Wholesale Bio Flex Belly Button Rings

Once you have made a decision to make a piercing, it seems as though there is a ton of information you must study. This is, of course, true. But you can make a long story short and choose the piece of jewelry you like most. Once the choice is made the piercing will be an easy step to make. Belly piercings are always a good choice. There is a great variety of jewelry you can choose from. So let's take a look at some of the more popular belly piercing jewelry.

Dangling Belly Piercings

Silver dangling belly piercings are always in style. Try on different dangling pieces of jewelry to see how wonderfully exotic they will look on your body. Such piercings will make any belly look special. A great solution for the beach where everyone can appreciate your new and wonderful look. Dangling belly piercing might not be very useful for everyday wear since they cling to clothing. However, if you are ready to wear open belly shirts, the dangling piercing will be your best friend. There is a huge variety of dangling belly jewelry, so even if you are a picky customer, be sure you'll be satisfied.

Bio Flex Belly Button Rings

When you make a choice toward getting a Bio Flex belly button piercing, be sure you made the right one. Bio Flex is a special material made for piercings. This metal is ideal for ear or belly button piercing because it doesn't interfere with the piercing healing process.

If you are looking to save some money, check out the wholesale belly button rings, they might not be made from BioFlex, but will allow you to make some thrifty purchases. At the same time look at some anodized belly button rings. The anodized material makes your jewelry resistant to wear and will let you enjoy your rings for years to come.

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Bio-flex material is very skin friendly and will cause your no extra irritation what so ever. These bio flex belly piercing are perfect for healing new piercing which is why we have designed some selected belly rings to suit your style and solve your skin’s problem. This belly piercing is perfect for pregnant and allergic people.

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32 Item(s)

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