How Does a Navel Piercings Invade Fashion

Whatever you call it, insanity or crazy addiction; navel piercings surely is the new fashion fad. Either rich and famous love it. It is also a popular practice even among the regular youngsters. This craze has spiraled the demand for belly button rings that are available in myriad designs nowadays.

Explore some of a unique collection cute belly button rings that would definitely add a fire to your sensuous demeanor. A great way to flaunt your hourglass figure, belly button piercing enhances sensuousness of women. In fact, these days even men are also fast catching up on this addiction. We have umpteen belly button rings that a man would die to own.

jeweled navel piercings

Reverse Navel Piercings Jewelry

Reverse belly button rings are a selection of sexy top down and cutting edge collection of the reverse belly ring. It composes from simple designs to the top tier.

The elegant designer navel piercings have an exquisite design. Beautifully crafted with the clear and the aqua gems. It also has a selection in the color choice you want. This exquisite piece features a 14G-3/8″-5mm made of 925 sterling silver. It also crafted in 316l stainless steel.

navel piercing design

Nowadays, navel piercing comes in an array of shapes, colors, designs. As well as patterns. Our navel jewelry online specializes in silver belly button ring. In our collection, the dangling reverse navel rings is a catch of glimpse with an idea of dangling chains in different patterns. Often they are decorated with any other accessories imaginable, including precious and semi-precious stones and gems.

Our designers have created some unique pieces that are far more than being just a belly button ring. The belly bar with multiple colors is just the one that you would like to wear.

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Varieties of Navel Piercings 

The navel piercings collection is indeed stupendous. You can choose not only from the variety of designs but also from the different types of piercings from which they are made. If budget is not a constraint and the priced belly button ring is all that you would like to flaunt, go for the gem-studded 18karat or 14 karat gold belly button rings that are truly crafted to finesse.

Unique and signature designs are our forte. The jeweled butterfly or the dragonfly-shaped belly button ring is a sheer possession for you. For the ones who would want to sport a teenage look, there is a range of whacky designs like rugby belly button rings, or even an anchor and helm. Apart from the expensive gold options, we also have a whole host of naval accessories where the material could be sterling silver, or silicon, anodized or even 316 surgical steel

Designs apart, we use the best of materials that could be used for any type of piercing without reporting any types of eruption or infection, which is so frequent with any kind of body piercings like these.

dangling navel piercings

Where Can You Buy Your Navel Piercings?

The best way to show-off your navel piercings this season is high-end belly jewelry. These include banana bells, belly bars &belly rings. They’re cute and glamorous jewelry to show off your piercing. You can easily these jewelry items by ordering these belly rings free postage through our online store. These belly jewelry help you in standing out and showing off your piercings whenever you go out up balls. They come in amazing colors with a bright glow, and you’ll be able to make a style statement with them every time. The belly rings are ideal for clubs, parties and concerts, you’ll find various designs to choose from and highlight your style with.

navel piercings brings different styles of flower navel rings daisy piercing in moving belly ring and non-moving belly button ring in a guarantee of the metal material of 925 sterling silver as well as gold body jewelry. Whether in 14k gold belly button ring or 18K gold belly button ring in a high-quality gemstone of Cubic Zirconia with the size of 14g.


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