Different Types and Varieties of Belly Button Ring Jewelries

Top Varieties of Belly Button Ring

Crystal Belly Button Rings

Wearing of crystal belly button rings is an emerging custom of most of the modern women. It is undeniably an extraordinary way of embellishing your body in a stylish and fashionable manner. The use of this body jewelry enhances your abs sexy appeal, by making them more fascinating.

crystal belly button ring

These navel rings are found in a wide array of colorful designs. Adapting the amazing practice of prettifying your navel with belly button rings certainly adds a charming appearance to your body. Add great appeal to your apparel with these chic crystal belly button ring. These are found in different shapes such as heart, rugby and are beautifully adorned with sparkling crystals.


Gold Belly Button Rings

Gold belly button rings serve as a great fashionable statement. Either you are using gold belly rings or of any other type of material, and take care while piercing. These gold belly button rings have a wide variety of shapes and colors, especially with the gold belly button rings. It’s mainly due to the easy availability of the navel jewelry and as such, you can get its available in almost jewelry shops.

gold belly button rings

There are a number of websites that provide for more information about gold belly button rings. You can get number impressive and elegant designs in gold belly rings. These are combined with a variety of colored stones that gives a stunning look.


Bio Flex Belly Button Rings

When compared to other types of piercing Bioflex belly ring piercing has quite many advantages as compared to other types of piercing. These Bioflex materials win over the other materials like titanium and polytetrafluoroethylene.

bio flex belly button rings

It is considered as the best compared to that because of its transparency, ability to UV reaction and temperature resistance. As the Bioflex materials form from plastic, it can change flexibly as per the need. It usually comes in pretty length; you can trim it just by using scissors. Bio flex belly button rings are skin friendly and don’t cause any sort of irritation to the skin. These are very much perfect for the pregnant ladies and the allergic people.


Silver Dangling Belly Button Rings

To have an exquisite look the only best choice to consider is undeniably the silver dangling belly button ring. Silver Belly button rings have numerous designs and shapes from different materials.

silver dangling belly button ring

If you desire to add a cool and elegant look to your belly button, then buy belly rings which have tiny dazzling dangle features. These embelish beautifully with colorful stones and jewels as well to give a gorgeous appeal.


UV Belly Button Rings

UV belly button rings are very much high voltage as far as its color, they add fun and as well as brilliance to your belly button. They are also sensitive to ultraviolet rays and are very much suitable and ideal for night parties and occasions. There are quite a number of colorful designs, shapes to choose from. You get a number of bold designs, high voltage rings that glow during night time.

uv belly button rings


Pearl Belly Button Rings

This is a beautiful spinal belly bar – Pearl belly button rings exude class. Nothing says sophistication like a pearl belly button ring. The lustrous pearl belly bar has the selective pearl colors in cream, pink and black.  It’s a fancy pearl belly button ring made of 925 sterling silver. It has different belly button piercing price that depends on the quality of the pearl.

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