Marilyn Monroe Piercing Jewelry

Monroe piercing is also known as Crawford or Madonna piercing and is from Marilyn Monroe. This is because the piercing area is the same location of where her beauty marks are. Some people prefer this lip piercing types as it is very unique and it has an extraordinary appeal. Monroe piercing studs are also available under lip piercing types as you will get a wider variety then. Furthermore, Monroe piercing is done on top of the upper lip. A labret glitter UV ball uses this piercing which also uses for piercing in the chin area.

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Types of Marilyn Monroe Piercing Jewelry

There are several types of Marilyn Monroe piercing depends on the size and shape. You can select according to your comfort. You will even find skull lip rings and fake Monroe piercing jewelry that is available in different designs.

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Body Piercing is very intellectual with Tragus piercing jewelry with UV cones. It is where labrets are from with one end screw and other with UV material ones which glow in the dark and has a wild visual appeal. They can also use to pierce the lips and mostly the inner ear at the entrance with the cones facing out.

Marilyn Monroe piercing is hygienic and available in a wide range of colors. Some enhance its design from surgical steel. Both men and women love this kind of body jewelry. People who love to party and flaunt this funky body jewelry and these are either cheap or compact for everyday use.


Monroe Jewelry



Marilyn Monroe Piercing Designs

People with lip piercing are constantly looking for new designs and body jewelry to try. Our range of Marilyn Monroe piercing jewelry is made from surgical steel & anodized tragus labrets. They are also completely safe on the skin as it does not cause any allergies or rashes. They already pass the test about it.

Some Marilyn Monroe jewelry comes with UV cones at the end. This is which reacts and shines in the UV light. These are also available in an assortment of different colors, yet giving you a wider option to choose between all your favorite colors. These products are affordable and also come at a great discount – prices when you purchase a bulk order.

Silver type Marilyn Monroe Piercing Jewelry

With all the new designs available when it comes to choosing the perfect lip piercing jewelry, it is the Monroe lip piercing that is fast becoming a rage these days. offers wide lip piercing variety in different sizes and designs that suit your style.

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Monroe lip piercing enhances from 16g and of tough surgical steel which is hypo-allergic and mild on the skin. This Monroe lip labret is available with a cone chin and also with UV body ornament. This means that the Monroe lip piercing reacts under the UV light and produces a soft glow of its own. This is not only extremely stylish and high on the fashion quotient, but it is also available at reasonable price.


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