Choose Silicone Plugs as Your Ear Gauging Jewelry and Appear Stunning

Silicon plugs and other different types of ear piercings emerge as a popular form of body modifications over years. Some people consider the same way as tattooing, where body acts as a canvas and gauging ears. Others consider it as a therapeutic and also a form of revealing fashion statement. Some people get around twenty to thirty piercing in their body.

Silicone Plugs

Though it’s not acceptable years ago, it’s now a mean of expressing one’s bold nature and individuality. The more piercing an individual has, the more remarkable and noticeable he is. Gauging ears receives the most popular among the body piercing. However, younger generations have taken ear piercing to a whole new dimension. Due to introducing ear gauging chart before choosing to wear plugs.

Silicone Plugs

Types of Stretched Silicone Plugs

  • Stretched Piercing and Proper Ear Gauge Sizes

For those who are not aware of it, gauging ears involves making a hole larger. So that one can wear thicker gauges or plugs. The different types of ear piercings gain more attention from youngsters. Due to the popularity of silicone plugs that come out in distinct sizes, designs, and colors. Ear gauge sizes range between 16 and 18. The size gets larger when you chose a lower number.

Silicone Plugs

There is maximum size that one could able to gauge plugs for ears. There are not more shops that will make ten at first. You should inquire a professional first regarding tapering before deciding to make bigger sizes. This is a method to reduce the harm of widening the gauges of an ear. You can ear gauge sizes from 10 and more after that. Malls normally gauge a maximum of 00 only, so you should visit piercing shops or search online sites to find the appropriate size.

Silicone Plugs

Different Types of Stretchers and Plugs

You can not only expand the ear gauges. You can also gauge areas like eyebrows or labrets. When you gauge in unusual parts, you must not go more than 10. Ear gauging is generally accepted recently. But before getting a body piercing jewelry, ensure to take the right precautions and discuss with a gauging professional in advance. You should find the best plugs for ears that suit your ear gauges. You can easily explore a wider selection of stretchers and plugs online to pick from.

Silicone Plugs

The types of plugs you are likely to include wood plugs, bone plugs, stone plugs, acrylic plugs, and organic plugs and so on. Of all the type of plugs available out there, the most sought after a plug for gauge piercing is Silicone Plugs. Silicone plugs consider as a safer for ear and with its timeless designs and colors.

Appropriate Use of Plugs and Ear Stretchers

Stretching piercings are common to a lot of cultures throughout the world including those in African countries, however, when you want to extend your present ear piercing by your own, you should make use of a tapered plug. Tapered plugs are ear plugs having one wide end and narrow. In an effort to stretch your own piercing, you have to gradually as well as cautiously force the tapered plug via the opening towards the broader end. Numerous health hazards pertain to stretching if you try to hurry the process; hence you need to be careful.

Silicone Plugs

While piercing, you need to assure that your ear is cure completely to make certain that the skin surrounding the piercing is strong enough to be able to endure up to the stretching. Check out how broad the opening of your ear piercing is. Normally, it is roughly about 1.6 mm, still, it is better is consult the professional.

Why Do You Need an Ear Piercing Professional?

  • Consider buying Silicone Plugs that you can find in different size of width based on the size of your opening.
  • When you attempt stretch piercing, you must keep in mind certain warnings and tips. You should not try stretching very rapidly as you may trigger severe injury to your ear. Prior to stretching very large, bear in mind it won’t return completely.
  • You should not proceed with stretching if you ear bleeds. If you consider getting some sort of ear stretching piercings to wear plugs, you can check at online stores for silicone plugs and tunnels.

Silicone Plugs

Obtain Professional Piercing

Get done with your initial ear lobe piercing from a professional. It is worth spending additional expense and a professional will pierce your lobes to about 16g thereby saving yourself a complete step of ear gauging to your target size. Make sure that your professional is aware of your intention and that you get some valuable advice.

