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Industrial piercing is one of the most popular techniques that helps to create the hole for insertion of any jewelry. There are different types of piercings available now. But few of them gain more popularity among stylish individuals because of its exceptional appearance and health benefits. It is important to know about the amount of pain, care, precautions and other facts before undergoing this piercing process. These are the most important details that help you to get hassle-free results.

An industrial piercing is actually two separate cartilage piercings, positioned so a barbell can be threaded through both of them. The most popular position for an industrial piercing is straight across the top of the ear; through one cartilage piercing close to where the ear meets the head and through another where someone may typically get a helix piercing. Although, you can also get them so they go vertically down the entirety of the ear.

Since industrial piercings are technically comprised of two piercings, there is also the option to wear studs or hoops in each hole separately. This makes it a very versatile kind of piercing. On days when you want a bold look you can wear your industrial piercing with a straight barbell through both piercings, but on days when you are going for a more discreet style you can switch it out for a pair of studs.

 Industrial Piercing Jewelry

While speaking about industrial piercing, it is a highly preferable and superior piercing technique that includes 2 or more detach cartilage piercing. They are those that combine by 1 single barbell. The industrial piercing process is now considered as one of the highly fashionable and unique types of industrial piercing along with cartoon ear designs. The most outstanding piercing process includes unusual and unbelievable stunning appearance that attracts lots of people towards it. Along with this, the specialized piercing technique shows your style and individuality.

 Industrial Piercing Jewelry

Industrial Piercing Jewelry

The industrial piercing is a type of piercing that links 2 holes using a straight and stylish industrial piercing jewelry piece. Though, this term usually refers to double home develop on the top portion of your ear cartilage.

  • The first perforation develops very close to your head while another develops a less low on your cartilage.
  • The most fashionable and straight jewelry item is subsequently inserted that travels very diagonally from the first perforation to the second one.
  • The industrial piercing process can be carried out horizontally as well as vertically.
  • If the industrial piercing process is performed properly, this creates a stunning look.

 Industrial Piercing Jewelry

If you want to undergo industrial piercing, you can know about the industrial piercing jewelry. The information helps you pick the right jewelry and also allows you to get more striking and sophisticated look.

 Industrial Piercing Jewelry

Benefits Of Industrial Piercing Jewelry

The industry piercing process includes lots of useful benefits. If you want to know the importance of undergoing industrial piercing, you can watch this guide carefully.  The main benefit of this piercing technique is that industrial piercing permits have various separate rings in every piercing as well as find out different jewelry combinations.

 Industrial Piercing Jewelry

There are different types of industrial piercing jewelries available, so you can carefully pick the right one based on the structure of your ear as well as its cartilage. These are the most important considerations that will make the selection task much simpler and quicker.  If want to gather more interesting information regarding industrial piercing jewelry, you can visit leading and reliable online website where you can see a fine collection of industrial piercing jewelry.

 Industrial Piercing Jewelry

Industrial Piercing Jewelry Types

The best and most outstanding online website bring you an excellent opportunity to find the jewelry items without spending more time duration. The industrial piercing jewelry items are available in different forms, materials, and sizes, so you can pick the right one carefully as per your individual desire and taste.

Industrial piercings feature a barbell that is pushed through each hole, sitting across the ear. Although this base remains the same for most industrial piercing jewelry there is still room for many interesting designs.

Typically, balls are secured to the end of the bar in order to keep the barbell secure. However, many designs feature other shapes or add gemstones to the ball end. The bar itself can also be customized, either by twisting it into interesting shapes or adding logos and designs to the straight bar.

 Industrial Piercing Jewelry

When you visit the leading online website, you can easily find out superior varieties of industrial piercing jewelries. While considering cartilage PFTE barbell, it is a special type of jewelry that appears as an ideal choice for people who want to get maximum comfort as well as minimizing the tension of their cartilage.

 Industrial Piercing Jewelry

Interesting Facts About Industrial Barbells

There are extensive varieties of industrial piercing jewelry available, but industrial length barbells gain more popularity among fashion lovers because of its stunning look and fashionable appearance. The barbells truly come in several sizes and lengths that range from normal to highly elaborated styles in order to suit your individual requirements.

 Industrial Piercing Jewelry

These are the industry piercing barbells are designed with fine quality materials in order to bring more protection to your piercing.

 Industrial Piercing Jewelry

When you decide to buy the perfect industrial piercing jewelry, you can consider few aspects, including:

  • Ensure that you check the jewelry size chart of industry piercing because it helps you to choose a perfect industrial barbell of your ear piercing.
  • You can consider the material used to made the industrial piercing jewelry
  • You can also check the available designs and sizes

 Industrial Piercing Jewelry

These are the most important considerations that help you to make a smart buying decision without any confusion. If you want to buy the most beautiful and stylish industrial piercing jewelry, you can visit the right online website where you can see a great collection of new arrivals. The modern designs and styles of industrial piercing jewelry items perfectly suit your individual taste and requirement, so you can buy it without any hesitation.

