Multipurpose Unique Piercings for Women and Women

unique piercingsBody piercing is an art form that many love. Unique piercings create followers globally to express and enhances their style with the latest fashion trend. Captive bead rings are the most capable body jewelry because of its multi piercing feature where it’s used for unique piercings. The lip, nose, belly and the nipple and all these are made of surgical steel 316L. Hence, they have high durability with a lasting shine and have no ill effects on the skin.

There are various shapes of captive bead rings like triangular, circular and in the form of a square. All these shapes have a detachable bead attach in the applying end and are prefer by both the sexes and are suitable for all formal and casual occasions.

Ball closure rings or captive bead rings made from 316L surgical steel are extremely sexy and also easy to wear. The best part on wearing a unique piercings like captive bead ring or a ball closure ring is that it’s easy to wear and remove. It is also safe from falling off. Secure and sexy the closure rings also come as triangles and squares. There are shapes that are ideal for people desiring to break free from the conventional piercing styles. It’s durable and anti-corrosive these captive beads use in belly buttons, ears, eyebrows and labret. The rings look extremely feminine and beautiful.

Where to Find Unique Piercings in the Market?

Unique piercings are popular these days. The need to flaunt these unique piercings in different styles is sure to keep anyone busy looking for new options regularly. This is why it’s time to start using the surgical steel captive bead rings. These are ultra-chic and are sure to get you all the attention the next time you venture outside. is the largest online manufacturer of the most in demand industrial piercing jewelry. They offer many options to choose from. They also have varieties of jewelries that are from surgical steel. It makes it very delicate on your body without causing any irritation to your skin.

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