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These lightweight titanium body jewelries in vibrant colors look awesome! Beautify your belly button, eyebrow, tongue and ear by choosing titanium body jewelry. It’s non-toxic and resistant to corrosion. Look absolutely stunning and create sensation with your makeover!

Titanium Jewelry: Affordability Meets Fashion

The most important aspect of Titanium Jewelry is its affordability, durability and an exterior that gleams in a perfect, attention-engaging manner. In recent times, even the most conventional jewelry wearers are graduating towards Titanium rather than conventional precious metals like Gold. Titanium Jewelry is perhaps the best alternative to these expensive metals that come with some maintenance issues too. With its aesthetic appeal and affordability, Titanium Jewelry is emerging as the preferred choice of artisans who dabble in fashionable, niche-defining creations. Our collection of Titanium Jewelry uses these facts, mating it with inspired, exclusive designs to create something truly unique. From bold to abstract and the slightly bizarre, expect to be pleasantly surprised by how we have incorporated such a wide array of colors, geometric shapes, and fashion-forward, never-done-before designs. Yes, we are emerging as the biggest providers of wholesale Titanium body jewelry, including piercings, but loyalty towards our customers and the penchant to create more exclusive creations is what defines us best.

Why shop Titanium jewelry from our store?

Piercebody.com brings you an eclectic selection of titanium jewelry featuring a unique approach where despite using the finest grade titanium, affordability is maintained.

  1. Lightweight: One of the most interesting properties of titanium is its weight. It is a lighter metal yet a strong one.
  2. Hypoallergic: All our titanium jewelry products are biocompatible and hypoallergenic and thus, do not cause any allergic reactions.
  3. Durability: Nearly each jewelry offering on our store is highly resistant to corrosion and can withstand volatile materials.
  4. Finest Titanium: You can be assured that our jewelry products are made out of ethically procured, pure Titanium of the highest grade.
  5. Innovativeness: Our team of skilled craftsmen keep us motivated, never falling prey to mimicking designs.
  6. Choices: We offer titanium captive beads, labrets, barbells, segment rings, and nose studs in a range of colors and with useful surface treatments like anodizing.
  7. Versatility: Titanium jewelry can be beautifully paired with wood enamels. It can also be merged with colored stones and resins to create a unique sense of style.

Why Piercebody.com is the preferred shopping destination for Titanium Body Piercing Jewelry?

At Piercebody.com, we deliver 100% customer satisfaction. Our subject expertise means you get a handpicked selection created from the finest materials. With more than 19,000 items in stock and a ready-to-ship inventory, Piercebody.com is your one stop destination for wholesale Titanium Body Jewelry and Piercings.

  1. Quality Checks: All products in our inventory go through a stringent quality assurance process
  2. Responsible Sourcing: We are devoted to going beyond the standard business practices to ensure we procure raw materials in an ethically and eco-friendly manner
  3. Hassle-Free Shopping: We offer Free Shipping on some qualified [bulk/wholesale] orders along with an easy Refund/Return policy to give you the assurance that your purchase, no matter how big, is in safe hands.

Titanium Jewelry is bringing about a silent revolution in contemporary jewelry and piercing niche. Being piercing devotees, we have explored and employed every aspect of this material to ensure you get the inarguable advantage of a wide online collection of Titanium Jewelry in elegant and funky styles…