Rook Piercing Jewelry and Get a Stylish Look

Rook piercing jewelry involves perforation of antihelix of ear right above the tragus. This kind of rook jewelries piercing is located specifically along the interior ridge of ear cartilage, in parallel to outer rim. Thus, a piercing done on the upper crux of cartilage is known as a Rook. It is usually two steps on top of your tragus, having daith in between. Different types of rook jewelry appears perfect on rook piercing. How well your rook piercing attracts others depend on the type of rook piercing jewelry that you choose to wear.

Rook Piercing Jewelry

The anatomy of your ear has a great influence on your rook piercing. Few people tend to have a more pronounce ridge of cartilage that is easier to add an earring, however requires slicing along the greater amount of flesh. Small ridges do not have much piercing area on cartilage through; however can be quite troublesome for the piercer to get. Either way, it is yet a relatively easy procedure to a professional, experienced piercer.

All cartilage piercings tend to share the same common risks as well as aftercare mishaps. It is necessary that you follow aftercare instructions appropriately and respond fast when you start developing any sort of infection. Try to avoid contacting with perfume, hairspray, makeup and other irritants. Also change your pillowcase regularly and cleanse your ear after the use of earphones, telephone, earmuffs and other such things.

Rook Piercing Jewelry Designs

Your piercer should determine which gauge is better based on the importance of your cartilage ridge. Suitable sizing is essential as well to get successful healing. When it comes to jewelry styles, your options include mini curved barbell, circular barbell or a CBR.

When everything goes right, your cartilage must get healed up in four to six weeks, however most people tend to experience a couple hiccups on the way that slows down the things. Cartilage piercings tend to be tricky, hence they normally take three to six months to get a handle on finally.

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How Does Rook Piercing Jewelry Carried Out?

You need to choose a well specialized piercing studio for a flawless rook piercing. You should consult with your professional piercer regarding the particular spot to be pierced. The entry and exit holes are marked using a pen once the area is completely cleaned. A hollow, light needle is later passed through the interior part of the ridge. In many cases, rook piercing is done using a large gauge piercing equipment. A straight or curved rook piercing jewelry is inserter after completing the piercing. At certain times, rook jewelry piercing is done while performing an industrial piercing, which involves two separate piercing joined by a straight piece of jewelry.

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How to Describe  the Feeling of Having a Rook Piercing Pain?

When you have a low endurance for pain, you would give rook piercing pain a five or six. For most people, it is much more painful than snug or helix piercing. Since the antihelix of ear creates out of thick cartilage, it is painful when it is getting a piercing.

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Complications and infections of rook piercing jewelry

Rook piercing jewelry requires special care during the time of healing to avoid infection and other associated issues. An infected piercing leads to swelling, soreness and pus discharge that makes delay the process of healing. Migration and rejection usually become a problem with rook piercing. When the spot remains painful and swollen, run to the piercing parlor to remove the jewelry.

Types of Rook Jewelry

  • Double Rook Piercing Jewelry

Two perforations are done on the inner cartilage ridge. You would experience more pain while getting done with double piercing, however it is worth the effort.

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  • Faux Rook Jewelry

A single rook piercing jewelry adds horizontally on the top of inner ridge having a backing at the back part of ear, same as that of conch piercing. Few people prefer it to wear colorful studs.

Tragus and rook piercing have emerged as a cool fashion trend among the youngsters. Few piercing enthusiasts consider getting a daith piercing for unconventional appearance.

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Rook Piercing Jewelry

Curved barbells and captive bead rings tend to go well with all variations of rook piercing. Since the pierced area provide limited space, you would feel highly comfortable to wear smaller jewelry in cute designs. It is great to try wearing hoop earrings that match your rook piercing.

Whether you can get a rook piercing and which jewelry you sport relies on your ear anatomy. Always ensure there is a sufficient room to hold the jewelry you wish to wear. It normally suggests to wear different types of ear piercings or small BCR in your rook piercing however there are plenty of options available to check.

