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Belly Button Rings

Belly Button Rings

"Rock your body with our magnificent belly button rings! A belly button ring that would enhance your look and upgrade it to a new level is why you got that piercing right? That’s a bold move; which is why we have a huge collection of belly button rings made of silver, gold, stainless steel, anodized to suit your look. A belly button ring, also widely known as navel ring, is a kind of piercing situated either in or around belly button. Navel rings are in fashion, once again, and are even more popular than before. Belly button rings are, naturally, all the rage among girls today. That’s no wonder: navel ring is the simplest way to accent your beautiful body and create a ravishing look. We offer you help in achieving your new splendid image. In our store you'll find the widest collection of jewelry, comprising belly button rings, ear rings, finger rings.

There are 2 kinds of belly button pieces: the regular one when charm goes from the bottom ball down; the other common type is a reversed belly ring, also known as top-down belly ring, when a dangle is hanging from the top. Although most kinds of a bar or ring may be worn as a belly button piercing, navel is most often embellished with a navel ring with or without dangles. The conventional size of high quality navel rings is 11 mm (7/16"") long and 14 gauge thickness. You are in search of some perfect navel ring? No need to look further! Our online store is a leading and most reliable retailer of body jewelry in internet. Now, with hundreds of belly button pieces, we can offer an item to fit everyone’s budget and style. From modern and trendy to timeless classic, we do our best to get for customers the most innovative navel piercing available today. We are certainly glad of our enormous selection of high-end and affordable jewelry. For our customers’ convenience we broke all items down by categories. You can choose a favorite navel ring category or see everything we have. Our collection We are here to offer you several styles of belly button piercing: UV; bio flex; silver dangling belly button rings; crystal belly rings; anodized; gold; silver spinal belly rings; surgical steel; stainless steel; silicone; silver non-dangling belly button rings; UV and steel. It is a treat for yourself or a present for beloved one, our selection of marvelous belly jewelry navel rings will dazzle you for sure. Browse our online collection of finest jewelry to find something unique matching your taste perfectly. We are offering items at factory-direct prices. You can get gorgeous jewelry for less!"

Belly Button Rings Were Never So Fashionable

Our collection of Belly Button Rings is the most fashionable way to accessorize—you get an attention-grabbing piercing that is easy to penetrate the skin, comes with no aftercare issues and can compete with any body piercing in terms of unique style. We have a huge collection of Belly Button Rings—the result of continuous demand for more from our patrons. Explore Belly Button Rings in various shapes, sizes and designs. You get the luxury of choosing Belly Button Rings crafted from different metals. Our collection has the artsy inspirations and affordability factor you seek. Having conquered the retail platform in this segment, we are now positioned to grow as the biggest wholesaler of body piercings, including Belly Button Rings.

  1. Gold Belly Button Rings: We offer 18K Gold Belly Button Rings made to outlast issues like moisture or sweat. Our piercing belly rings are skin-friendly and available in a wide array of beautiful designs, including those with gemstones.
  2. Shop Dangling Silver Belly Rings: dump typical belly button rings and give modern styling a chance with our range of Belly Button Rings made in premium-grade silver. This collection has miniature danglers which are equipped with perfectly cut, colorful stones.
  3. Crystal Belly Button Rings: Sparkle a little by choosing Crystal Belly Button Rings. These rings feature crystals that have been carefully treated by expert alternative healers to ensure these gemstones induce positive vibes. With unique shapes likes Heart, Rugby, and spherical Ball, this collection is at par with the global standards.

Why buy Belly Button Rings from Piercebody.com?

  1. You can wear our belly button rings every day, without bothering about being scratched or tarnished as they are made from high quality materials
  2. All our products come at affordable prices without compromising on the quality
  3. All products are a true testament to originality, creativity and harmony of design—all this with the promise of best wholesale prices.
  4. From high on bling, shimmery designs to rings that are more subtle/sober, you will find crystal rings of all types—a perfect accessory for every occasion.
  5. We are now shipping internationally, regularly processing bulk orders with a significant pricing advantage

We have brought back affordability to fashion jewelry. This collection of Belly Button Rings featuring crystals epitomizes our approach where quality and style does not come with an exorbitant price. You will be amazed to find such bold and inspired Belly Button Rings, thanks to our team of true body jewelry experts and piercing lifestyle followers. We request you to check this collection regularly as we continue to populate it with more never-done-before designs…