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Fashion is all about comfort and sometimes about piercing too. Belly piercing is an attractive feature when it comes to body piercing. There is a lot of boldness to it and you will find many girls doing it. If you have it then flaunts it.

Do you want to take your belly button piercing to the next level?

Then try the finest belly button jewelry collection. It adds a sure way to up the oomph quotient wherever you go. These are made from different materials that are extremely safe. It is also safe on the skin without causing any rashes or other skin problems.

These adorn with different crystals and many popular designs. It includes the following:


Belly Button Jewelry Collection Varieties

anodized belly button jewelry collection

An anodized belly ring is part of the belly button jewelry collection. It can be a powerful mode for the body jewelry. They are significantly more attractive than to other forms of rings and a navel piercing. With the growing trend of the use of piercing, especially girls are being attracted to the anodized belly button rings.

This anodized belly button jewelry collection comes in a wide range of colors. It can be studded with some gemstones to make it look even more attractive. They also come in multi-jeweled form for people looking for slightly heavy rings.

bioflex belly button jewelry collection

Using bio flex belly rings is extremely safe and can be used for longer without worrying. Style it and pep it up by using these bio flex belly rings that are embedded with crystals and gems. They come in pretty colors and safe for those wanting to get a belly piercing done as well.

crystal belly button jewelry collection


The synthetic crystal belly rings are made with synthetic stones or even Swarovski crystal. These make a good accessory to go with any outfit and look gracious on occasions such as a night party or any formal event. A permanent ring can be placed by doing a piercing while most of the times people would prefer a temporary one which comes like a pressing ring.

silicone belly button jewelry collection

The silicone that is used in manufacturing belly rings are reliable, easy to handle and also durable. They can be shaped as per the requirements. These are highly water resistant. It also serves as a great alternative for titanium.

Silicone belly rings are very popular. It is widely available in a huge number of colors, shapes, and sizes. You will get a huge variety of classic designs available online. Some of the popular designs are bubble balls, bands, and beads, spiky sphere balls.

surgical steel belly button jewelry collection

The surgical steel rings add great shine to the belly rings. It also looks great on both the casual and formal looks. These surgical steel belly rings are made using 316 surgical steel in order to manufacture these designs and as such, they are resistant to rusting and scratches. Surgical steel belly button rings come in different shapes, sizes, style. These are great options for navel piercing if your sensitivity to another sort of materials. They are very durable and has shiny, smooth surface. It is one of the most in demand belly button jewelry collection.

uv acrylic belly button jewelry collection

UV belly rings have curved barbell shape along with the acrylic balls which reacts to the UV lights. There is a number of UV belly rings available. It varies on colors and designs such as facet cut belly rings, double gem belly rings and still more. These classic pieces of belly rings are made up of UV reactive materials such as Acrylic and the PMMA. Both of these are bio-compatible and they glow under the light.

 It is a perfect navel ornament, particularly for the night time as it shines during night hours. UV belly rings don’t cause any harmful effects to the skin and are available in a number of colors. They are very to use and unscrew. It provides a sort of brightness to your classic style.

uv steel belly button jewelry collection

The most common and very simple choice for belly rings is stainless steel and UV belly rings. Steel belly rings are considered to be the best for those who opt belly piercing for the first time. Using of stainless steel for the belly rings doesn’t cause you any sort of allergy and UV belly rings will cause glowing appeal and they are the ideal piece of jewelry to wear during night parties and other occasions.

UV and steel and belly button rings are available in a number of different colors and designs. The most important and highlighting feature is it glows in darks. By making use of UV and stainless steel belly rings get attracted in the mass of friends and in any occasion.

gold belly button jewelry collection

Flaunt your belly beautiful by opting for a piercing through which you can insert a lovely ring. You don’t have to look further when you have the opportunity of browsing through the divine collection of  We also a variety of feminine designs like the heart shaped curved bar belly ring which is available in many different colored stones to be matched perfectly with your outfits.

Simple or quirky, the varieties of belly ring collection is sure to take your breath away. They come in vivid colors and have the capacity to enthrall on its own. However, the makers are keen to turn it into a double belly button piercing by adding a fancy ball at its end. Its glow in the dark property keeps you high in the reckoning too.

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