Turn Your Navel Into Stylish With the Navel Jewelry

With the stylish and high quality navel jewelry you can able to rock the environment with your body. To make piercing in your body, the belly button rings plays the major role. It will also help to improve the quality of your attitude in fashionable manner. The navel jewelry is one of the bold moves to turn your ordinary style to extraordinary style.

navel piercing

  • There are huge set of collection in navel jewelry rings are available which is made of gold, silver, anodized, stainless steel and many more.
  • You can choose your type of ring which suits you and also you can go for suggestions to get a great look in navel.


  • A belly button ring is also known as the navel ring, where the ring is pierced around or in the navel .
  • Naturally navel is the beautiful thing in the body which will create attractiveness on the opposite gender.
  • If you done navel piercing with the attractive rings means sure it will increase your beauty.


  • Nowadays, girls are going mad with the navel jewelry rings, the main reason for this to expose their beautiful navel to their boy friend or husband in a royal and sexiest manner.
  • Day by day, the popularity of the navel ring is increasing due to its eye-catching designs.


  • Navel ring is also acts as the simple trick to increase the accent in your gorgeous body and also to create ravishing look.jesy-nelson-belly-button-piercing
  • You can able to find vast collection of jewelry in the store, apart from the navel jewelry, you can also find the best finger rings, nose rings, ear rings, lip rings, tongue rings and much more.
  • There are two kinds of belly button rings are available, one type is like the ordinary piece when charisma goes from the bottom ball down.
  • Whereas the other type is known as reversed belly ring or top down belly ring, here when a dangle will hang from the top.
  • Eventhough the navel rings or bars are damaged during navel piercing, the navel is often used for the decoration process by the navel jewelry with or without the dangles.

Initial belly button rings:

  • Eventhough there are large set of navel jewelry are available, when you are going for the first time, it must be a simple one line bead ring or curved ring.


  • Avoid decorative rings for the first time in order to avoid pain.
  • Initially avoiding the navel jewelry with dangles and gems is good instead of getting injuries in the skin or any other risks.
  • There are also hypoallergenic rings are available which is mainly made up of nickel or any other types of metals.
  • So for the first time, it is better to use the hypoallergenic navel jewelry.


Sizes of belly button rings:

  • For the navel piercings, the navel jewelry is measured with the help of the gauges for the accuracy.
  • It is noted that, the smaller the piercing made will be that much higher the gauge.


  • The standard size of the navel jewelry rings are 14g which is perfects fits for all the navels.
  • To stretch your navel, you can go up to 12g and also wider than that measure.


  • When you want to know the length of the navel rings, it is basically refers to the particular set of distance between the balls.
  • The length of the rings is measured with the inches or millimetres.
  • Rather than the total length of the navel jewelry, it is the length of the shaft which is in fractional inches.
  • At first you have to measure your navel size correctly to choose the accurate belly button rings which suits to your navel.

Costs of belly button rings:  

  • Depending on the type and the location of the ring, the rates of the navel jewelry rings will be varied.
  • Basically, a single piercing in the navel will range from around $25 to $50.
  • Also the belly button rings are made with the standard titanium ring or surgical steel ring.
  • The custom navel jewelry will cost more, therefore you must investigate well before you accept for that custom rings.


  • Generally, tips are given in every field, in the same manner for the belly button rings piercing you have to give some tips for the piercer.
  • You also make sure the cost along with the tips up to 10 to 20% which is considered as a normal rate.
  • The cost will also vary according to the piercer.
  • The experienced piercer will charge high and also they will suggest the best navel jewelry rings to their customer.
  • Therefore, it is in your hand to choose the best piercer who can offer you best price along with the navel jewelry.
  • Generally, the cost will be high when choosing the navel jewelry rings in the material of gold, silver, titanium and other metal alloys.


  • You have to consider one thing in your mind that, your belly button rings should range in between $40 to $100.
  • The price is also not a fixed one; it will vary according to the various designs.
  • If you have already chosen having your own jewelry means, then you can pay only for the piercing, there is no need to pay for belly button rings.
  • Be sure that, the store where you are buying the belly button rings is the licensed and government certified one for rings selling.

Types of belly button rings:

  • In the navel jewelry rings there are several different designs and styles are available.
  • It is the user choice to choose the navel jewelry that suits for them to go for the next level.


  • In the navel jewelry rings itself, there are major decorations are undergone with the various styles.
  • The certain types of navel jewelry are standard banana bell ring, curved barbell ring, spiral barbell ring, top mount ring and BCR ring.