 Industrial Piercing Jewelry

Additional Details About Barbells…

The popularity of industrial piercing is increasing more and more now. The huge popularity of this kind of piecing has effectively led to the arrival of different jewelry items for this purpose. While speaking about barbells, these are the most commonly and popularly used jewelry pieces that are single barbells.  In this modern world, the barbells are

 Industrial Piercing Jewelry

truly available in different designs and styles that range from zigzag stripe barbells to loop barbells. Along with this, there are other varieties that gain popularity among the industrial piercers. They are namely such as diamond barbells, twister barbells, star ear barbells and much more. Individuals have the chance for selecting from lots of sizes and shapes in order to suit their preferences as well as needs.

 Industrial Piercing Jewelry

Attractive Styles and Designs of Industrial Piercing Jewelry

The best and reliable internet store offers a range of superior piercing jewelry for ear piercings in various materials including glass, precious metal and more. If you want to know more useful information regarding the industrial piercing jewelry, you can read these following guidelines properly. The following passage helps you to know about different types of piercing jewelry items.

 Industrial Piercing Jewelry

  • The industrial piercing jewelry features an array of styles or sophistication, from highly decorative jewelry to common studs and retainers.
  • The ear piercing jewelry items include studs, hoops, barbells and much more designs. If you are seeking for a jewelry piece for cartilage piercing or lobe, the contemporary and traditional designs are the right choice for your requirements.
  • The contemporary or traditional jewelry items come without or with decorative elements such as engraving, crystals, and charms.

The most useful and accurate details allow you to pick the perfect jewelry item without any confusion. The reliable and most leading online store doesn’t only provide you some details. It also bring you an excellent opportunity to find the styles and designs that you actually like without taking more time duration. The online website has a list of industrial piercing jewelry which is classified according to its designs and styles. The fine classification helps you to find out your favorite jewelry piece without facing any difficulties. By using the striking facility, you can easily compare the products and pick the right one as per your individual requirements.

Jewelry Items for Ear Piercing

Apart from that, the internet portal provides an entire range of attractive piercing jewelry items for your ear. You will easily find the dangling pendants, jeweled studs and fixed bars in an array of metals. Most of the piercing jewelry items are made from the stainless steel. Also other quality materials, but also find more pieces designed by using other metals. While speaking about Titanium styles, it has very minimal nickel content that gives jewelry items hypoallergenic qualities. The best and fine quality material not only provide you durable results. It also helps you to avoid unwanted hassles created by worst quality materials.  The excellent quality materials bring your ears more stunning and exceptional look. If you want to gain the benefits, you can immediately hire the right and trusted online website immediately.

Gauging kits

The ear gauging items are available. As well as come with all things you require to stretch your earlobes as per your own desire. The entire kits include plugs, tunnels and tapers in a convenient manner. It also begins with very small gauge. The piercing kits are available in an array of materials such as glass, plastic, and steel.  Piercing jewelry is obtainable in an array of popular materials and styles. You can also utilize this excellent opportunity as soon as possible.

Ideal Place to buy Quality Industrial Piercing Jewelry

There are available by the industrial piercings jewelry, but internet shopping makes the task much simpler and quicker. Along with this, it also allows you to get different types of piercings and jewelry items under a single roof. These kinds of features make the online website a one-stop destination for people who want to buy different jewelry items.

The internet portal provides certain facilities. It also allows you to gather additional information regarding the highly preferable jewelry style and design. The fine and accurate information helps you to choose the highly appropriate and ideal jewelry items. Apart from that, the precise details allow you to make a smart buying decision.

Industrial piercing jewelry considers to have the greatest quality. Industrial piercing jewelries turn out to be the most prominent type of piercing.  It’s also considers as a combined mean of facial art work and self expression. The fact that makes industrial piercing ideal is that it deals with two piercing holes in the ear against the one with other styles of piercing. Since you need a cool industrial piercing to stand out, there are as much as three things that you should do. It carries out by a professional so that there will be no chance of infection. There must be enough attention given to aftercare and the choice of industrial piercing jewelry barbells.

silver industrial piercing jewelry

How Industrial Piercing Barbells Improve Your Look?

Industrial piercing involves more than two separate unique cartilage piercings that are connected by single barbell. Industrial piercing jewelry is also considered as the most fashionable and unique type of ear piercing in the recent days. It has unusual amazing look to attract the attention of people and effectively shows off the personality as well as style. One of the important features of industrial piercing is that it facilitates having separate rings in every piercing and also finds myriad barbells combinations.

