Helix Ear Jewelry: 8 Insights on the Best Selection of Ear Piercing Jewelry

First of all, when you have a hole in the outside rim of cartilage, it is called helix ear piercing. Due to different types of ear piercings, helix ear jewelry that also more common than other piercing jewelry. The process is not more painful yet it relies on the pain threshold of the individual. The healing time is probably about six to ten months. Most of all, one must follow complete aftercare suggestions. This is to avail a nice health piercing in about six and more months. Cartilage seems like to heal very slowly than that of ear lobe. It also looks the same and quite good in six month. It doesn’t indicate that your piercing can heal completely. You should look after the piercing spot until it heals thoroughly and then start wearing Helix ear jewelry.

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Common Used for Helix Ear Jewelry

Helix ear jewelry better accommodate swelling and piercing also cures faster. Then, you can also wear a barbell, but it is better waiting until piercing cures. Helix orbital piercing is the one another opportunity for enjoying helix piercing in its remarkable modification. Two holes are made through the upper rim of the cartilage and a chain or special long barbell joins them. It looks up-to-date and unique. You can even make multiple piercings on the cartilage and prefer wearing jewelry of different shaped in them.

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Gold Jewelry For Helix Ear Jewelry

14k gold jewelry prefers to have bad reaction to this metal. This are also other metals that combines with pure gold to make the strong and also durable 14k gold. Gold jewelry always has been popular. It looks rich, elegant and long-termed. There is a comprehensive range of gold jewelry options for helix piercing these days.

Jewelry options like gold circular barbells with spikes and balls. Also, gold spiral barbells are suitable to wear only in a fully healed helix ear jewelry piercing. Gold helix piercing jewelry is obtainable at reasonable prices and there is a variety of styles and designs. To enjoy alluring double helix piercing, wait till it heals completely. It also look for the fashion jewelry for it and look stunning.

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Choosing The Best Helix Ear Jewelry

The helix piercing jewelry that is most preferable is 18G as there is higher chance of migration with gauges in small sizes. You can ask suggestion for the style of jewelry from your piercer as he can able to pick the best suitable one for you. You can also consider having your helix piercing with some alternative style with superior quality jewelry. It is easy to make your helix piercing appear ideal with other body piercing jewelry like stud, ball closure ring or barbell that are available in varying color options and styles. Explore the high-end selection of piercing jewelry to figure out what styles you can pick from this style of piercing. Preferably you want something that is small enough to suit the curled edge without incorporating more stress over the cartilage.

diamond Helix ear jewelry

  • Clear Round Cz Sterling Silver Piercing Chain

Try to look stylish and admiring in this Clear round CZ sterling silver piercing earring that connects form one piercing to other by way of suspending sterling silver chain. Emphasized with a bright CZ stone, it is the right way to smarten yourself with this helix piercing jewelry.

Helix ear jewelry with stones

  • Spring Butterfly Sterling Silver Dangle Helix Earring

This delightful piece has a better quality hanging butterfly charm. With the proper amount of dangle, this helix piercing jewelry just sports the precise level of play. The spring butterfly dangle helix earring sparkle and move as the wearer moves and are sure to attract attention from others.

Helix ear jewelry ring

  • Heart Rose Helix Piercing Earring

It is sure that you will never stop admiring the attractiveness of this helix piercing jewelry once you come across this helix piercing jewelry. Sporting rose shape, this helix piercing jewelry is produced from stainless steel that glistens in silver tone describing the subtle brilliance in this exceptionally feminine helix barbell. For looking unique with your helix piercing jewelry, you should completely try wearing this helix piercing jewelry to make others admire you.

gold Helix ear jewelry

  • Rainbow Prism Ball Helix Piercing Stud

Rainbow prism helix piercing jewelry is certainly a piece for you when you decide to have helix piercing. This particular piece of earring is designed exclusively for helix piercing. And this is also made considering convenience as the major highlight. This is a smart piece of helix earring completed in surgical grade stainless steel to protect skin. It is a pretty ear cartilage stud with versatile aurora borealis prism crystal.

Helix ear jewelry designs

  • Clear Star Prong-set CZ Helix Earring Value Set

This clear star prong-set helix piercing jewelry comes packed up with studs of three distinct sizes including 3, 4 and 5mm. You should never miss out on this supreme piece of helix piercing that is bestowed with helix earring studs having a single star shaped CZ stone.

top Helix ear jewelry designs

  • Marquise Cut CZ Helix Stud

Remarkably matchless and very stylish, this piece of helix piercing jewelry is the one you want if you get helix piercing. This charm completes in 925 sterling silver. Although, the barbell is the same produce out of 316L surgical grade stainless steel for protection. This is a suitable earring for your helix piercing. This is also a luxury piece of helix stud as it features 9mm CZ gemstone. This earring is mainly intended for helix piercing as it is crafted to offer complete comfort.

leave-designed Helix ear jewelry

  • Clear CZ Prong-set Helix Earring Value Set

This set of helix earrings is available in a package with studs in different sizes ranging like 3, 4 and 5mm stud packed properly to entice the buyer. This is a special set of helix earring value set having three helix earring studs along with a single round CZ gemstone in each for allowing the piercing jewelry to shimmer.

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