7 Unique Selection of Nipple Rings to Flaunt

Different parts of body where people prefer have piercing, but one of the most sensible and hottest  are nipple rings.

Nipple rings

Women recently have started showing interest to get nipple piercing. They also look for the most spectacular nipple rings to adorn their beauty to greater extent. There are many options available when it comes to searching for different types of nipple ring. While you start shopping for a perfect nipple ring, you will come across items from simple and ornate jewelries. Simple captive rings features by a ball or also bead, this also keeps the ring in place.  Nipple rings are available several different sizes and also gauges to meet your particular desire or need.

Nipple Rings Used by celebrities

 Apart from classic nipple rings, you can also find nipple bars or barbells. These are use to flaunt the nipple piercing. There are also straight and little curving bars that can be use in place same as two beads at both ends. Nipple rings come also in distinct color and design options. These equips with glittering stones and accessories. It almost suspend from them that further boosts the beauty of the nipple jewelry. Varieties of nipple rings allow customer to choose the rings that look appeal on their personal tastes, which makes the nipple jewelry as beautiful and personal as possible.

Nipple shields form a great addition on the elegant nipple jewelry rings. They appear like little shields which often cover the whole areola to expose only the nipple, via which you can add more jewelry if you want. This will supply a completely new look that will put you under a highlight.

List of Unique Pieces of Nipple Rings

  • Handmade Crystal Beads Nipple Shield

Allow even your most secret fashion on point by wearing this pretty crystal beads nipple shield that is hand crafted with pretty accessories. Different sets of nipple jewelry features with accent on both sides of your nipple that uses 316L surgical grade stainless steel barbells to get a perfect finishing touch. Whether you wish to show them off or just want to dress up, this nipple jewelry is the right choice for you that you must never miss buying. You will really be appreciated for your style when you wear this nipple jewelry.

silver nipple rings

  • Jeweled Double Flowers Surgical Steel Barbell Nipple Jewelry

Get double the feel of mystery with this barbell nipple ring featuring jewelry flowers accented with black and white stones. You are sure to make head turns on wearing this exotic pair of nipple jewelry . This double flower surgical steel barbell jewelry is the right option to reveal the hottest part of you. The sterling silver material of this nipple jewelry will greatly reflect the charm of this item. The bar is made of 316L surgical steel that ensures the long lasting nature of the jewelry and the safety of the jewelry on the body part.

nipple rings bar

  • Prong Set Fancy Gem Silver Nipple Bar

Whether you are heading out or just staying at home, this prong set silver nipple bar will make you feel like unique. Made of highly durable 316L surgical grade stainless steel, this nipple bar set is featured with fancy balls ends that will add a bit of personality and elegance to your nipple piercing. This silver nipple bar is a perfect pick when you look for jewelry that looks simple yet stylish and highlighting. You are going to appear unique on this silver nipple bars that uses fantastically to adorn your sensual part.

nipple rings with stone

  • Skeleton Hand Nipple Piercing Jewelry

In addition to bring great addition into your costume collection for this halloween, choose funny skeleton hand nipple piercing jewelry and freak everyone out. The barbell and the charm of this nipple ring are designed out of 316L surgical grade stainless steel to render utmost protection on your body part. Featuring a highly unique design, this nipple ring looks classy, sleek and sophisticated. With all that gleam and shimmer, you can adorn in this jewelry to throw a stunning look on your next occasion.

nipple rings designs

  • Sapphire Jeweled Surgical Steel Nipple Rounder

Sapphire jeweled surgical steel nipple jewelry is featured with a wonderfully set crystal round design that appears to be placed around your nipple piercing. This nipple shield is featured with 316L surgical stainless steel barbells along with two removable threaded balls at each end. This nipple jewelry is sure to make a stunning addition to your body piercing jewelry collection. You will instantly attract attention by making your appearance with this hottest set of nipple piercing jewelry.

New nipple rings design

  • Titanium Nipple Rounder with Balls

This is a classic nipple rounder that is made of superior quality titanium. It features transversal bar adorn with two balls. The circle shape of the ring surrounds the nipple to emphasize and highlight the jewelry. This is surely a timeless jewelry for nipple piercing. This is a 14 gauge titanium grade nipple rounder having barbells at both the ends that measures 5mm. The rounder comfortably sits around the nipple, which makes it very unique as well as a funky accessory. You can give a glamorous touch to your appearance by wearing this exotic titanium nipple rounder.

types of nipple rings

  • Multi Jeweled Heart Surgical Steel Nipple Piercing Ring

This jeweled heart surgical steel nipple ring also forms a great combination of comfort and style. It enables you to add a sparkle easily to your nipple piercings. The 14 gauge 316L surgical steel nipple rings allows enough space for the inner diameter. The ideal heart shield features with multiple numbers of crystals. Nipple ring definitely completes your look because it makes yourself stunning. The barbell at one end measures 19mm and the other end measures 5mm. This jeweled heart nipple ring is absolutely a perfect accessory to add into your collection of piercing jewelry.

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