Industrial piercings have a reputation for being somewhat edgy, and while they are definitely able to fulfil that style there’s a little more to them than that. Given the range of industrial piercing jewelry designs available you should be able to find something to suit your personal fashion taste.

industrial piercing jewelry designs

To get industrial piercing, one must plan properly and devise the places for every piercing so that barbell goes through all of them perfectly and this is individual based on the kind of your ear as well as its cartilage. Industrial piercing jewelry barbells with thread extending from ball and facilitate screwing to occur within the barbell are highly safer. The other kind is where the thread is over the bar itself. But this is a dangerous style that could result in tearing of ear if barbell is put on or removed.

black industrial piercing jewelry

A professional piercer will aware that the industrial piercing is made at the top of ear and passes through the cartilage from side to other. The skilled piercers will do it manually without using piercing guns. The usage of piercing gun would create wounds causing further infection. The procedure is a little uncomfortable, typically done with no anesthesia. A professional piercer must able to discuss the procedure and reduce any anxiety.

cute industrial piercing jewelry

Industrial Piercing Jewelry Types

  • 14 Gauge Spiral Titanium Gold Anodized Industrial Project Bar

This is an alluring choice of industrial piercing barbells. This project bars really works perfect for multiple types of piercings. You should just need to insert both ends of barbell towards the holes to wear piercing. You must make sure not pulling through the hole.

stylish industrial piercing jewelry

  • 14 Gauge Black Plated Industrial Barbell

Industrial piercing barbells feature a long straight barbell which produces surgical grade stainless steel. It is black plated and features 5mm ball for securing the body jewelry in industrial piercing. Fell the power of Egyptian gods and also goddesses by sporting this modern twist on significant style industrial barbell earring. This industrial piercing jewelry also has moving charm with hanging drops suspended for some swaying details.

industrial piercing jewelry with gems

  • Swimming Baby Dangle Coil Industrial Barbell

Display a love of ocean living creatures by means of this barbell body jewelry. The radiant stainless steel industrial piercing barbell hangs down a baby sea turtle charm.

  • Drop Anchor for Unique Summer Fun Suspend Coil Industrial Barbell

Demonstrate a pleasing look that pursuits with this superior choice of industrial piercing barbells. This is a nautical themed stainless steel industrial barbell sporting a fun twist and also suspends a shinier ship’s anchor.

gold industrial piercing jewelry

  • Gold Anodized Clear Gem Flowing Lotus Suspending Industrial Barbell

This long straight barbell is created using surgical quality stainless steel including ball ends that feature clear gems for revealing glittering highlights. Combine an elegant spirituality with luminous glamour with this exotic piece of 14 gauge dangling industrial piercing barbell. The middle part of this industrial barbells has a moving charm depicting the gorgeous gold plated outline of lotus flower with droop of flowing leaf charms along with aurora gem highlight.

  • 14 Gauge Blue Gem Bow and Arrow Dazzling Industrial Barbell

Completed in a supreme quality surgical stainless steel barbell, this dazzling industrial barbells are  sported in non-moving bow charm embellished with pink accents as well as feather ends and arrowhead at the place of balls. Show off more confident as though your sense of fashion is not about to lose its mark when you wear this ultra stylish industrial barbell piercing jewelry. In case you are looking for something with archery style you will absolutely love wearing this industrial barbell.

industrial piercing jewelry rosebud

  • White Faux Clean Gem Opal Gold Sunburst Industrial Barbell

This gorgeous industrial barbells are produced out of gold anodized titanium over a best quality surgical grade stainless steel sporting a movable sunburst resembling charm set with clear gems including white synthetic opal and also a rubber o-ring to protect the charm. Grab the attention of others instantly while you wear this spectacular piece of bright helix piercing.

affordable industrial piercing jewelry

  • Opal Clear Gem Surgical Steel Industrial Barbell

Long straight barbell measuring 36mm and crafted from surgical grade stainless steel. This is for a strong stability in your piercing. The shining glamour of this industrial barbell features with a quartet of synthetic opals as much as softened clear gems on either side in the middle part of the barbell.

  • Stainless Steel White Faux Industrial Barbell

The best part of celestial ball exists on delicate simplicity of high-end surgical grade stainless steel barbell. It is the best addition to your ear cartilage piercing jewelry collection. Consider having industrial barbell earring in order to add sophistication to your style. It also adorns with white synthetic opal balls at both the ends.

industrial piercing jewelry for men

Wider collections of piercing jewelry are also available at It depends upon the individual to choose the specific type of industrial barbell. You can find industrial barbell jewelry in more designs and shapes including straight, orbital and spiral jewelry. You can choose any of two areas of ear cartilage. In order to make ear cartilage piercing, it enables wearing long bar and orbital or spiral shape.

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