The Importance of Choosing Surgical Steel Belly Button Rings for Piercing

Surgical steel belly button rings are the trend recently. This fashion practice first  seen in early 90s, when some models were seemed to walk on the ramps of fashion shows wearing this hottest piece of belly button ring. This has created storm in the fashion world, with increasing number of women have started to follow this fashion trend. It was then belly piercing parlors have started emerging and enjoyed profitable business. In the contemporary fashion trend, when blouses or length of the tops going up making the hip line go down, it becomes suitable to wear something attractive on the bare navel and it is how the belly ring got its huge popularity.

surgical steel belly button rings


Different Kinds of Surgical Steel Belly Button Rings

You can look for the different styles of best friend belly button rings from online stores with myriad of styles and designs in every budget. You can also buy custom made exclusive navel jewelry at all most of the stores. In order to assure that the body jewelry material does not cause any irritation to the body, people are so concerned about choosing the right material of the piercing jewelry. When it comes to cute belly button rings and its jewelry, surgical steel belly button rings are the most sought after due to the safety that they guarantees to the body.

silver surgical steel belly button rings

The surgical steel belly button rings can be found in dangling type featuring sapphire and various other colorful stones that can display a great show. The belly button rings from sterling silver, gold or steel also sparkle and make the individual happy and confident. The latest addition of belly button rings are best friend belly button rings.

surgical steel belly button rings designs


Top Surgical Steel Belly Button Rings Designs to Wear

Fashion is not merely made of textile fabrics. If you are entering into the great world of body piercings, your styling wardrobe opens up to a complete assortment of jewelry. Belly button rings are turning out to be a trendy way of expressing your personality and portray your own style.

best friend belly button rings

  • Top down Surgical Steel Belly Button Rings

This kind of surgical belly button ring has the favor of easy insertion into navel as it goes from top down. This is more versatility in getting this style. A latest favorite for body bling connoisseurs tends to be scorpion design. If you have known about astrological charts, scorpios are called for being enticing and also striving for what they want. You can find a jeweled style or choose a typical silver color.

double belly button piercing

  • Reverse Belly Button Rings

Reverse belly button rings are kind of navel piercing ring in opposite direction and come in a range of styles. One design that has gained huge popularity recently is that which is made of surgical steel and is admired by forever diamond band. Many surgical steel belly button rings styles, catering to the different style requirements of the wearers.

  • Dangle Belly Button Rings

One of the attractive designs for dangling belly button ring is comprised of cherry design. Usually associated with something sweet and sexy, this sort of jewelry will easily grab attention. The other prevalent dangling style includes start or a heart. There are different dangling styles that enable you to better express your personality.

double belly button piercing for navel

  • Belly Button Rings with Stones

Whether you are choosing a real diamond with white gold or 14k gold or cubic zirconium, a girl’s best friend is still diamond. The additional favor is the glitter that is cast off while you are exposing your midriff under sunshine.

  • Playboy Belly Button Rings

This type always remained among the top options while a woman needs to express her sensual part. Whether you want to wear it secretly, simply for you or show off to the world, most women feel like being a playboy bunny anywhere inside.

playboy surgical steel belly button rings

Your collection of belly ring is not complete without some basic and enticing pierces. Some popular pieces of belly button ring are made either of nickel-free or high quality stainless steel suitable for any kind of navel piercing

  • Top and Bottom Summer Rose Belly Button Ring

Spring is in complete bloom with this splendid rose belly ring. This ideal style develops the look of a rose setting on your belly button piercing, while dazzling gemstones add up to an additional dose of femininity. Designed out of surgical-grade steel, this piece of navel jewelry has really become a go-to piece among your belly ring collection.

surgical steel belly button rings types

  • Diamante Flowers Surgical Steel Belly Button Ring

Designed from a more valuable Austrian crystal, this surgical steel belly button ring is of greatest quality. This exotic navel ring is featured with three crystal daisies. A heart-shaped crystal is instilled on every petal, thus forming a sparkling sophisticated flower. The surgical steel allows for better light exposure for the ring to shine as well as glitter to their maximum potential.

  • Jeweled Double  Belly Button Ring Surgical Steel

It is a kind of body jewelry that is must-have for anyone with belly button piercing. The double jeweled navel rings are crafted for maximum comfort and are suitable are daily wear. It comes in asset containing surgical steel belly button rings with different colors to cater to your mood as well as your wardrobe. You can even make an awesome present for that someone beloved who has a navel piercing. The barbell in this navel ring are made from surgical grade stainless steel for protection

best friend belly button rings

  • Anchor Design Dangle Belly Button Ring

A lovely jeweled anchor design highlights this unique, yet simple belly ring. It features sparkling CZ gemstones for sparkling look. This belly button ring is made of high quality surgical steel to highlight any belly button piercing.

  • Chandelier Navel Piercing Ring

Stand unique with this elaborately crated chandelier type surgical steel belly button rings. It has synthetic opal stones that offer this belly button ring with a colorful and an ideal look. It also features a barbell that has complete quality 316L surgical stainless steel.

surgical steel belly button rings sizes

  • Tribal Sun Belly Button Navel Ring

This hot sun belly button ring is certain to make you a highlight. Coming in a tribal shaped belly ring, it also has rays that shoot out from iridescent stone.

  • Vintage Pearl Cluster Dangle Belly Button Ring

This piece of surgical steel belly button ring is sensational, however subtle to look at. The entire length of the dangle measures one inch.

Vintage pearl cluster dangle belly button ring

  • Chain Dangle Belly Button Ring

If you are looking for a modern sensuality with classic sophistication, this chain dangle navel ring is a suitable choice for you. The dangle portion is designed completely with prong-set crystal that features crystal of 4mm with two dangling tassels. The full dangle on this belly button ring measures about 1 ¾ inches in length. The wide hinge connects dangle with the belly ring, intended for durability and comfort. It also allows dangle to move when you move. Most of all, surgical grade stainless steel produces a high quality barbell.

diamond surgical steel belly button rings


Importance of Buying Surgical Steel Belly Button Ring

When you decide to get a belly button piercing, you should probably consider the type of belly button. There are a lot of alternatives as much as double belly button piercing and best friend belly button rings.

Consequently, the piercer chooses a navel ring from the stock. And they offers to find the one you like. Yet, there’s better option you choose as much as buying the suitable piece of body jewelry. On doing this, you can get to know which navel ring allures you the most and get the one that is beneficial for the health of your belly button.

Importance of buying surgical steel belly button rings

The most common as well as the simplest option is belly ring that is from stainless steel. The best quality steel you can obtain is standard quality implant grade steel. However, if you find the product saying 316L surgical steel stainless steel, it is better especially first time navel piercing. The stainless steel metal is hypo-allergenic and it indicates it has a little possibility of reaching the tissues of your body and resulting in allergic reactions.

surgical steel belly button rings for women

Therefore a little chance of having allergic reaction after piercing with surgical steel belly button rings. Hence, if you didn’t get your piercing, consider buying the same jewelry as double belly button piercing.

Most of all, prefer implant grade steel as an option. Yet most experts recommend the 316L surgical grade stainless steel. It considers to be appropriate for new piercing.


Why Do You Need a Reliable and Safe Belly Button Piercing Jewelry?

Surgical grade stainless steel suggests to be hypoallergenic and hence will not cause ruckus with the body tissues to produce an allergenic reaction. All that you need to do is finding a genuine piece that you can wear for more months when your belly button heals.

In addition, many people couldn’t afford gold or titanium and in such conditions. It is also worth getting surgical steel belly button rings as it’s either elegant and reduces the possibility of infection.

surgical steel belly button rings playboy design


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