Banana bell ring:

  • For your first time, it is better to go with the banana bell rings; it will have a standard and simple look.
  • One who is physically very active can go with the banana bell rings and it is having a banana appearance since it having a shape of larger bottom shape.


  • If you want some extra decoration in the banana bell rings means then sure add dangling in your rings for extra attraction in fashion.

Spiral barbell ring:

  • The spiral barbell ring is a type of short time wear, because they are manufactured on the basis of one time use.
  • You can use it at any special events because it is very decorative.


  • If you want a funny look means, then you can go with the spiral barbell belly button rings.
  • With that funny look you can add some dangling to have a unique look.

BCR ring:

  • A BCR belly button ring is the popular one in mid 90s, but after that the popularity of that ring is reduced.
  • But now recently, BCR belly button rings have made a best comeback with a different collection.


  • Actually, this is a ring, which can be getting caught on the shirts or in the other accessories very easily.
  • It is also the interesting option to show a sexy navel with this model.
  • Always the types of belly button rings will vary according to the skin types especially for the sensitive skins.
  • Some of the more popular belly button rings for sensitive skin include titanium, plastic, acrylic, Bio flex, Bioplast, and PTFE belly button rings.

Categories of belly button rings:

  • Anodized belly button rings:

To add a rush or shiny color to the navel jewelry, the belly button anodized rings are the best. They are also best according to the trend. For a casual look, these anodized navel jewelry are more suitable. You can use it for the various special occasion or special events. For the allergic people and pregnant women, these anodized belly button rings are the best.

Anodized belly button rings

  • Bio flex belly button rings:

You can totally depend on this bio flex navel jewelry rings, because it is a non allergic material, so everyone use it. To improve the quality of your look, you can go for these bios flex navel jewelry rings. This material also specially designed for the purpose to act as the skin friendly manner. This bio flex belly button rings are also non irritants, non allergic and also they will extremely work great with the navel jewelleries. So you can make a bold move in shopping this belly button rings.

Bio Flex Belly Button Rings

  • Crystal belly button rings:

To enhance in your navel look, you can add the sparks and the sparks are added in the belly button rings. These kinds of navel jewelry rings are known as the crystal belly button rings. To dazzle your look, the crystal navel jewelry are specially designed with the hand crafted and the crystals are added for dazzle look. Various shapes are also available in the belly button rings and the interesting shapes are heart rings, ball rings, and ruby rings. It is also available with various sizes and color that are embedded with the beautiful crystals.

Crystal Belly Button Rings

  • Gold belly button rings:

As the same suggests, this type of belly button rings are made with gold and also it is a costlier one. Those who want a rich look, can go with this gold belly button rings. To stand out of the crowd separately and to show your uniqueness, this cool or warm gold navel jewelry rings are used. It is also very easy to carry and it will be more user friendly since this navel jewelry rings are made up of 18k in a custom made. You can also get an elegant look by this jewelry by the process of ultimate jaw dropping.

Gold Belly Button Rings

  • Silicone belly button rings:

The silicone navel jewelry rings are the best option for you, when you are looking for the non allergic material. You can able to get the ultimate comfort with this silicone belly button rings and also there won’t be any irritation. There are various colors and styles of silicone navel jewelry rings are available which will act as your skin friendly. You can choose your favorite and the comfortable one to proceed further.

Silicone Belly Button Rings

  • Silver dangling belly button rings:

To add fun in your navel means then without any hesitation you can go for the silver dangling belly button rings. This navel jewelry rings have tiny dangler has enormous features and they are decorated with the lot of colourful stones with the perfect cut. This is also very easy to use and also you can sleep comfortably without any pain. Since it is silver, it will be mostly preferred by young girls.

Silver Dangling Belly Rings

  • Silver non dangling belly button rings:

If you don’t want any dangling in your belly button rings means then you can choose silver non dangling belly button rings. Around 925 sterling silvers are having the lustrous look in this silver non-dangling navel jewelry rings. They are also jewelled with perfect cut into enormous shapes that suits the style and colourful stones. The fashion statement will also made with this belly button rings.

Silver Non Dangling Belly Button Rings

  • Silver spinal belly button rings:

If you want to get a jeweled classy look, then here there is an enormous collection of spinal belly button rings which are made with 925 sterling and steel. Eventhough this is popular for classy look, but it is also focussed on having a best design in the way of both classy and trendy model. For a trendy look, the designs are made up of flowers, lizards, dragons and dragonfly. Sure this navel jewelry rings will give you the both classy and new look.

Silver Spinal Belly Button Rings

By this belly button rings you can transform your ordinary navel into stylish one.

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