A Complete Guide On Buying a Belly Button Piercing Kit

Body piercing has become a growing trend in the past few years among teenagers and adult people. Furthermore, this custom has been found around us for centuries. In order to get a piercing, you may require purchasing the body piercing kit.

This kit includes all the tools use for body piercing. These piercing kits are an optimal choice for professional body piercers and for those who want to try self-piercing. The beginners dabbling in piercing techniques are looking for an effectual means to commercialize their skill. This can be achieved by having a complete body piercing kit.

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Growing Popularity of Body Piercing Kits

Only in the recent years, the demand for body piercing kit has been increasing at a faster pace. Here are some of the reasons that reveal out the prominent reasons for the growing popularity of body piercing kit.

  • It’s a well-known fact that getting a body piercing in the unhygienic environment poses certain kind of risks. Also when using the non-sterilized piercing equipment. In addition, incorrect piercing also leads to physical injury and infection. That is why a growing number of people buy a piercing kit for self-piercing. Rather than visiting a professional to get a body piercing.

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  • There are people who want to try out a new type of belly button piercing kit on a regular basis. They need to spend a fortune for piercing their body when they choose to hire a professional. In order to save body piercing, people are showing interest to purchase a kit for themselves. This is to try out this art whenever they want. Buying these piercing kits are like a single time investment. It means that they need not have to spend several dollars every time they want to new type of body piercing.
  • If you have all the belly button piercing kit, you can try piercing your relatives and friends for fun.

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  • Most people who want to try out extreme body piercing may not feel comfortable with hiring a stranger to piercing their personal parts. If privacy is your major consideration, then you must opt for the piercing kit.
  • People who are passionate about body art and want to establish a fruitful career in body modification must have a kit that includes all the necessary tools to complete the body piercing procedure in the perfect manner.

Body Piercing Kit

No matter what reason in purchasing the body piercing kit, there are certain factors to consider while buying DIY body piercing kit.

What Should a Belly Button Piercing Kit Include?

There are various piercing supplies that should include in the belly button piercing kit. You can either purchase a kit that contains necessary tools to pierce. Various parts of the body or kit that specializes for specific part of the body. Let us see some of the most important body piercing tools included in a starter kit.

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  • Piercing Needles

You could find piercing needles in different gauges and lengths inside the kit. These needs are thin and sharp with a hollow end to insert the jewelry. Before purchasing, make sure that the needles are of top notch quality or not.

  • Pliers

You will find two types of pliers namely opening and closing pliers. The open pliers are used to open the ring to the individual whereas the closing pliers use for closing the rings inserted into the piercing.

  • Needle Holder:

The needle holder plays a vital role in providing a constant grip to the needle and helps you to push the needle through the skin in a precise manner.

Needle holder Body Piercing Kit

  • Clamps or forceps

The forceps or clamps use for holding and keeping the tissue in the place while piercing the body. The Pennington Forceps with the triangular head can also use for most piercings whereas the oval headed forceps are appropriate for tongue piercing.

  • Corks

Corks are required for placing under the tissue to receive the needle when you pierce it into the body.

  • Jewelry Pieces

Based on the area where you want to get your body pierced, there are several types of piercing jewelry available. Whether you want ring type jewelry or barbell type jewelry, you should get the one that comes with pre-sterilized pouches.

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  • Skin Marker

Your piercing kit must also include a sterilized skin marker. This is to mark the point where you need to pierce the needle in.

  • Gloves

This is another important supply that should be included in the Piercing kit that you have intended to purchase. You should put on latex surgical gloves when piercing the body so that you can stay away from the risk of infections. In addition, you should also check whether the kit has any alcohol wipes and other preparation pads to clean the parts of the body to be pierced.

  • Aftercare products

You should look for the Piercing kit which has aftercare solutions like Calendula oil, Triadine Iodine, bacitracin ointment and rock salt for cleaning the pierced area.

Aftercare products:

  • Instruction Manual

The kit may includes an instruction manual that contains instruction on piercing. Aftercare tips and sterilizing the equipment. Sometimes you can also get a DVD that encloses with this kit.

Of course, all these items include in the perfectly built, durable carry case, which makes it easier for you to carry it wherever you want.

Body Piercing Kit

How to Choose The Right Body Piercing Kit for You?

With numerous options available online, it can be a daunting task to choose the right kit for you, especially for a belly button piercing kit. When you explore the market, you will find body piercing kits in different qualities and price ranges. However, utmost consideration should be given to the quality of the materials and sterility of the tools included in the kit, no matter whether you are an experienced piercer or an apprentice. You could get these piercing kits at any drug store for a competitive price, but there is no guarantee that the kit is really worth the money or not. Here are certain tips to choose the right kit for you:

However, utmost consideration should be given to the quality of the materials and sterility of the tools included in the kit, no matter whether you are an experienced piercer or an apprentice. You could get these piercing kits at any drug store for a competitive price, but there is no guarantee that the kit is really worth the money or not. Here are certain tips to choose the right kit for you:

Body Piercing Kit

  • The right body piercing kit is one which has a good number of piercing needles, tools and jewelries which are adequate for even dozens and dozens of body piercing.
  • You must order for the piercing kit which contains either factory new jewelries or pre-sterilized jewelries to avoid all sorts of risks.
  • It always recommends purchasing the piercing kit only from a known company. In order to provide high-quality products that back up with a replacement guarantee.

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  • Buying a piercing kit that includes printed materials or instructional videos that guide you all through the certification process is extremely important to get down to the business right away.
  • When it comes to buying high-quality body piercing supplies, finding a qualified and reputed supplier is extremely important.
  • You should learn to differentiate quality body piercing products from the low-quality ones, as not all the products available in the market are equal.

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Look for Piercing Kits with Sterilized Jewelries

Most of the piercing kit suppliers offer low-quality products jut with the intention of making a profit. Though these inferior quality kits contain sterilized supplies, there is no guarantee that these kits contain sterilized jewelry. Here comes the need for differentiating the piercing kits containing sterilized body jewelries from those that don’t have. The best thing is that it is much easier to recognize the body piercing kit with sterilized jewelries. All you need is to just read the product description of the piercing kit online. Reading the reviews and product description gives immense information on whether the kit has sterilized jewelries or not. The cost of piercing kit with sterilized supplies and jewelries will be more than those kits with unsterilized jewelries and supplies. But the cost of sterilized kit is really worth to buy them.

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Where to Buy Piercing Kit?

In the past few years, the number of people buying piercing supplies online has increased manifold. All the body piercing kits appear to be similar at the first glance. Yet there would be some variations which let you differentiate them. When you surf the internet, you could find a few reputed companies which offer body piercing kits in superior quality, affordable price and free shipping. Whether you are a self-body piercer or a professional, you must make sure that you have purchased the kit from the licensed and reputable company.

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Buying a Custom Piercing Kit

You can also get a custom piercing kit from a well-established company. If you specialize in the specific type of piercing. Those people who are passionate about body piercing have a never ending quest to purchase a high-quality body piercing supplies and equipment. If you are one among them, you can look for a company which lets you to

Custom Body Piercing Kit

custom build the preferred kit exclusively for you. The custom designed body piercing kits contain piercing supplies that revolutionize the entire body piercing industry. So, what are you looking for? Explore the internet and build a belly button piercing kit just for you!


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