Have a Look at the Exotic Styles of Medusa Piercing Jewelry

How Does Medusa Jewelry Enhances Your Look

Medusa jewelry piercing has become popular these daysParticularly among the young female group because of its different style and designs. Also called as philtrum piercing, a kind of piercing made on the philtrum area in addition to the top of upper lip, below the septum of nose.

A barbell utilizes on areas as much as medusa jewelry piercing. However, a variation can be done  known as jestrum, in which a curved barbell is used so that both the balls are found visible at the philtrum area. As the medusa piercing involves penetrating part of a face, it would be quite painful as the tissues and layers of skin are perforated. The pain is based on the tolerance of a person. A prominent type of upper lip piercing, it deals with perforation of philtrum, involving a vertical groove made in the central part of the upper lip under the nose septum. It is also called as philtrum piercing.

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What is Medusa Jewelry Piercing and How It Improves Your Look?

A single point piercing, it offers you reduced choices to try out jewelry of varying types. Since labret studs are unique for the piercing, check for some ideal designs that can make your upper lip look appealing. Though rings are difficult to suit into the philtrum, you can discuss about it with the professional piercer. You can acrylic retainers to hide the piercing at workplaces and schools.  For those individuals who wish to feature a face medusa jewelry piercing, they can consider choosing colorful magnetic studs.

Double medusa piercing deals with double perforations of philtrum that can be beautified with the combination of large and small studs. In case of vertical medusa piercing, a curved barbell can be used to pierce vertical groove over the upper lip, while leaving both the ends of jewelry exposable. As for the Medusa jewelry piercing to start with, you can make use of fourteen or sixteen gauge labret stud. As a result, the piercing is done by means of extra long stud so that swelling can be accommodated. You will usually experience swelling once the healing process is taking place. It takes about 6 months for the healing process to be complete however you will start feeling comfortable anywhere after six to eight weeks.

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  • Glistening Princess Dome Ball Bioplast Labret Barbell Stud

When you wish to keep it simple, you will come to know that it won’t get simpler than this desired piece of jewelry. You might be a girl wearing her heart on her sleeve or just want the best piece of Medusa jewelry piercing that would complement that perfect outfit. When you want something fabulously sweet and trendy, this is the finest piece of jewelry suitable for you.

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  • Acrylic Piercing

Acrylic piercing studs and rings intend to reveal a very special highlight. This is a stunning nickel-free UV acrylic Medusa jewelry piercing, one of the popular choices for several piercing enthusiasts. Hence, it is a must-have for all piercing enthusiasts to prefer having it at least once and grasp people’s attention instantly.

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  • 925 Sterling Silver and Bioplast Labret Lip Ring with Prong Set Cubic Zirconia

If you are seeking for a more sophisticated and discrete look for edgy body piercing, this is just the right piece of Medusa piercing jewelry you want. You will find a polished sterling silver prong setting that holds 3mm cubic zirconia that glistens in this solitaire stud earring. This barbell is crafted from bioplast, a hypoallergenic, soft acrylic that is comfortable and flexible. This piece is just comfortable, beautiful and also a perfect product for regular wears.

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  • 114k Yellow Gold Labret with Bezel Set Cubic Zirconia

An enchanting shimmering bezel-set cubic zirconia forms the highlight of this attractive medusa piercing jewelry. Crafted out of high quality 14k yellow gold, this Medusa piercing jewelry forms an alluring addition in your jewelry collection. As it has a flat back, you can also wear it for tragus piercing.

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  • Tiny Star Labret or Medusa Stud

This appealing labret is featured with a discrete three mm sterling silver star. The stem is of flexible bioplast hypoallergenic stem, which can be trim as per your length. This piercing Medusa piercing jewelry is perfect for medusa piercing and many other piercing like Monroe, lip piercing and labret.

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  • Heart Anodized Piercing

The heart anodized piercing features a single stone grabbed by the solid surgical steel material. It is definitely worth buying this exotic piercing jewelry when you wish to stand apart from others. Medusa piercing jewelry remains ideal and interesting type from piercing jewelries because of the iconic charisma in it.

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  • Clover Piercing

People will look at you out of excitement on wearing clover Medusa piercing jewelry on your medusa piercing. You will also never take off your sight from this amazing piercing jewelry once you share a glimpse at it. Great as a medusa piercing jewelry, you are surely fortunate to have it. It also improve your facial look with the impressive stones that entrenches in the surgical grade stainless steel material.

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  • Aria Sparkle Teardrop Medusa Monroe Philtrum

Teardrop of medusa philtrum intends to wear only after the piercing heals completely. You’ll need this piece to decorate your ideal medusa piercing that will sport in surgical grade stainless steel. In addition, make sure to remove them off everytime when you take shower and also clean the holes.

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  • Bioplast Internally Threaded Labret Stem

Bioplast labret stem threads medusa piercing jewelry with a hollow end. It threads to compatible accessories as well as balls of 1.2 mm gauge. This is one of the most admired pieces of Medusa piercing jewelry, particularly for medusa piercing. Medusa piercing product must be your primary choice. It is a charming and stylish piece of jewelry you should never miss trying out.


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