Choose Gold Curved Barbell for Various Kinds of Body Piercing

Are you searching for a unique, fun ways to adorn your body? Stylish and sparkling barbell piercings might simply form your ultimate ways of self-expression. Do you ever wonder how barbell piercings have got their name? These kinds of piercings resemble the weightlifting barbells, thus the name, however, the shape has also more to do with ergonomics. Barbells look like a straight bar with small beads at both the ends. One of the beads will be fixed while the other is not fixed to make it removable for changes.

Gold Curved Barbell

These kinds of piercings have been prevalent among the tribal communities. Later, barbells in curved shape have been introduced, which can be utilized for body piercing. Ear piercings and eyebrow piercings use this kind of curved barbells. Apart from curved barbells, there are different other shapes to choose from including spiral barbells, circular barbells and banana barbells and j-curved barbells. Particular shapes are more perfect for specific body areas than others.

Gold Curved BarbellMaterials used in making barbells

Barbell jewelry, especial those of curved shape comes out in different types of metal as well as non-metal options. Starter piercings need surgical metals like 316 L stainless steel for complete hearing. Titanium is the popular option for users with a history of sensitive skin issues or allergy. Many people prefer plastic metal for tongue piercings so as to avoid damage to teeth when eating. Acrylic and BioFlex are among the most hygiene, safest and the non-metallic options.

Gold Curved Barbell

Of all the possible material options that the curved barbell is being made, the influence that people show on Gold Curved BarBell is ideal. Barbells are typically available with enticing ranges of aesthetic embellishments to fit all types of tastes. From dangling belly button rings to erotic tongue rings, they are the right way to create your own fashion statement. Picture inlays, colorful gems, logos, clay flowers can all be used as embellishments. The beads at either end of the barbell are also found in different designs like discs, cylinders, and triangles.

Gold curved barbell for ear piercing

Ear piercing is a quite popular as well as one of the old practices. It is a technique of making a small opening in the ears to insert anything that is of equal length to the needle’s front. The common locations for ear piercing include tragus, rook and across the helix. It has become more common to find Gold curved barbell jewelry for all kinds of ear piercing. Whether you want earrings for tunnels, plugs and lobe piercing for specialized body jewelry or stretched ear piercings, you are sure to pick the perfect one. The choice of ear piercing jewelry is very wide nowadays and there are several reputed jewelry stores that supply stylish and high-quality barbells, including curved barbells for ear piercing. Ear piercing is not just the only way to enjoy the fashion trends, rather the way to show your style and individuality.


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Curved barbell for different types of Ear piercing

When you think of getting the piercing done in your ear, there are more to learn. You are likely to be introduced with various kinds of piercing procedures. Nowadays, people wish to pierce their ears in several places than merely the ear lobe. People who are very conscious about the metal of the piercing jewelry and wish to invest in the jewelry piece that is made of precious metal like can choose 14k gold body piercing jewelry for their body piercing.

Gold Curved Barbell

  • Scaffold involves two piercings done on the rim or cartilage of the ear that joined using one single barbell. Wearing Gold curved barbell to this kind of piercing will highlight the look more.
  • A tragus is made through the piece of cartilage which sticks out from ear in canal front
  • Anti tragus piercing is performed on the lifted fold of cartilage against the tragus and above ear lobe on the external portion of the ear.

Gold Curved Barbell

  • Conch is accomplished through the part of the ear, which is closer to ear canal near the rook. This is also known to as crux or helix.
  • An ear lobe piercing is the most popular and common. This is made through the fleshy tissue that hangs at the bottom part of the ear. It is a location on the ear receiving good blood flow and thus it gets healed fast. 14k gold curved barbell earring is an elegant gold jewelry piece that is perfect for this specific piercing type.

Gold Curved Barbell

Curved barbell for eyebrow piercing

Eyes are among the highly significant parts of the human body. An excellent technique to emphasize the eyes is of different types of piercings. While other kinds of face piercing are widely accepted, eyebrow piercing is still at the top as the most preferable available in new styles. There are different ways available to pierce a brow, including vertical, horizontal, angular and under an eye that is called as anti-eyebrow piercing. Eyebrow piercing can also be classified in several types and gold body piercing jewellery is typically chosen to use for such kind of facial piercing.

Gold Curved Barbell

  • Horizontal eyebrow piercing is located horizontally above the eyebrow. The exceptional appeal of this piercing can complement the shape of the eyebrow. The common jewelry options that will fit for this sort of piercing include barbells and curved bellies. Nowadays, Gold curved barbell has emerged as the favorable jewelry piece for an eyebrow
  • Anti-eyebrow piercing is carried out slightly under the inferior eye orbit, exactly on the upper cheekbone. This one is accomplished right under the skin, without touching the facial bones or muscles.

Gold Curved Barbell

  • A variant of common eyebrow piercing is a spiral The spiral eyebrow is comprised of 2 or 3 successive holes. Then, a spiral-shaped jewel shape is passed through the holes.
  • The‘t’ eyebrow piercing indicates a horizontal and vertical piercing. These are done in immediate closeness to each other in order to develop the shape of letter ‘t’.
  • If two or more kinds of piercing are done as combines, this is considered as multiple or combination eyebrow piercing.

Gold Curved Barbell

Eyebrow body jewelry

It depends on your person choice as for which angle of your eyebrow you would like to get pierced. The reality is any puncture necessitates the same efforts for curing. The eyebrow body piercing is typically done as per the marks, lower and upper. It is a well-known fact that the horizontal brow piercings are normally difficult to handle, however, an expert can able to carry out this type of operation. The sooner you determine the type of eyebrow body piercing; you must inform your requirement to the master. The Gold curved barbell made of nickel-free, solid gold with elegant yet simple balls on both the ends are the suitable eyebrow piercing jewelry.

Gold Curved Barbell

Curved barbells for belly piercing

The navel is among the most erogenous and sensual parts of the body and there could be nothing that is more glamorous and hottest than wearing a glittering Gold curved barbell for a belly piercing. There is a comprehensive range of body jewelry available for a belly piercing. The 14kt gold curved barbell is known for its charm and the elegant look. You can even have gold plated or crystal beads as an additional feature on any available rings. After having done with the piercing and it is healed, you can wear a waist chain around to further complement the look. Navel jewels are usually a bent barbell or curved barbells with normally a small ball on the top part and a larger ball at the bottom that features a gemstone studded in it.

Gold Curved Barbell

While choosing the navel jewelry, two measurements should be considered, including the diameter of the bar and the width of the ring that indicates the bar length. Jewelry comes in varying thickness and sizes or the gauge of the jewel piece. The recently popular options in metal are gold 18 karats or 14 karats. Silver and titanium are also used for navel piercing jewelry. Using nickel with the metal is not recommended. The belly button piercing jewelry is normally made of materials like titanium, silver, and surgical steel. It is also made in indifferent shapes like barbells

Gold Curved Barbell

and rings. It is strongly suggested to wear a barbell soon after the fresh perforation that can accelerate the process of healing. In the majority of the cases for belly button piercing, a special kind of barbells is used, called the banana barbell due to its curved shape. There are also many other types of jewelry for navel piercing like simple curved barbells, barbells having pendants and several others. Experts don’t support using jewelry piece made of surgical

Gold Curved Barbell

steel soon after perforation. In such cases, it is always suggested going for Gold curved barbell, especially for a belly piercing. The ideal option of jewelry piece for navel piercing is jewelry made of gold; however it is absolutely more expensive than other affordable models. When you consider your skin safety and health, you will never care for the expense of the piercing jewelry.

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