Gold Labrets and Different Labret Piercing Styles

If you are thinking about getting a facial piercing, then it is really worth considering of getting a vertical labret piercing or gold labrets. Some call it tongue pillar, this facial piercing is usually done above below the lower lip and above the chin. Wearing labret jewelry has been in the practice since historical times when it reserves only for men of higher society.

Labret piercing is all about piercing the labrum and wearing jewelry. Of course, it is one of the most popular forms of body piercing. Today, many people opt for a vertical labret piercing as the symbol of self-empowerment and fashion.  While the piercing can be done within a second, you need to tolerate the pain and discomfort until piercing gets healed completely. When it comes to jewelry, Gold labrets are the most popular choice for both men and women. These labret jewelry is aesthetically pleasing and look gorgeous on anyone.

Gold Labrets Jewelry

What You Need to Know About Gold Labrets Jewelry

Labret piercing is really a painful procedure that involves piercing the skin and inserting your preferred labret jewelry. It is extremely important to enrich your knowledge about the procedure before getting your a skin piercing. Labret piercing classifies into several types of the location where it adds a piercing. You can choose the one on the look you want to achieve.  There are labret jewelries available for all sorts of piercings.

Before you get labret piercing, you should look for the most reputed piercing artist to discuss the placements of the labret. The expert will be measuring the thickness of your lip with a device. This helps them to find the jewelry in the right length and size ensuring proper fitting. Not all the labret jewelries available in the market are convenient for wearing. They may cause irritation and sometimes lead to allergic reactions. But, you will not experience these consequences when you wear gold labrets.

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Different Types of Labret Jewelries

When it comes to choosing jewelry for labret, then you have myriad of options to choose from. There are barbells, stud, ring and hook to choose from. You will not be facing any side effect or infection in the future if you wear any of these types of jewelries made with gold. They are not allergic and are appropriate for any skin type. When you explore the jewelry store, you could find labret jewelries both for men and women. Gold Labrets are available in a wide range of sizes, shapes and so, you can choose base on the look you want to achieve.

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Different Types of Lip Piercing Jewelry

The labret piercing varies based on the Gold Labrets that you have opted for. Though there are different types of lip piercing jewelry, labret barbells are popular ones. They are prominently worn by youngsters all around the world. The barbell style labret is composed of a straight bar with one removable bead. This makes it easier to insert the barbell in the appropriate facial area. These barbell labret jewelries classify into two types such as internally threaded barbells and externally threaded barbells.


  • Internally threaded barbell has smooth ends with threads tapped at the end of the bar. They cause less irritation and damages especially while inserting them. However, it could be more expensive when compared to its counterparts.
  • Externally threaded barbell comes with threads at both the ends of the bar causing more irritation and damages, especially during initial piercing. It is less expensive than the internally threaded barbell.

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Procedure and After Care for Labret Piercing

Once if you have chosen the placement area, the artist will be marking two small points- one on the interior side and another one on the exterior side of the lip. Then he will place the clamp above the marked points. Then the professional will pierce the lip with a needle. It would be better if you close your eyes while piercing as you might get afraid on just seeing the needle itself. It will not take more than a second to pierce Gold Labrets. You would not feel any pain if a piercing is done properly.

However, you must remember that a piece of metal is inserted into the body and so, you need to take good care. Otherwise, it may lead to infection and extreme pain. To avoid infection, you can choose to wear gold labret ring in your preferred style.

Gold Labret Jewelry

After Care For Labret Piercing

  • First and foremost thing that you need to make sure with gold labret jewelry is that you must not remove the gold labrets from the pierced area until it is healed completely. It usually takes more than 6 to 10 weeks for the piercing to heal completely. Oral piercing can get closed very quickly and if you take off the jewelry out of it, you may lose piercing.

Gold Labret Jewelry

  • You can use a solution made with sea salt and warm water to clean the pierced area. The cotton ball is soaked in this solution and can be used for cleaning the wound. It is better to do this twice a day to prevent infection and ensure fast healing.Make sure, you are not playing too much with your vertical labret piercing as it would make the piercing worsen. It would be better if you consider using antimicrobial soap for cleaning outside area.


  • The pierced area is swollen during the first week. You can eat ice cream and frozen yogurt to reduce swelling and promote healing. To avoid biting your Gold Labrets and damaging your teeth, you should chew food carefully. You must avoid applying oil moisturizers in the pierced area as it results in dirt accumulation leading to infection.
  • Even if you take proper care, there may be chances for infection to occur. If you realize any pain or some pus formation, it would be better to consult with the doctor. Taking precautions well in advance is highly recommended with this kind of lip piercing. It is also a good idea to approach the piercing artist as he/ she might have dealt with this kind of cases and have experience in providing an effective solution.


Different Types Labret of Piercing

Labret piercing can be achieved in different ways. In fact, there are more than 30 different styles to choose from. However, the popular one could be vertical labret piercing, snake bite piercing, spider bite piercing, and so forth.

Labret Jewelry

  • Vertical Labret Piercing

Vertical labret piercing usually attaches as a normal labret piercing. However, instead of passing through the mouth’s interior, the labret passes through in the upper direction and comes out at the top of the lower lip. This means that you can see both the ends of Gold Labrets. Either straight or curved barbell labret jewelry is appropriate for this kind of piercing.

Labret Jewelry

  • Snake Bite

This kind of labret piercing involves two labret piercings done, one on either side of the mouth of the lower lip. Of course, the spacing between the two labrets may vary but it is attached to the corners of the mouth.

Labret Jewelry

  • Dolphin Bite

Dolphin bite piercing also involves two piercings which are usually located at the center of the mouth below the lower lip.

Labret Jewelry

  • Cyber Bite

This kind of piercing also involves two piercing but one piercing done below the lower lip and another piercing done above the upper lip. Both the piercings attach around the center area of the mouth.

Gold Labrets barbell or studs are the perfect choices for all these labret piercings.

Labret Jewelry

Where to Buy Labret Jewelry?

If you decide to get labret piercing, then you may require visiting a reputed online store which dedicates solely for displaying various types of Gold Labrets. A well established online jewelry store has a huge collection of labret jewelries suitable for the style and preferences of every individual who wants to look elegant and stylish.

They display labret jewelries in different price ranges and styles studded with sparkling diamonds and stones to choose from. The jewelries are available from traditional to modern designs which can complement your look and style.

Labret Jewelry

It lets you make a personal style statement by choosing the appropriate labret jewelry. Their exhaustive collection of jewelries comes with quality assurance and purity certification and so, you can be sure of getting the right value for your money.

Before visiting these online stores, determine your preferred labret piercing style and type of labrets you want to buy. For this, you can get assistance from your labret piercing expert. After all, labret piercing should not spoil your look and style. So, getting suggestions from the professionals works well.

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