Stylish Circular Barbell Collection That Are Safe For Your Needs

Circular barbell collection is a set of jewelry that both functional and beautiful. It enhances your looks by selecting this range of apparently simple yet captivating jewelry. Thread it through your ears, navel or nipples and rings for girls.

Circular barbell rings are also renowned as horseshoe shaped earrings. This considers as one of the most versatile kinds of rings. Circular barbell comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, and styles that suit all your needs.

Circular barbell collection is jewelry with U-shape. It also considers as the alternative to that of captive rings. Unlike that of the double belly button piercing, even the circular barbells are used in a wide variety of piercing. There are a number of different types of circular barbells. They are: gold, black, acrylic, titanium and still more. You choose different collections of circular barbell rings that enhance your style and as well as personality.

 anodized circular barbell

Circular Barbell Collection Designs

Circular barbell collection comprises of captivating colors of either anodized rings or the quietly elegant gold belly button rings and silver one.

The safe surgical steel and UV barbells combo are almost like a godsend as it enthralls without causing your skin any harm. Safe to wear even when you have a sensitive skin, these beautiful and simplistic circular barbells definitely add color to your body without jeopardizing your safety in any way. Go for the conventional red, blue, and yellow or opt to be different by choosing a multicolored one that glows in the dark, beckoning your friends to come, join in the fun.

 gold circular barbell collection

The UV-end circular barbells have never gone out of style completely although they have emerged in a better and beautiful avatar now. The brightly glowing ends courtesy the UV circular barbell material is just right for nighttime partying and you do not even have to dress anew when you have a circular barbell peeking out of your piercing.

With all the variety of body jewelry to choose from to make your body piercing stand out, it is the circular barbells titanium that is sure to catch anyone’s fancy. Not only is it made from the titanium metal which is very strong and resistant to scratches, but it is also highly durable.

These circular barbells titanium are available in two shapes- either in a conic shape or circular shapes. The size of the cones and circles also varies giving you more options to choose to suit your body type. These are also available in many colors, thus making it easy for you to match them with your outfits.

  • Gold Circular Barbell Collection

If you are craving to have a stunning look at the upcoming festive season, then you should try something trendy; such as eyebrow piercing or double helix piercing. You can definitely look sexier than ever before with this small facial piercing. If you are searching for elegant eyebrow bars, then you should try barbells. Circular gold barbells are renowned for making amazing eyebrow rings.

Amaze everyone around you with the elegant gold navel piercing. These are made up of 14K gold and they successfully grab a good amount of attention. These are simple yet stylish gold circular barbells.

circular barbell collection

How safe is Your Circular Barbell?

The base material happens to be 100% safe material and will protect your delicate skin like a baby with no allergies or infections waiting to catch you unawares. Your skin remains 100% safe from irritations and infections.

UV barbell

Why Are The Circular Barbells the New In Thing?

As exciting and fun as body piercing is, what makes the piercing stand out is how you decide to keep your body ornaments as fashionable as possible keeping in mind the latest trends. The latest range among the people these days is the surgical steel belly button rings. These are not only simple and easy to manage but make for an extremely cute style statement.

uv steel

They come in a variety of designs to select from. You can choose from either the cone shaped barbells or the circular shaped barbells. It depends on your mood and what suits your body. One more added advantage is that the barbells come in different sizes to cater to all your needs.

Check out the array of circular barbell collection rings. Be brave enough to remove the balls from both ends before replacing them with other complex designs.

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