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Today many people have the passion for wearing a body piercing jewelry in the latest style and fashion. This body jewelry are considered to be valuable possessions both for men and women as they assume that these accessories make them look stunning, show off their prosperity and attract opposite sex. Though people get their body pierced at different parts, belly button piercing is one of the most popular choices for both the genders but they are predominantly preferred by females. When compared to another type of piercing, Gold Belly rings piercing takes a long time to heal but with proper care, delicate piercing heals much faster. As that of ear piercing which has little movement and negation, belly button piercing also involves some risks. There would not be any associated side effects when proper care is taken.

Gold Belly Rings

Different Types of Belly Button Piercing:

Even though belly button can be pierced at different sides and at any number of angles, there are three types which are common among the individuals.

  • Upper rim belly piercing is done at the top of the belly button and is the most common piercing.
  • The lower piercing is usually done at the bottom of the belly button and is called as a bottom navel piercing.
  • Outtie is the piercing done on the belly button itself. Even though it is considered to be the true navel piercing, it is not done frequently as it comes with numerous complications. The healing can be extremely slow and even displacements could occur. As it comes with several risks that outweigh its benefits, Outtie piercing is not preferred by many individuals. A surface piercing is done around the navel and is appropriate for people who have an interest in circular piercing. The entire beauty of belly piercing lies on the Gold Belly rings you opt for.

Gold Belly Rings

Various Types of Belly Button Jewelries:

The belly button jewelry are available in different styles and sizes but the most common thing could be nothing other than belly button rings which are available in different metals, designs, colors, and sizes. However, the most common metal used for making belly jewelry is gold which is known for its aesthetics and comfort. This gold jewelry is known to provide required comfort to the wearers. If you are looking for lengthy Gold Belly rings, then you are sure to achieve the elegant look you are aspiring for.

Gold Belly Rings

  • Typical Gold Belly Rings:

If you prefer wearing belly ring instead of wearing belly bar for your navel piercing, then you have made the right decision. Gold Belly rings are available in different sizes, styles and colors such as yellow, black, white and rose. The ball closure rings are belly button jewelry that comes with a ball closure. The ball is usually held in its place with the tension of the ring and so, you will be able to enjoy a secure and comfortable fit. Similar to other piercing jewelry, it is also important to choose the belly ring in the right size. The size of the belly rings is usually determined based on its internal diameter. Most of the people require Gold Belly rings of 10mm but you need to measure your piercing before opting for the new ring.

Gold Belly Rings

  • Basic Closure Rings:

Slide and screw belly button rings can be found in the common closure style. Popularly known as captive bead ring, the slide ring can slide on the both the sides into the ball for creating the closed ring. The major advantage of wearing this slide ring is that it is difficult for the bacteria to enter the ring. It is extremely easier to put and take off the ring from your belly button.

Gold Belly Rings

  • Barbell rings:

Gold Barbell rings are designed as that of a small curved barbell. Every hand comes with a ball attached to it and you will also find Gold Belly rings with a wide range of colorful balls attached to it. The rings can slide up and down a little bit and require additional cleaning while wearing.

Gold Belly Rings

  • Pendant rings:

These pendant rings are barbell style designs featuring the bead and decorating charm hanging off at the end. This pendant is usually positioned to hand down from the belly button of the wearer to let it swing freely. These pendants usually come with eye catching crystals as well. When you wear these Gold Belly rings, then you are sure to look incredible.

Gold Belly Rings

  • Hoop Belly Button Rings:

If you are really interested in showing off your uniqueness in wearing fashion accessories, then you may opt for these Hoop belly button rings. They end up in the closed circle with slide closures and they are used to secure Hoop Rings which are said to be decorative and interchangeable. The wearers can swap around several balls based on their outfit and let them wear clean balls and replace the older ones.

Gold Belly Rings

  • Horizontal Belly rings:

These rings make use of two belly button piercings, one piercing on each side. These jewelry run through the center of navel with a straight bar. Every end of the bar is cosseted with screw on balls.

Gold Belly Rings

  • Fake Belly Button Rings:

Fake belly jewelry is really a great option if you don’t want to get the piercing really and are ready to experience pain and trauma or if you are too young to get the body piercing. They are small rings or jewelry which can be stuck onto the belly button and come with skin friendly glue or magnet. Most of the fake Gold Belly rings include a round jewel which sits exactly in your belly button to create the glamorous and stylish look. You can find this jewelry available in different styles and designs. While buying a fake belly ring, you should not go with cheap jewelry. Even if you opt for fake jewelry, go with the expensive ones so that you will not undergo any adverse side effect.

Gold Belly Rings

  • Dangling belly ring:

This kind of rings is really amazing navel jewelry which is available in a wide range of designs and patterns. Dangling belly jewelries make your belly button more attractive and appealing. The belly rings are usually designed to be worn at the navel portion of your body and can extend the jewelry to the lower waist. You can achieve the mesmerizing look with the dangling jewelry with cascading and reverse patterns.

Gold Belly Rings

Belly Button Ring Piercing Tips:

Everyone knows that Gold belly button rings let the wearers make a new fashion statement. When you switch on the TV, you could see several models who are wearing exotic gold navel rings with pride while walking down the runway. As this fashion has been accepted around the world, the number of people who have got their tummies pierced has increased dramatically. Even if you are wearing expensive Gold Belly rings, you need to show proper care to prevent piercing from getting worse and to ensure quick healing. If you fail to show proper care for the navel piercing, then you may be required to face some serious consequences as well. The person who gets his belly button pierced should take complete responsibility to alleviate adverse reaction.

Gold Belly Rings

We have come up with certain tips that help you to take proper care of your belly button piercing:

  • Choose To Wear Loose Clothing:

The belly button piercing is highly sensitive and you need to make sure that nothing touches it. You should also avoid wearing tight shirts and tops, especially if the wound is not healed properly. Even the constant contact of the piercing area with your clothes may lead to irritation and chafing.

Gold Belly Rings

  • Clean The Wound Regularly:

This is one of the most important things that you should keep in your mind while getting your belly button pierced. You should clean the belly piercing with warm water and antibacterial soap at least twice a day. If any crust starts forming on the wound, it can be removed using cotton balls soaked in warm water. You should maintain clean hands all times during cleaning process even if you wear Gold Belly rings.

Gold Belly Rings

  • Keep The Piercing Dry:

You need to keep the piercing as well as surrounding area. You need to make sure that the piercing, as well as surrounding area, must always be dry as the moisture promotes the growth of infectious bacteria.

Gold Belly Rings

  • Use Saline Solution:

The best way to get the piercing wound to heal fast is using the mixture made with a quarter cup of sterilized water and half a tablespoon of sea salt. This mixture should be applied on the navel piercing to about 10 to 15 minutes. If you want to avoid irritation, then you should wear loose fitting attires for several weeks after the belly piercing procedure is done. Several other things such as belts, skirts and pants should also be avoided for a few weeks. If you are able to follow all these preventative tips, then you can stay away from undergoing serious side effects. It is also important to use high-quality Gold Belly rings to avoid infection.

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