Fashionable Silver Belly Rings for Classic Beauty Look

Silver belly rings are made from sterling silver which is hygienic and durable. It also has shining jewels attaches to them. Various shapes and designs in the form of dangle belly button rings which sways in motion adding sexual appeal to the body piercing jewelry.

 lizard design silver belly rings

The fashionable silver belly rings are sleek on its own but the ones with studs and jewels can certainly make you stand out. Either you attend a wedding, a birthday or even a graduation ceremony party.  Women love to flaunt them as they are unique and user-friendly with easy affordability and are very compact to fit into the purse and the most important feature is it makes people go crazy with its visual appeal.

silver belly rings

Gold may be traditional but silver sure has the edge when it comes to piercing jewelry. This cool, white metal is perfect for flaunting your cute belly button rings wherever they may be and plain labrets, belly rings or ear studs can definitely add on to your glamor quotient.

 sterling silver belly rings

Different Stunning Designs of Silver Belly Rings

Their stylish and elegant silver belly button ring are from of different metal material for fashionable people. These belly rings to enhance the beauty of the open

 dream catcher silver belly ring

Dream Catcher Silver Belly Bars

The charming and dangling silver dream catcher jewel attaches a ball at the end of the navel bar. Women use it to flaunt their curvy and flat abs with ease. They are visually stunning and beautiful. The dangling belly button is made of sterling silver with healing and durable properties and gives long product life. The gem uses to accessorize the visual ball end is of pure cut and available in many colors and visually appealing. These navel piercings have the bars and balls made of surgical steel or titanium and hence have great durability and shine and healthy for the skin.

chandelier belly ring

Chandelier Belly Ring

They are the perfect accessory for showing off the navel and is the sexiest. Chandelier navel piercing looks exactly as their name has been described and this resembles the brilliance and the artwork of the display to the gems. Their design is just remarkable, the way it’s made to hang down from the piercing. Chandelier belly bar catches your eye in seconds and they become an adornment.

 skull belly bar

Skull Belly Bar

In a high quality, it’s a vicious mummy skull belly bar in 14g with the finest gemstone and material in a 925 sterling silver. This is an attachment of a symbolic meaning to the human skull. The common symbolic use of the skull is a representation of death.

 dangling belly rings

Non Dangle Silver Bars

This non-dangling silver belly bar is commonly a 14g and the balls are either in logo designs or jewels. Marvelous silver non dangling belly rings have also decors in elegant colors which are an icon to the girly accessory and can be worn at any time.


belly button rings

Why Does Silver Become an All-time Favorite?

Silver material jewelry is one thing that never ever goes out of fashion. Be it nose rings, belly rings, toe rings or pendants and any jewelry in silver is one thing worth investing in. It does not only give sophistication in jewelry but are extremely flattering on anyone who wears them. These can add beauty to any outfit either traditional or bold.

You can also find them in different color-jewel stones to match every outfit. Since these are extremely affordable too, you won’t regret splurging on them. So, go on and shop for some beautiful jewelry in silver and bring out the diva in you.

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