Vibrating Tongue Ring That Enhances Unexpected Pleasures

If you are among those who speak about their incredible personality, then perhaps opting for a vibrating tongue ring would be the best decision.

With a unique concept of creating vibrations within your mouth, this tongue ring is becoming the focus of preferences among youth. Regardless of gender, these vibrating tongue rings rank among the most popular forms of body modification.

Vibrating Tongue Ring Design and Construction

Most tongue vibrators are provided with extra battery to help you enjoy continuous vibrations in your mouth. They possess of high quality materials like acrylic, 316L surgical steel, titanium, gold plated and flexible for a skin-friendly experience. Typically, the size of a tongue ring is 14 gauges. However, it may vary from 10 gauge, 8 gauge, 6 gauge, to as low as 00 gauge.

The design of a regular vibrating tongue ring includes a straight barbell and two batteries. The size of this straight barbell is usually 14 gauges. This barbell can be manufactured out of either black titanium or 316L Surgical steel. Provided with two powerful batteries, the tongue ring offers vibrations for up to one hour. If you are planning to buy these vibrating tongue rings online, then look for

silver vibrating tongue ring

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Why vibration tongue rings are popular?

  • Increased Appeal – Sporting this style brings about an additional appeal to your overall personality. Many people claim that those having tongue piercing with vibration rings look highly attractive than those not having it. This simple piercing transforms radically by means of a stylish vibration tongue rings. With several different options found, this fashion stuffs can make a new makeover during all occasions.

colorful vibrating tongue ring design

  • Appear different – One of the greatest parts of adorning in this body jewelry is that you start to look completely different from how you were earlier. And you are well aware that looking different is more impressive. Thus, when you have desired to grab attention of your crush or even the group of people you always like to hang out with, vibration tongue rings can be your unique option. Your different look will easily attract attention. With a bright ring, you can able to reflect with your new shiny image.
  • Less painful procedure than other piercing methods – Some people don’t opt for piercing considering it as very painful. People with tongue piercing believe that it’s not as painful as they think it would be. With the use of injections and anesthetic drugs can avoid pain that occurs in modification.

vibrating tongue ring jewelry

  • Improved pleasure– The other major reason why young people of today is more interested choosing tongue piercing is due to the pleasure they experience.

Keeping aside the advantages of the vibration tongue rings, you must be thoughtful about some points where people featuring tongue rings should be concerned. They must wear the ring after the wound is completely healed. Furthermore, the size of barbells must be chosen taking into account the size of the piercing and tongue. Moreover, they must never compromise on the quality of material over design.

vibrating tongue ring

Varieties of Vibration Tongue Rings

There are different varieties of unique body jewelry rings you can use. One of this is tongue rings in addition to a tongue barbell and cheap tongue ring. Based on whether it is vertically pierced or both the ends of piercing are made on the tongue, the barbells you want to buy will be of different shapes, either curved or straight. Plastics and metals can be used for making tongue rings, including the range of other materials.

However, you should make sure that you utilize a material that you don’t induce any bad reaction since it is more uncomfortable if you develop a swelling, suchlike or a rash. It is suggested using something softer, like acrylic jewelry and rubber, rather than metals since this safer for your teeth. Most people use metals without damage or side effects and hence it is totally your choice what you determine to pick for your vibrating tongue ring.

Popular Options of Vibrating Tongue Rings

  • Lix Vibrating Tongue Rings

LIX patented vibrating tongue ring is a pretty long straight tongue barbell that can vibrate. You would not have found something like this before. It is of very small size that makes it comfortable to wear, still the vibration is excellently strong. Crafted for reliability and quality, it is designed from 316L surgical steel for very long and trouble-free use. Wear this vibration tongue ring and make your tongue as a powerful vibrator. This vibration tongue ring is intended to increase the intimate pleasure operated by single watch battery.

vibrating tongue ring wholesale

  • Gold Titanium Vibrator Tongue Ring

The vibration tongue ring is made of anodized titanium plate, battery operated, powerful and micro massager that is probably the most exciting and intriguing gift that you can present to special someone. This versatile and patented massager can be utilized in several ways as your thinking will allow, thereby let your thoughts run wild.

cheap vibrating tongue ring

  • Black-white Thrasher Vibrating Tongue Ring

The vibrating tongue ring is powerful. This piecing jewelry forms the most beautiful and stunning body jewelry especially if you want to increase intimacy between you and your better half. You must get this black and white thrasher for looking exceedingly wonderful. Wearing the vibration tongue ring is a growing popular means for individuals to distinguish themselves from others.

cool vibrating tongue ring

  • Blue-black Thrasher Micro Vibrating Tongue Ring

Develop a sensation by wearing this stainless steel and lightweight tongue ring. The vibrating cylinder of this marvelous ring features with flexible silicone pink cover to feel good fun and comfort as well. The today’s generation of these best vibrating rings are already pack with full of innovation. This powerful vibrator is placed in the compact cylinder and provides strong vibration of about fifteen minutes to invigorate any boring night. The two-tone, intense cover offers a great and ensures making other turn back at you.

  • Gold Plated Micro Vibrating Tongue Ring Barbell

This stunning vibrating tongue ring is certain to make you energetic with anticipation. Featuring superior design and breathtaking color, it is sure to improve your enjoyment of these mesmerizing tongue rings.

vibrating tongue ring wholesale

  • Purple Anodized Titanium-plated Vibrating Non-piercing Tongue Ring

You don’t want a tongue piercing to offer your loved one with the excitement of heightened sensation. With this best quality purple and titanium plated micro vibrated non-pierced ring, you can able to stimulate your piercing body jewelry collection with something exciting and unique.

  • Glow in The Dark Micro Vibrating Tongue Ring Barbell

Glow up your night life with this incredible glow in the dark vibrating tongue rings. It features intense color that is certain to satisfy anyone who seeks for little extra from their tongue ring.

cute vibrating tongue ring

  • Rainbow Prism Micro Vibrating Koosh Tongue Ring Barbell

The rainbow vibrating tongue rings are certain to leave you tickly with anticipation. The rainbow design of this vibrating tongue ring has exciting colors that are really breathtaking. The micro vibrator is ultra-powerful that is a surefire way of making your presence appeal to anyone who looks at this wonderful tongue ring.

  • Rainbow Anodized Titanium Plated Micro Vibrating Tongue Ring

Crafted from great quality rainbow titanium plated over high end 316L surgical steel, this sensational tongue ring looks awesome and bring an excellent buzz of pleasure on to your body jewelry collection.

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