Foot Jewelry Types Must Have for Affordable Price

Foot jewelry is the hottest thing that looks pretty and vibrant. A sparkling and stylish piece of jewelry on your foot will enhance your look to the greater level. There are different varieties of foot jewelry such as toe rings, bracelets or anklets, and lots more. Today you can find great funky and colorful designs of toe rings and other foot pieces of jewelry at an affordable price.

A special attractive piece of jewelry can greatly add appeal to a formal outfit or provide a fun and also a playful feature to a casual ensemble. One ideal piece of jewelry that has emerged as more prevalent in the recent is foot jewelry anklets. Available in a variety of styles, metals and gemstones and many other materials, anklets offer anyone the opportunity to reveal their personal style.

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Different Foot Jewelry that Suits Your Taste

1. Foot Jewelry Anklet

Foot jewelry anklets consider being a traditional jewelry for women. It also regards more auspicious for women and is worn around the ankle. Other than women, anklet jewelry is also worn by children. Anklet Jewelry is also the must to wear for brides since it is among the jewelry that shows off her schwag. There is nothing more elegant than an ideal piece of anklet jewelry hugging the ankles of a woman. It is really due to the shine and brilliance that the anklets emit. The radiance that it emits is brighter than any other jewelry for women.


Anklets are especially preferred to improve the beauty of women. They are available in a range of carvings and embellishments. Their myriad of styles brings more charm to their popularity. Anklets are usually attached with small bells that will make a sweet noise, thus drawing the attention of the people towards her feet. Different types of foot jewelry anklets include chunky anklets, stone anklets, designed anklets, pearl anklets, beaded anklets, crystal anklets, gemstone anklets, diamond anklets, etc. Embellishments used are featured in such a way that they just fall under the ankle bone.


Metals Used For Making Anklet Foot Jewelry

Silver, silver plated, gold and gold plated are the common metals used in the making of anklets for women. They are available readymade in the market that can wear in any style based on the individual’s preference. In case if you have some particular design in your mind, you can always opt for a custom-made anklet.


  • Silver

Silver can offer a delicate appearance to a piece of jewelry and also offer a contemporary and cool look. It looks appealing in ankle bracelets. You must bear in mind that sterling silver is likely to tarnish. If you plan on wearing the anklet at the pool or beach, around sand, chlorine or water, sterling silver is not the right choice.


  • White gold

White gold renders a modern and cool look. Apart from being lightweight, it is less expensive than that of platinum.


  • Platinum

Platinum provides the same reflective coloring and luster as offered by white gold. It is a perfect alternative to silver. It does not tarnish and very durable. Platinum is also a better choice for those leading an active lifestyle while wearing jewelry frequently.

  • Yellow gold

Always looking fashionable, yellow gold offers a classic and warm look to any jewelry items. It also forms a traditional choice for any formal jewelry.

Styles that Anklet Foot Jewelry is Commonly Used

Regardless of what you describe your natural sense of style, whether hippie chic, boho or casual, your easy grace will really be an inspiration to all. You may always go by your own path and no matter the occasion, you will always remain true to your nature. While all others are wearing high heels and fancy clothes, your heart wishes for something simple, flower crown and flowing dress, with just the sparkle and twinkle of a crystal foot chain adorning your bare feet.


You would always like to experience the sand between your toes on your beach wedding or delight in the feeling of freshly mown meadow under your feet as you give your vows, thus shoes are not the part of your ideal wedding. Just explore the exotic collections of foot jewelry anklets in huge designs, right from the chandelier type with toe rings to the simplest types of cascading crystals. You can really find the accessory you want for your barefoot wedding.

Tips To Choose The Right Foot Jewelry Anklets:

While choosing foot jewelry anklets, there are some valuable points that you should keep in mind apart from the decorative features of the anklet. Once you have decided with the materials, metal, and stones featured in the anklet, you need to check the function and fit of the item.


  • Appropriate fit

Anklet must not be too loose or too tight on the ankle. When it is excessively tight, it will feel uncomfortable for the wearer while moving the ankle or foot. When it is too loose, it may get stepped in or even fall off.

  • Smooth decorative elements

If the anklet has beads, gemstones or other attached decorative elements, ensure they are not cracked, loose or twisted. When they are cracked, they may cause scratches on you. When loose, the stones would fall out

  • Properly fit clasps

Ensure that all the clasps and closures work smoothly. When they are loose, the ankle bracelet would fall off. As this piece of jewelry is worn for the foot, it could fall off accidentally without even the wearer ever observing it is gone.