Silicone Plugs

Advantage of Using Silicon Plugs as Ear Piercing Jewelry

It is possible that some may prefer doing stretched piercing by themselves. Gauging ears are a kind of skill that must be learned, thus go as per the advice of the professionals if you want to adorn your appearance with silicone plugs body jewelry. It is also important to wait till every stretching has settled properly, the skin hardening and thickening properly, before proceeding with the next gauge. This could take about three times the time required for the initial piercing to be healed, but never hurry it.

Silicone Plugs

Silicone Plugs: Suitable Jewelry for Gauging Ears

The ear jewelry intended for stretched piercing is fantastic. While picking the jewelry to wear for ear gauging, you must keep in mind the potential allergies and infection likely to get after piercing. Through titanium and surgical stainless steel, body jewelries are preferable, quality silicone plugs form the perfect option for stretching a piercing. Once you have reached your desired gauge and stretched piercing has healed completely, you can start your search for wonderful plugs.

Silicone Plugs

You are likely to find plugs in materials like bone, stone, wood, horn and even glass and amber, most of which help the piercing to remain clean and not mess up with oils produced by your skin. Acrylic and metal jewelry prefer to be the next option that comes out in different sizes and shapes. Most people who get a piercing love wearing solid cylindrical plugs.

The flesh tunnel, a kind of hollow plug is an ideal alternative to the regular type of ear jewelry. Plugs intend specifically for large diameter piercings and while gauging ears, it is often the major objective.

Silicone Plugs

Silicone Plugs Components

Plugs are available in many distinct materials and keep in place much the similar manner as the tunnels. Few people have beads or some other types of decorative elements that are thread through flesh tunnels or plugs and frequently wearable as a sign of just how far an individual manages to get their piercings.

Gauging ears using a stretch piercings is thus carried out by people to get both a decorative effect and a mean of portraying their ear stretching skills.

Silicone Plugs

Whatever the sort of person you may be, you must keep in mind that gauging an initial piercing and everything that is dealt with gauging ears should be sterilized and clean and must be free of gems. Be sure that every stage heals completely before proceeding with the next and that you get no real issues.

Specifications Related to Diameter of Hole for Stretched Piercing

  • You can acquire a stretch piercing in the ear lobes by gauging ears to a particular piercing size, either in a single go or with many successive earlobe piercings.
  • A more depends on how bigger you want the piercing to be done. Gauging ears perform in terms of gauge numbers, which indicate a particular diameter of the hole.

Silicone Plugs

  • For instance, gauge twenty is indicated as 20g, and it means a piercing of diameter 0.8 mm. 18g indicated a piercing of diameter 1 mm, thereby as the gauge numbers reduce then the diameter rises. In addition, gauge reduces in 2s, such a way that there are no odd gauge numbers.
  • While gauging ears, you must stretch piercings by just one gauge step. Thus, when you wish to change from 16 to 14g, you can get it done in one step.
  • But, when you need to go from 16 to 8g, you should have got that in 4 steps, by means of 4 stretched piercings, each with one gauge level.

Silicone Plugs

If you get your earlobes piercing with the desire for increasing the gauging to a considerably more diameter for some fabulous large-diameter bars or silicone plugs, then you must first consider the original diameter. The more the initial diameter, then the lesser ear lobe stretching steps you need to go through prefer to reach the diameter. Make sure you don’t get an ear piercing from a shopping malls using the gun as they typically pierce at 20g or 18g at the most.

Silicone Plugs

Materials of Gauging Ear Plugs

There are different types of silicon plugs such as fake gauge earrings. While they are typically from hard or metal plastics, but they can adorn also with bling or diamonds. A flesh tunnel is from amber or crystal. Some other material like wood or gold or even platinum is available for those who want the expensive product. The point is that silicone plugs have no influence is they are too small and to use any ear piercing for them, it should be a gauge or stretch as some mean it as, to the size of the desired tunnel.

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