Captive Bead Rings for Every Piercing

Captive bead rings are widely used for body piercings and are extremely popular. The captive bead is fitted into the opening in the circle of the ring. The bead has depressions or minor indentations that fit well into the opening of the ring and completes the ring. In several cases, a hole is drilled through the bead ring to enable it to fit easily.

Captive bead rings  are usually made of titanium, stainless steel or niobium in order to clutch the bead quite firmly. The ball or bead may be made of a gemstone, glass, ceramic or even acrylic. An individual can easily wear this piece of body jewelry by removing the captive bead on the ring. However, this doesn’t mean that it will fall off easily. It is held quite tightly in its place. Owing to its round or closed shape, the bead is held tightly and doesn’t fall off or get stuck in hair, clothing or even furniture, thereby making it one of the most popular choices for piercings which haven’t completely healed yet.

These bead rings can be used for different kinds of piercings. Be it a nose piercing, ears, HCH, belly button or nipples. Captive bead rings can be used for any or all of these piercings. One can easily choose from a wide variety of rings, be it segment captive rings, regular bead rings or even ball closure rings with screw on balls or even dimpled beads. Apart from the appearance of the bead rings, you also need to focus on the diameter and the right gauge of the rings to have that ideal captive bead ring. Though the smaller ones can be easily closed and opened with your hand, for the larger or heavier ones, one needs to use ring closing or ring opening pliers. If you are one of those who have a number of piercings on your body and change your body piercing jewelry quite often, then it is advisable to own a pair of ring opening and closing pliers. Otherwise, you may need to ask for help from somebody else or even visit a piercer for that matter.

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