Dream Catcher

925 Sterling Silver Dream Catcher Push Back Ear Stud

925 Sterling Silver Dream Catcher Push Back Ear Stud

Dream Catcher
The Dream Catcher A Symbol Of Unity Among The Various Indian Nations, And A General Symbol Of Identification With Native American Or First Nations Cultures. However, Many Other Native Americans Have Come To See Dream Catchers As Over-Commercialized, Offensively Misappropriated And Misused By Non-Natives. The Ojibwa People Have An Ancient Legend About The Origin Of The Dream Catcher That It Attract All Sorts Of Dreams To Its Webs. When Bad Dreams Come, They Do Not Know The Way Through The Web And Get Caught In The Webbing Where The First Light Of Day Causes Them To Melt Away And Perish. The Good Dreams Knowing The Way Go Through The Center Of The Web And Slide Down The Feather To The Sleeper Below.

Product Description
These lovely dangle earrings hang gracefully from your ears and swing gently as you move, highlighting your jawbone and cheekbones. The Dream Catcher is light as you move, adding a dramatic touch of sparkle to a formal outfit. Lightweight yet sturdy, these earrings allow hours of comfortable wear.Material : 925 Sterling Silver . This little 925 silver Dream catcher earring makes you feel proud owner of this fantastic piece and also flaunt it to your friends once you start wearing it. – white pearl centered – wear this little dream catcher every day to bring lots of lovely dreams your way. This earring has a gorgeous dream catcher design with a beautiful white pearl centre, this earring makes the perfect present for a loved one or a little treat for yourself. All our Jewelry is silver plated 3 times, Strung with Silk and is always made with real crystals, stones or pearls.
Dream catchers typically go above your bed, but now you can wear this traditional and totally gorgeous talisman in your ears with our dream catcher silver earring. We used a beautiful blend of materials to make this native American jewelry, and integrated detailed design elements. Made mostly of gleaming metal, our sterling silver earring shows off a woven dream catcher, complete with dangling feather accents and a bright white pearl in the center. Get this white pearl earring to inject a little nature into a classic outfit, or pair it with your favorite Indian styles.
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Wash your hands with antibacterial soap. This is an important step, since you can easily transfer bacteria to your ears with your fingers. Make sure they’re clean every time you touch your ears.
Dip a cotton ball or swab in cleaning solution. Use the salt-based cleanser provided by the technician who pierced your ear or another one meant specifically for treating piercings.

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