Guide to Helix Piercing Jewelry

Helix piercing is also called as rim piercing. It can be done anywhere alongside the curled edge at the exterior edge of upper ear cartilage. An industrial piercing is even a double piercing through the lower and upper helixes. Helix piercing jewelry, like every other cartilage piercing, is a bit more difficult to heal. However still a comparatively easy procedure for a specialized piercing technician.

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The helix considers as the prominent rim of the external part of the ear that is comprised of cartilage. Hence, helix piercing gets a hole on the upper part of ear cartilage in order to wear a piercing jewelry.

Common Helix Piercing Jewelry

Labret stud, captive bead ring, and barbell are the common jewelry types that use for helix earrings. A circular metal jewelry forms captive rings that come from a bead or a bar. Labret studs are same as that of lobe earrings with straight rods having a flat desk at one side, while a gem at the other side. On the other hand, barbells also are designed as a straight rod carrying beads on either side.

Different types of ear piercings can be found in all shapes and sizes. You can also find horseshoe-like barbells, curved barbells, fully circular and partially circular barbells. Whatever the type of piercing you wish to get, they will never miss to bring you that sophisticated and subtle look.

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Helix Orbital Piercing

The helix orbital is a kind of piercing made from side to side instead of making it front to back. The process involves piercing double holes instead of one. When pierced using a CBR, the jewelry tends to orbit the helix the same way rings make it around the planet.

The anti-helix is same as that of anti-piercing, wherein the piercing jewelry places across directly from the original. With this type, it would be alongside the curl ridge on the internal edge of the ear, near to your head. The type of jewelry used for a helix earrings is distinct as the piercings themselves. There are many different techniques by which it is possible to pierce the helix, which includes either by itself or in combination with other locations.

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A standard type of helix earrings, although, typically starts out with a small circular barbell or a CBR. A standard gauge size is normally 16 to 14 gauges; however, it is base on your rim size. You need something little enough to suit inside curl edge with no need of putting any stress over the cartilage. It is better to allow your piercer decide which size would be better.

Facts About Helix Piercing and Helix Orbital Piercings

Many people get helix piercings, without actually realizing it. Most people call to their helix piercing as cartilage piercing and the topic in question is the upper part of the ear.

types of helix piercings

It is common to find pierced earlobes and having one or more piercings placed high on the ear. It is not a cartilage piercing as proclaimed by many people out there and it is helix earrings.

Referring to a helix piercing as cartilage is not a right term since your ear is composed of cartilage. Any kind of piercing that is not done on your earlobe is called as a cartilage piercing. The conventional second and third perforations escalating from the earlobe must be called as helix piercing.

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It is more recommended to get pierced with a captive bead ring or a hoop, particularly for helix earrings. The real benefit of using a ring or hoop as a helix piercing jewelry is that it greatly accommodates swelling in a better way and the holes pierced with hoops and rings then to cure faster.

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The helix piercing jewelry can be instantly secure the ball, your amazing new piercing is done. Helix piercing will not damage your hearing, nervous system, speech and balance. Since they are rumors, these thoughts should not stop you from getting helix piercing. In fact, helix piercing is safer one and the pain will just long for shorter time.

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Important Facts About Getting a Helix Piercing

Cartilage does consume longer time to heal than that of the earlobe. This piercing takes up to a year to heal completely. It would look good and feel good after 6 months, but it does not indicate that heals completely. 12 months appear to be the magic figure for orbital piercing. Touching the piercing with dirty fingers, use of cell phone, cream from your hair, not following appropriate aftercare procedure, etc. lead to an infection. Preventing yourself from touching the piercing, not hitting objects against it, soaking it in a saline solution and making a gentle touch will prevent infection.

Next to earlobes, a helix is a highly popular piercing that prefers by many people when they first decide to have body piercing. Consequently, most people chooses a piece in the mall using a piercing gun. When you consider getting helix piercing, do not get it done in a mall or somewhere else. Visit a professional piercing parlor and have it pierced using a safe, sterile, piercing needle rather than getting it from damaging and an unhygienic piercing gun. If you have prepared to get a helix piercing, then there will be no trouble for a piercer to do it for you, because the helix is extremely simple to pierce.

You can also get a helix orbital piercing, which involves making double piercings on the helix conjoined by a single piece of jewelry. This kind of piercing complicates more since the piercer needs to measure the gap between the piercings properly, but it must not be an issue for a professional.

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  • Multiple Piercing on Helix

As most of them do, you can perform multiple piercings on your helix, which is an excellent way to portray your creativity and individuality. But, you must just spend the time to allow the piercing heal prior to changing the jewelry.

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  • Gold Helix Piercing Jewelry

14k jewelry suggests people who do not show an allergic reaction to this metal and other additional metals that are mixed with original gold to create a strong and durable 14k gold. Gold jewelry has been popular always and it looks rich, elegant and long-terms. There is a great assortment of gold jewelry intend for an orbital piercing these days, which includes gold circular barbells and gold spiral barbells with spikes and balls that suggest wearing in a complete helix piercing.

gold type helix piercing

Helix jewelry in gold metal is available at the affordable price range and there is a myriad option of styles and designs. To enjoy your amazing helix piercing, consider waiting till it heals and picks the fashionable jewelry to wear and look gorgeous.

  • Attractive Helix Piercing Jewelry

diamond helix piercing type

  • Steel Charm Barbell with Jewel Winged Heart

You are sure to create a dazzling look with this charm barbell with jewel-winged heart. This helix piercing jewelry with beautiful barbell features a jewel-wing heart charm dangling from front threaded ball. It also has the stunning bright sparkle that can really catch the light, suitable for providing your ear piercing a hot touch.

helix piercing jewelry designs

  • Surgical Steel Spiral Barbell with Five Twists

You are going to develop a funky fresh look with this surgical steel spiral barbell helix jewelry. This is an unusual spiral barbell that simply looks like body spiral, having just more twists. It appears excellent threaded through ear rim piercings or joining together two piercings.

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  • Steel and Silver Helix Bar

You can update your obsolete helix piercing jewelry with this pretty feather steel and silver helix bar. This is a high-quality orbital piercing bar that features a cute split feather design in an exotic sterling silver. The separate features screw into a surgical steel bar. The double sides of feather placed conveniently on both the sides of your ear thus it feels like it projects through your ear lobe, helix piercing or ear rim.

silver helix jewelry

  • Steel and Silver Tragus Bar/lobe with Stars

Offer your helix piercing with a glamorous touch of sparkle with this tragus bar/lobe with silver stars. This wonderful ear piercing features three silver stars on the surgical bar with a ball. The stars will sit comfortably on the front portion of your ear. It can look perfect for tragus piercing, helix earrings, and lobe piercing.

types of helix jewelry piercing

  • Steel Charm Barbell with Jewel Butterfly

Pamper your piercing desire with this inspiring jewel butterfly charm barbell. A glamorous barbell features a butterfly charm sparkling with diamond gems. It suspends from one of threaded balls and appears fab in the ear lobe, tragus piercing jewelry or upper ear.

There are different kinds of ear piercing and it’s over to opt for one or many. Helix earrings are no doubt the most attractive as well as the latest ear piercing in trend. Its modification in the form of orbital piercing is an enchanting alternative as well. You can search online for trusted source that delivers affordable and high-quality helix piercing jewelry.

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