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Piercing is the painful yet pleasure process giving us the most unique and beautiful appearances in an extraordinary manner. Nipple rings designs are most adorable and loved by most of the people across the world. With many designs and types of the beautiful nipple rings are available, it is quite convenient for getting a beautiful look.

When you like to have this beautiful and adorable nipple rings designs then it is important that you research accordingly to get the best designs that is convenient for you. When selecting s new nipple jewelry, you need to make sure about the few things in mind so that it is quite easier for getting a beautiful look. There are several styles, designs and patterns of the nipple piercing jewelry are available in the market so it is necessary to choose accordingly to the requirement. Of course, the Nipple rings also vary according to the size so it is much easier to have them on your body in an excellent way.

More than 500 wide variety of unique piercings styles are available and they vary according to the designs such as

  • Dangle Nipple Rings
  • Bent Barbells
  • Captive Rings
  • Seamless Rings
  • Straight Barbells
  • Segment Rings
  • Pinchers
  • Circular Barbells
  • Nipple Piercing Retainers


Nipple piercing jewelry brings you the most beautiful look that gives you the wonderful look to your partner. Of course, they will love you when you are wearing these amazing and beautiful rings in the extraordinary style. Narrowing down the options based on the new collection of the nipple rings piercing is quite difficult as you can easily get number of collection.


Things To Remember Before Choosing Nipple Rings Designs:

There are most important necessary things that you need to keep in mind before choosing the nipple rings and they are

  • Material
  • Threading
  • Size
  • Style

The Nipple Ring Materials jewelry is made according to the several designs and it is necessary to choose accordingly.


  • Some people are having general skin sensitivities or metal allergies so that it is necessary to choose them accordingly.
  • To be safe, top material to choices are surgical stainless steel, titanium, gold and niobium.
  • When you have any kind of nipple rings material causing an outright allergic reaction or irritating your skin then it is important to consult the physicians and get the appropriate treatment.
  • BioFlex or BioPlast are also called as the PTFE as they are flexible as well as relatively soft material and they are hypoallergenic.


  • Unlimited style of nipple rings are available to choose from and it is quite convenient for you to easily enjoy the ring and choose them accordingly.
  • Internal nipple ring threading and external nipple ring threading are the most important thing that you need to consider so that it is quite useful for choosing accordingly.
  • When you like to make the segment ring, seamless ring, captive bead ring or the pincher then the threading is not a great issue.
  • When you are going for the circular barbells, straight barbells as well as bent barbells, then threading acts as the main factor.


Top 9 Nipple Rings Designs

When you are looking for the amazing style of the nipple rings designs then here are the major designs that you need to look for. These designs of the nipple rings are quite spectacular and they give an awesome look in your body.

Dangle Nipple Rings

The Dangle Nipple Rings is a fun nipple jewelry collection that gives the most amazing practical entertainment for everyone. When you are a male lifeguard with nudist or shirt off half the year then the Dangle Nipple Rings acts as the most important option in the extraordinary style.


Straight Barbell Nipple Jewelry

  • The Straight Barbell Nipple Piercing is one of the most beautiful designs that bring a beautiful look at the body.
  • It is not boring and completely practical so you can easily anodize your straight barbell.
  • Get any color or color combination that you like the most with amazing style.
  • Straight Barbell Nipple Jewelry has cool ends that would add a fashionable way of wearing.
  • The nipple rings design has the threaded ends along with the thread pattern matching the barbell.

Seamless Rings

  • The Seamless Nipple Rings are quite under men’s clothing, however, women could hide them using the padded bras.
  • Seamless Nipple Rings adds tons of fun styles and it would give you the most awesome look with an extraordinary look in the absolute style.
  • When you are working in the professional environment then you should not pass up rings as they are visible through your dress shirts.


Bent Barbell Rings:

  • The Bent Barbell Nipple Rings are a practical option for the everyday wear and it is quite convenient for getting the right solution.
  • Bent barbells are similar to that of the straight barbells Nipple Rings.
  • You could easily dress them up using the amazingly cool threaded ends as they are anodization.


Circular Barbell Rings

  • As the name suggests the Circular Barbell Nipple Rings are quite the beautiful design that offers the complete uniqueness in an extensive way.
  • They are much suitable for enjoying the beautiful look.
  • You can always wear an undershirt or save your Circular Barbell Nipple Rings for the weekend.

nipple rings designs

Pinchers Rings

  • The pincher nipple rings are similar to horseshoe rings or circular barbells. It gives you the most challenging design that offers the most beautiful look in the extraordinary style.
  • Pinchers nipple rings are wicked, particularly so that they are worth with gaining the best nipple jewelry collection.

Gold Rings:

  • When you like to have the most upgraded and style look then Gold Nipple Rings acts as unique options.
  • Simple and plain 14kt gold rings would easily fancy you with stylish studded rings.
  • Nipple Shields are a fun addition to the nipple jewelry collection however they are not for the everyday use. Wear straight barbell for wearing the nipple shield.

Owl Rings

  • When you know what size of nipple rings designs you like to have, then chose the Owl Nipple Shields. This is to get a better protection with the extraordinary look.

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