Collection of Belly Button Jewelry at an Affordable Price

When it comes to belly button jewelry, there are many options available in the market for either men or women. Either include rings, different colored jeweled studs, dangling type body jewelry to mention a few. These collections are made from either surgical steel or sterling silver or UV material all of which are tested and found to be completely safe on the skin and are hypoallergic.

The range of jeweled belly button jewelry rings in dangling type has a curve banana part made from surgical steel. It also includes the charm part that composes of sterling silver. The charm also has high-quality precious stones made with different cuts and in different colors to match with your outfits


Top Varieties and Designs of Belly Button Jewelry

Curved Belly Button Jewelry Barbell

  • Curved Belly Button Barbell

    This curved belly button barbell is made from surgical steel and is tested to be safe on the skin and is found to be hypo allergic. The size of the banana is 1.6 x 10 (mm) while, the crystal ball measures 12 mm. This crystal ball is embellished with pink crystal stones and you can bring out the girlie and fun side of you when you wear this matched with a pink outfit.

Flower - Dangling Belly Button Piercing

  • Flower – Dangling Belly Button Piercing

    Our range of flower belly bar is a dangling type of belly button piercing. The bar and bell part of this belly bar is made from 316L surgical steel and charm part is made from 925 Sterling Silver. Since it’s made from surgical steel this is non-allergic on the skin and does not cause any irritations. This is also scratch and dent proof and lasts long.

Silicon Belly Button Rings

  • Silicon Belly Button Rings

    Silicon belly button rings have popularly become the preferred jewelry types among people of all ages. You can get belly button rings made from varied styles, designs, sizes and materials to gratify your needs. Among all others, the silicon belly button rings are considered to be the best choice to consider if your desire to have a non-allergic material for a navel piercing. It provides you the utmost comfort as well as the trendy appeal.

Sterling Navel Barbells

  • Sterling Navel Barbells

    The range of silver jeweled navel ring body is exquisitely crafted to bring out the feminine and beautiful side of you. These are embellished with high-quality precious stones in different colors to help you match them with all your outfits. You also can choose these from different gauge sizes. The bar and bell part is made from surgical steel which is hypo allergic and non-irritating and the charm part is made from sterling silver which encloses the stones of different colors. These are very affordable too and make an affordable belly button piercing price.

spinal belly rings

  • Spinal Belly Rings

    Spinal belly rings are made from pure silver and crafted to perfection to bring out the beautiful and the feminine side of you. These rings are available in several modish designs such as the floral designs, some crazy designs such as the lizards and dragonfly types are available as well.

    These are also mild on the skin without causing any allergies or irritations. These are tested to be safe on the skin and dent proof. They are really durable as they last real long despite being used often.

dream catcher belly button bar

  • Dream Catcher Belly Button Bar

    Various designs make their entry into the body jewelry market these days. But the one trend which is here to stay is the dream catcher belly bar. This button piercing has its unique dream catcher design which is sure to catch anyone’s fancy.

    This also comes embellished with a variety of precious colored thus making it easier for you to pick the ones that match with your outfit. These are also available in two varieties- either in surgical steel or in titanium. Surgical steel is hypo allergic to the skin and good for the skin. Titanium is dent resistant and anti-corrosive thus suited for longer use. The stones come in different colors, sizes, and cuts too.



If you desire to have the sexiest and trendiest appeals then consider piercing your belly button. With lots of the amazing varieties of designs and patterns, you have greater options to choose the belly button ring suiting your needs and budget. You can look for a budget friendly store or visit the top manufacturer of belly button jewelry. also offers wide varieties and designs of body piercing jewelry. They offer an affordable belly button piercing cost without compromising the quality of items.

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