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Rook Rings

There are whole lot of distinct piercing rings you can choose to wear for your rook piercing. Yet it includes circular barbells, closure rings and smooth segment rings. It is significant to pick a rook ring that is the perfect size for your ear, but the soon you know your size the options are limitless. Let’s check through the widest collection of rook piecing rings suitable to adorn yourself,

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  • Surgical Steel Ball Closure Rook Ring

You are sure to obtain a classic appeal with a steel ball closure rook ring along with a hematitie ball. This rook piercing ring has features with a hematitie clip-in ball. This makes a fashionable alternative to ordinary steel ball closure rings. The hematite comes with an amazing metallic dark grey color which makes BCR to stand apart a little more.

Hematite is an attractive looking natural gemstone that is rich in iron. It combines with strength and carves into safety amulets from cultures like ancient Greeks.

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  • Circular Cone Bell Bonus Pack

If you want to adorn your piercing with a splash of color, then this circular cone bell bonus pack is a perfect choice for you. This bonus pack comes with 2 circular cone bells. Coming from surgical steel earrings, it includes 8 cones that has a thread. This indicates that you have sufficient jewelry for 2 piercings and more color combinations to transform your look. The pack contains two surgical steel circular cone bells and eight colors threaded cones.

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  • Steel and Silver Ball Closure Ring

Make your style sweeten with this silver hearts along with a steel ball closure ring. This stunning ball closure ring features with sterling silver that confines in the shape of 3 hearts, fixes in a surgical steel ring. The hearts in this rook piercing face outward. Hence this ball closure rook ring appears best in ear rim piercings, orbitals and other types of lip piercings.

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  • Surgical Steel Circular Barbell with Silver Stars

This circular barbell measures 1.6mm with .925 sterling silver charm over each end of surgical stainless steel stem. The charm designs to face the front part of circular barbell. Therefore it is ideal for piercings like earlobes, navel, labret piercings, lip piercings and other kinds of forward facing piercings.

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  • Titanium Smooth Segment Ring

Cheer up your piercings using this rainbow titanium smooth segment ring. It tends to shine with various colors and feels great on your skin that is suitable for displaying your piercing. These smooth segment rings appears and work in the similar way as a ball enclosure ring with only variation that they have curved segment rather than a ball. This offers you smoother appeal and enables you to rotate the ring alongside your piercing.

The titanium jewelry that has a color is from surgical titanium with color that is anodize. It is highly comfortable to wear in any kind of piercing. Titanium is elegant and non-irritating and it is perfect for people who have experienced issues with other metals.

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  • Titanium Bar Closure Ring

Provide your piercings a stylish, sleek look with titanium bar closure rings. These BCRs have a bright shine and appear stunning in any piercing. These titanium BCRs also function the same way as other bar closure ring but they have a straight bar rather than a ball. You can rotate the ring when piercing therefore it ensures a smoother look.

The titanium body jewelry is highly comfortable to wear for any piercing.

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Rook bars

Wearing a barbell for your rook piercing is a smarter option since bars are less probable to move through your piercing. As a result, it reduce irritation. Because of the shape of ear, it is suitable to wear a flexible bar or a curved barbell in your rook piercing, as against a straight bar.

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  • Curved cone bell and threaded accessories

Avail a colorful style with this exotic curved cone bell bonus pack. It comes packed with curved cone bell and colored cones for mixing up your look. This curved barbell is unique for ear piercings and eyebrow and with colorful cones, it is better to have a great fresh look each day.

  • Jeweled PTFE curved bar

Stylish, simple and biocompatible, this jeweled PTFE eyebrow bar is perfect for your look as well as your piercings. The PTFE stem is completely biocompatible and flexible, so it is better for difficult or new piercings. PTFE also feature non-stick properties so that lymph does not get stick to it.

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