Wholesale UV Acrylic Belly Piercing

Are you looking for something exciting to vary your piercing catalog? If you are a piercing vendor then you know that there's just so many steel piercings you can sell before your earnings start to stall. Variety is key in the jewelry business and that's why we offer the most attractive acrylic UV belly piercing designs that are a favorite among party-goers that want to stand out in the dance floor with our colourful glowing piercings.

Comfortable material and colorful designs

Contrary to some cheap piercings you find in the market our piercings are made with a special acrylic material that doesn't irritate the skin. This makes them a perfect alternative for people who get irritated from plastics and is also easy to put or take off. Moreover, our acrylic UV piercings are a favorite among party-goers in dance clubs all over the world thanks to their funky designs and beautiful glowing colors. We offer many different design patterns and colors from which to choose:

  • striped rings;
  • football printed rings;
  • items with star decor etc.

Add to that our low wholesale prices and you'll understand why we are the best choice to supply you with quality acrylic UV belly piercings.

Experienced manufacturers of rings and piercings

We are a company with years of experience in designing and manufacturing quality rings and piercings for the jewelry market. Our catalogue includes hundreds of models, beautiful yet very economical. Our quality belly rings and piercings give you the highest return for your investment, making them your best choice when it comes to buying piercings.Our online store can ship your order to whatever part of the world you are located in. Make your order now and set yourself apart from the competition by buying the best acrylic UV belly piercing designs in the market.

Why keep selling the same old steel piercings when you can offer your clients a fun new product? Our acrylic UV belly piercings are exactly what your store needs to attracts your young clientele attention again.

UV material is very friendly for the skin and is available in very vibrant color as well. The UV Acrylic Belly Piercing is very easy to unscrew and use and put on. These belly piercing jewelries are sure to uplift your style and help you manage your looks. Go add some brightness to your style.

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26 Item(s)

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