rings for girls come with glitter all over in various wild colors.  These appear in the shape of curved barbells with beads composes of hygienic glitter which surely illuminates the product. Either women or men love to see their partner so it’s a win-win situation for both the sexes. This product surely is a crowd pleaser.

Belly piercing is said to an erotic body art which is mainly used to attract men. In addition, it’s a bold style statement that women love all over the world. It has a huge demand for piercing jewelry.

Types of Erotic Belly Piercing Jewelry

 green belly bar

  1. Green Belly Rings

    These green surgical steel belly button rings are made of a curved banana barbell with steel ball at one end and green stone embedded in the ball at the other end.Shining and charming sunflower shaped green stone jewelry is attached as a dangle to the stone end of the barbell. This has a dangling motion to the jewel and elevates its visual and sex appeal when worn by women and they are suitable for occasional and daily wear.

     non dangling belly ring

  2. Non-Dangling Belly Rings

    There is a new array of non-dangling belly button rings. It is a visual treat and that is created from sterling silver. Hence it is durable and disease free for the skin. Women who love to portray sexy and wild love this silver non-piercing belly rings without any dangling attachments will love these designs. They customize jewels with stones in different color. This makes it visually stunning and is easy to use.

     titanium belly ring

  3. Titanium Barbells

    Curved barbells can definitely add lean to your body piercings even if you have it in your cute belly button. Titanium especially the G23 variety is completely bio-compatible and lets you feel comfortable regardless of the number of piercings you have on your body. With the possibility of getting every color under the sun, the titanium G23 curved barbells can go one up on your rivals. It is also one of the lowest belly button piercing cost.

     anodized belly ring

  4. Anodized Belly Piercing

    The lovely collection of anodized belly button jewelry collection is biocompatible and keeps your skin happy. The bright and scintillating colors are sure to delight you as are the exotic shapes that are as varied as your dresses. The smooth surface of each item whether consisting of straight or crooked barbells ensure easy insertion into your delicate piercing making you confident of looking your best in the least possible time.

     UV steel banana belly

  5. UV Steel Belly Rings

    Belly rings from UV material are sensitive to UV light and show a light when it glows. Safe surgical steel makes the piercing rings look wilder. Hence these are hot steel and UV erotic belly piercing rings. They are the next generation trend in body art and piercing and they have accomplished customer base among women all over the globe.



Piercebody.com, the largest body piercing jewelry online manufacturer offers a wide variety of erotic belly piercing rings. These Belly rings are available in various colors and with embedded gems and stones and are loved by women, which when worn showcases their rock hard and flat abdomen and are very hip and stylish among the younger generation women.

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