Marilyn Monroe Piercing Jewelry

SS Labret with Epoxy Crystal Stone Ball

The Crawford or Madonna piercing also known as Monroe piercing is named after Marilyn Monroe. Since this piercing is located in the same area as the beauty marks they had. Basically the Monroe piercing is done on top of the upper lip. A labret glitter UV ball is used to do this piercing which is also used for piercing the chin area labret  monroe tragus earring.

Some people prefer this type of piercing as it is very unique and it has an extraordinary appeal. Monroe piercing studs can be found under lip jewelry as you will get a wider variety then.

Half Ball Jeweled Labret piercing


There are several types of labret depending on the size and shape you can select according to your comfort. You will even find skull lip rings and fake monroe piercing jewelry available in different designs.

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