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In the recent times, the popularity of nose piercing has increased manifold. As each and every individual is inclined more towards looking fashionable, there has been an increase in the use of crystal nose rings among people. With this growing popularity, different types of nose rings have evolved recently. In reality, the piercing culture is very vast and dates back centuries. In truth, piercing culture is vast, but there are some basic categories from which most popular nose piercings stem. In ancient days, the nose rings were given to brides by their husbands to represent security. But now, they are worn for punk and stylish look. As being business man, one should keep crystal nose rings in the stock and wholesale crystal nose rings manufacturer finding is not easy task.

The crystal nose rings are more stylish and chic that they add credit to your beautiful place. The market is flooded with several types of nose rings and you can choose the one based on your preferences. Nostril rings are the most popular kinds which can be worn on either side of the nose. Claimed to be originated in India, nose rings are the most important accessory for women in this country.


  • However, the youngsters who are inclined towards fashion are opting for nose clips that give a fashionable look to the wearers. You could find nose rings in custom designs which can add splendor and charm to your face. While these fashion accessories are available with rubies, sapphires, diamonds and emeralds, not everyone could afford to buy it. Such people can opt for crystal nose rings from wholesale body jewelry
  • One of the major reasons for the increase in the use of nose rings is that the availability of these accessories at affordable prices. Earlier, the nose rings were made available only in expensive metals, but now, you can find nose rings in a wide range of less expensive metals. Besides their affordability, the nose rings are safer to wear and do not cause any infection. All these factors constituted a lot in the increasing use of crystal nose rings.

Why youths inclined more towards nose rings?


Fashion conscious:

  • In this fashionable world, everyone is looking for all the means to enhance their personality and to stay ahead of the fashion. In the recent times, the trend of body piercing has taken the fashion world by storm. Many celebrities and stars are adorning themselves by wearing body piercing jewelries all over the body. In order to show their love for the celebrities, the fan base has also followed the trend of wearing piercing jewelries. Among various types of piercing, nose piercing has been the popular choice for most youngsters as they are less painful and comes with a little to no risk.

Plenty of choices:


  • Another reason is the availability of plenty of choices. The crystal nose rings are available in a wide range of choices in terms of designs, styles, shapes, colors and materials to choose from. With so many options available, you can easily choose the one that not just fits you perfectly but the one that lets you to make a style statement. Of course, you can also pick the one based on the look you want to create.

Wholesale price:


  • The availability of these items at affordable prices made it possible for the youngsters to purchase their preferred set of nose rings within their budget means. So, they can buy two or more pieces at the price of single nose ring. They can purchase any type of nose rings at competitive prices at wholesale body jewelry

Comfy buying option:


  • Another reason is the ease of buying nose rings online. With the growing internet technology, one can buy their preferred jewelry right from the comfort of their home. They can explore all the available options and choose the right one that suits their face and budget.

Different piercing styles:


  • As already mentioned, there are around seven types of nose piercing and there are appropriate crystal nose rings for each type. They include nostril, high nostril, septum, septril, bridge, vertical tip and nasallang. As they have different yet safety nose piercing options to try out when compared to other piercings, more and more people are inclined towards nose piercing these days.

Why Piecebody.com is the biggest manufacturer and supplier?


  • Immense collections:

Though there are so many online stores selling body jewelry wholesale, a few of them provide their customers with high quality products. Piercebody.com is one among them which has flooded its website with a huge collection of nose rings in attractive designs suitable for the preferences and requirements of every individual. Though the website is loaded with lots and lots of crystal nose rings made with platinum, silver and gold which are embedded with sparkling and beautiful diamonds, crystal nose rings have gained recognition among its users due to the availability of choices and their affordability.

  • Easy buying options:


Right from traditional to contemporary designs, the nose rings are available in a wide range of designs and styles at Piercebody.com. The supplier has a colossal variety of options to choose the nose ring that not only compliments your look but also help you in embarking a personal style statement. The wholesaler makes it easier for its customers to buy nose rings online through its website where they can find incredible options of nose rings available in different sizes, shapes and designs. The collection of nose rings available at Piercebody.com comes with quality assurance which makes it a leading and reliable manufacturer and supplier of body jewelries.

  • In- house manufacturing:


Within a short span after its inception in the fashion industry, Piercebody.com has become a popular wholesale piercing jewelry store. The major reason behind this truth is that the items displayed on the website are made by in-house manufacturing team that is compromised of experienced designers and jewelry makers with years of experience in jewelry making industry.  They are equipped with advanced technologies and machineries to come up with unique designs and models. You will find a very distinctive collection of crystal nose rings at piercebody.com. If you are serious about buying nose ring in specific style and design, you can place your order for custom designs at this website. The team of designers takes your ideas into account and manufacture custom nose rings meeting the intended specifications.

  • Discounted prices:


As most the jewelries displayed at the website of Piercebody.com are manufactured by the team of in-house professionals, you can purchase nose rings with big discount at this website. Whether you are purchasing a single piece or a bulk of nose rings, you will get the ordered items at discounted price. In fact, each and every product displayed on the website comes with substantial discounts. This lets you to save a great deal of money on the purchase of crystal nose rings.

Popular Designs Of Nose Rings Available At Piercebody.Com:


  • Stainless steel crystal nose ring:

If you want to attain a fashionable yet classic look, then you can opt for an entire set of crystal rings made with stainless steel. The material used for manufacturing these nose rings is hypoallergenic which means that they can be even worn by people with sensitive skin. The special designs of these crystal nose rings make you look elegant. You can get these rings in a wide range of designs and sizes to choose from as per your preferences.

  • Stainless steel material
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Various sizes and designs
  • Affordable price
  • Crystal stone embedded
  • Rhinestone Stainless Steel Crystal Nose Ring:


Those who are looking for a set of crystal nose rings in stunning and gorgeous designs can purchase the ones made with the combination of rhinestones and stainless steel material. As high quality stainless steel is used for manufacturing these rings, they are claimed to be hypo allergenic and are safer to wear even by people with sensitive skin. These crystal nose rings are available in different colors to choose from. So, you can wear the one that matches with the color of your outfit.  On wearing these nose rings, you are sure to look charmer and elegant. You can wear them to any casual parties like anniversary and birthday.


  • Beautiful and attractive
  • 100% hypoallergenic
  • High quality stainless steel
  • Best craftsmanship
  • Rhinestone and stainless steel


Sell nose rings and make money:


If you are looking for the excellent means to make residual income by selling jewelries, then you need to find the right wholesale piercing jewelry store that provide jewelry pieces at competitive prices. Piercebody.com not only sells nose rings at retail price but also at wholesale price for those who buy crystal nose rings in bulk quantity. By buying these nose rings at wholesale prices, you can sell the items at retail price and make some income out of it. Piercebody.com has been supplying a wide variety of body piercing jewelries to an umpteen number of retail sellers across the world.

By now, you might have understood that Piercebody.com is an ultimate destination to buy crystal nose rings at discounted prices without compromising on the quality of the items.


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