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Almost all jewelry lovers are keen of adorn a little bite of sparkle in their regular appearance, however getting that sparkle from wearing a diamond necklace is not a practical option for everyone. In fact, of all those who could afford buying real diamonds, few people that get the sparkle offered by diamonds, are least aware of the fact that some brightest and best diamonds carry ethical issues. Fortunately, there are other valuable and rewarding options available to those who wish for a quite amount of bling on a budget.


Rising popularity of crystal pendant

Crystal pendants remain as a great alternative to expensive diamond jewels. Crystal pendants are made especially from cut lead glass by the skilled crystal makers. They are also designed in such a manner that they reflect light in number of same ways that the diamonds do, indicating their attractive glint is best for less costlier pieces of jewelry that want to appear classy, but not tacky. Crystal pendants are known for their exquisite craftsmanship as well as extremely high quality choice of crystals. Most of the world’s renowned jewelry designers make use of Swarovski crystal pendants in their work to instill royalty in the jewel piece.

Thus, crystal pendants have become popular among those people, who wish to emulate celebrity style as they can buy or wear a necklace that is bejeweled with pendants that could be the inexpensive way of doing that. These crystal pendants are also perfect for use on earrings, anklets and bracelets.


Crystal pendants certainly seek attention as they are available in a whole collection of different sizes, shapes and colors. This means that the jewelry makers as well as buyers have a myriad range of option when it comes to deciding what style of these pendants they might like. The popular styles of pendants include snowflake shaped pendants, baroque style pendants and teardrop shapes as well as diamond shaped ones and spherical ones. In few cases, the crystal pendants would also refer to other kinds of charms that have crystals set on them. From a reputed wholesale body jewelry supplier, you can buy a desired crystal pendant that you can wear on any special occasion or even sport as a regular wear.


The prevalence of crystal pendants among young women

Crystal pendants are gorgeous by themselves that they really need any additional factors to look good. Just a simple pendant linked on a chain or cord is an incredible technique to set it off that will deliver elegance to any kind of clothe with which the pendant is worn. A bit larger pendant requires no other or little jewelry. Women, especially youngsters love combining crystal pendants with other crystal elements as they fancy.


Crystal pendants remain as a dazzling centerpiece to an attractive riot of color and sparkle. Young woman find different matching crystal pendants to wear and complement their outfit. It is not the crystal pendants that just make for great centerpieces. With some pretty headpins, a heap of small crystal beads and a pair of pliers, you can really create a pair of amazing cluster earrings that will catch and reflect the light wonderfully.


Crystal pendants can excellently make a stylish statement. You can choose from a vast collection of crystal pendants from wholesale suppliers in styles that range from simple heart pendants to very rare gemstones lined in silver. The crystal pendants form a stylish way to experience the healing power of your desired crystal, suitable for crystal healing for long-term.

Designed with perfection in mind, the crystal pendants are an excellent focal point to complement any design. Crystal pendants excellently reflect light as well as capable of developing a bold statement with their vibrant and rich colors. Swarovski crystal pendants are versatile, durable and consistent in shape and size. You can shop for novelty crystal pendant shapes from hearts, teardrops, snowflakes and much more from wholesale body jewellery manufacturer.


Popular Crystal pendants manufacturer and supplier

Though you can across a vast presence of wholesale body jewelry supplier in the market, it is important that you locate a genuine supplier that is involved in body jewelry wholesale. If you are searching for such kind of authentic supplier of piercing jewelry, you can consider checking upon, where you can discover a host of crystal pendant jewelry in stunning designs and styles all at highly discounted price range. Let’s go through some of the distinctive selection of pendants available at a leading manufacturer of body piercing jewelry,


  • Crystal heart pendants

Pamper yourself with wonderful crystal heart pendants. The crystal heart pendants are stylish that are available in a myriad option of crystals. They make an exceptional fashion statement and also form a stunning way of enjoying the healing capacity of crystal. The crystal pendants can also make extraordinary gifts.


  • Crystal and silver pendants

The stylish and graceful crystal pendants feature a comprehensive variety of stones. They are handcrafted with just solid silver and natural gemstone. The gemstone crystal pendants make excellent gifts and also remain as a hottest way to represent oneself.


  • Radiolarian crystal pendant style

This striking pendant design is awe-inspiring if you view it through microscope. It features a dynamic interplay of partially frosted and shiny facets. This design of crystal pendant also highlights the perfect work of the designer who worked with it. This is really a unique piece to be used as a ready-to-wear pendant.


  • Snail style crystal pendant

This is a realistic looking pendant that is twirled like a standard snail shell and integrated shiny and dazzling facets. This pendant can be worn on any special occasion or also a daily wear to flash out an elegant appearance. This is one of the highly sought after designs by young ladies who like to distinguish themselves from others.


  • Cherie long pendant

This pendant is featured with a romantic and feminine design with a great fashion twist. The design of this pendant is inspired by a collection of mini flowers. Being easy to wear during night and day, it glitters in a gradation of crystals.


  • Tortilla pendant

Include a pop of color with this easy-to-wear and simple pendant. It is incorporated with oval sapphire crystal; with delicate rim of crystal pave surrounding. Suitable to wear for party occasions and other grand events, you can dash out a gorgeous look wearing this simple yet stylish piece of pendant.


  • Cupid rose crystal pendant

This pendant has four unique styles combined as one. It has a feminine and a heart shaped design featuring moveable heart elements. The hearts can be easily adjusted to provide four distinct wearing styles. Heart shines in a metal that is rhodium plated with a great touch of pink colored crystal cave for an exquisite sparkle.

Earn profit by doing the business of crystal pendant

Since people who have a great desire for fashion jewelry, especially crystal jewel accessories, buy in huge quantities, a whole range of selling conditions has been put together to offer them these fashion accessories in discount prices. Wholesale crystal pendant jewelry suppliers’ source well designed crystal pendant from designers all across the world.

The retailers now have the liberty to make decisions from miscellaneous selections of crystal jewelry sets. The top quality crystal pendants will earn them great profit since they can definitely able to impress all type of customers from these wholesale purchases. The retailers who do the business of crystal pendants will be assured guarantee as well as durable products.


The wholesale crystal pendant business is a highly competitive market. In order to remain persistent ahead of competition, you need to possess focal point on new products and services. It is necessary that you are stocked with products that are of premium quality as well genuine to be liked by the customers.

When you do crystal pendant business, you have to choose the best wholesale providers like piercebody, which carry a huge selection of jewelry products. The supplier should deliver distinct crystal pendant items from various sources. You must also look for wholesale supplier that offers affordable minimum charges and also shopper satisfaction. You don’t want to invest huge dollars just for a less amount of charge for minimum acquisition. The online wholesale jewel stores are the best place to start that offer several discount offers.


You must also try to find a wholesale piercing jewelry supplier that only sources their product, but a great buyer satisfaction and commitment as well. Consider listening to those people who comment about your supplier and take their recommendation into account. Once you have managed to explore a reliable and steady supply of products, then crystal pendant business will become a lucrative one very quickly. It is simply a matter of sourcing not more expensive items to make sure that you make a decent profit.

If you want assistance with your crystal pendant business, then wholesale piercing jewelry manufacturer will guarantee you to have your business organized and achieve a remarkable profit from your business.

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