Dangling Belly Button Jewelry that Adds Glamour to Your Personality

Dangling Belly Button

A Fashionable Body Piercing Jewelry

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A dangling belly button belongs to an amazing body jewelry type. It has been the trend for fashion lovers. Belly button piercing specializes all sort of body piercing that usually takes a longer time to heal. However, it’s one of the preferable piercing among women. These days you can get a wide assortment of belly button rings at creative and chic designs and that too at affordable prices.

Belly piercing has now become an erotic body art which has many followers among women. It also a visual pleaser for men. Belly ring’s long bar have been the beauty product for all women who use to showcase their flat ABS and curvy hips and elevate their sex appeal.

Women can wear them in parties, clubs and for dancing events. It gives a grand visual appeal. They are in shape of a curved barbell with dangles attaches to one end of the ball. The barbell from surgical steel with dangles are made of sterling silver, which gives a glossy shine and beauty.

Dangling Belly Button Varieties

There are many varieties of belly rings available in the market.  In addition, listed below are the sample of dangling belly button jewelry.


Silver dangling belly rings are quite amazing jewelry for the navel. They are famous for adding glamor and elegance to any one’s body which takes sensuality to new heights. It comes in a number of different patterns. Silver dangles make the attractive and simple belly rings. They are specifically designed for the naval portion of the belly. Silver dangling belly buttons jewelry is now becoming a custom for most modern women.  They are designed from the sterling silver and serves great for daily usage.

There are wide ranges of these rings available in the market to choose from. It’s available at quite affordable prices as well and gives sorts of funny look as well. You can have the most stylish silver dangling belly button rings and can impress a group of friends.



Chandelier belly button rings are famous for adding glamor and elegance to anyone’s body. These navel jeweled belly buttons are the ultimate body jewelry body. It includes

crystal chandelier dangle belly rings

– dangling belly ring navel button which takes sensuality to  69 belly ring new heights.

Both of them takes sensuality to  69 belly ring new heights.

Our set of Chandelier Special Dangling Belly Ring has the barbell part made from 316L Surgical Steel. It also adds charm part from 925 sterling silver; both of these are tested to be safe on the skin and not cause any allergies. This is available in a variety of different colored stones so you can pick the one that matches your outfit the best.

Measurement: 5mm


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Safety Tips in Wearing a Dangling Belly Button Ring


The channel of the piercing matures and becomes scar tissue silver ring. Your piercing moves from stages two-three and back again before it heals fully. If a piercing is mistreated it can regress very quickly and you may find your belly ring infected.

aqua pearl belly buttonrings

Despite infection and the other dangers of getting a belly button piercing, I would still completely recommend that a belly button piercing is a relatively safe form of expression. It either cute or sexy piercing to show off with a midriff shirt or low-cut jeans. Belly button piercing but if not well care of, it can cause many complications.

It is critical if you decide to get any piercing, to take good care of it to prevent infection or injury.


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Where Can You Find a Reliable, Safe Dangling Belly Button?

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