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Unlike previously when showing off the navel was considered an indecent gesture, in the more modern time navel rings have become one of the sexiest piercing jewelry. As the length of the shirts and blouses go shorter and the hip line of jeans and skirts goes Bottom navel danglin lower, it has become necessary to adorn the sexy navel with a jewelry piece. And a cute belly ring solves the purpose aptly.


The belly button rings are mostly famous with the young girls and there is a large variety that is available for them to choose from our online body jewelry store. One can go for the flame ball belly rings or the jeweled ones. Graduation belly rings have become a favorite with many girls. These rings can be customized according to your graduation school’s logo colors and your year of graduation.

Many youngsters who are graduating from their high school or college love sporting these belly rings on their navels.


Black BioFlex base Jeweled Belly Ring                Jeweled Belly Ring

Belly rings can be made of any material starting from gold to acrylic. But the steel navel jewelry has become a hit. This is because besides being safe for the skin, it also comes for an affordable price.

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