Important Types Of Anklets

While foot jewelry anklets come in huge varieties, the greatest difference lies in the flexibility of the accessory.

  • Flexible Anklets

Flexible anklets are made of materials that can flow or move with the own movements of the wearer. Plastic, metal chains, string, jute, soft leather and other natural fibers form the part of flexible anklets. This type is also regarded as the most popular since there is such a great market for the flexible type of anklets.

  • Inflexible Anklets

Inflexible anklets are normally wooden or crafted using a flat sheet of metal. They usually resemble a cuff that looks similar to the bangle. These inflexible anklets remain sturdy in shape and don’t tend to move with the movement of the wearer. Due to their single piece design, the inflexible anklets are more durable.


2. Toe Rings

Toe rings are not just limited to those made from classy silver metal, but you can find those made from UV, silicone material and lots more. The printed toe rings are the latest type of foot jewelry nowadays they are available in a vibrant combination of colors such as red or green and blue.

  • Silver Toe Rings

Available all over the world by women because it highlights and makes their feet look beautiful. Toe rings are an Indian tradition from ancient times because it’s mostly made of silver and it has health benefits, which involve killing viruses and certain bacteria and the hip silver toe rings have a sterilization effect on the feet.

There are a variety of silver toe rings with various models and materials and are very economical with worldwide demand. The attractive models are made of silver and have healing properties on the skin and are very strong and durable and are suitable for any type of open footwear for women.


Women adore this product because it’s simple and sexy and is affordable for everyone and it can be worn all times. It really highlights the feet when worn with open footwear like flip flops and open sandals. It’s really a must have in the accessory bag for women.


History of Toe Rings

Toe ring is a major custom in India and few other Asian countries where wearing this body jewelry is sacred and now it’s become a growing fashion statement and a way to flaunt women’s feet with beauty. The models are one with colored silicone tips and models where toe rings are hand painted on various shapes embedded in the circular toe ring. Various shapes and figures are embedded in the toe ring to make them lovable.

Foot Jewelry For Beach Wedding

Just imagine your barefoot on the sands of charming beach with vigorous waves of water adorned with a splendid piece of an anklet. When it comes beach wedding, it becomes a little serious task for the brides to decide on their jewelry.

They need to carefully decide on the accessory that they are going to put on; especially their decision should be based on the theme of the beach wedding. Almost all the brides show interest towards foot jewelry for beach weddings. The barefoot jewelry for brides is always is always featured with ankle bracelet along with to ring foot chain.


Crystal barefoot jewelry is the smart choice for your special occasion. Whether you are going to get married in an exotic island or in a park, the charming foot jewelry is the suitable accessory for any of your barefoot destination. You must add some bling to your mesmerizing beach wedding. It is a must-have accessory for the beach bride.

Crystal Beach Barefoot Bridal Foot Toe Ring Anklet

You will really fall in love with this special piece of foot jewelry for beach weddings. This anklet with toe ring looks hot and beautiful. As there is a growing trend for beach weddings and other destination weddings, adding this kind of accessory will further spruce up the auspicious wedding events.


Crystal and Pearl Medallion Foot Jewelry

Simply, yet luxurious, the pearl and crystal foot jewelry for beach weddings from a preferable option for those brides who are looking for a simple foot accessory. This foot jewelry is bestowed with a medley of crystals and pearls that are surrounded by a medallion. It is available in silver metal that can better match up with the outfit of the bride.


Simple Crystal Featured Foot Jewelry Having Toe Ring

You are likely to go after this incredible piece of crystal foot jewelry the moment you share a glance at it. It instantly grabs the attention of the viewer. This is due to the simple crystal design that it is furnished with along with a charming toe ring. Silver metal further enhances the beauty of this foot jewelry. You are sure to adorn your barefoot with a wonderful accent to your grand beach wedding.


Chandelier Foot Jewelry in Crystal with Toe Ring

Even if you have not worn foot jewelry before and happen to look at this piece of foot jewelry, you will immediately like to wear one. It is worth opting for this trendy crystal foot jewelry on your wedding day. Featuring chandelier model, this crystal foot jewelry is intended for the modern bride. It also features dazzling crystal rhinestones that are draped in a stylish chandelier motif.

Have a look at the aforementioned barefoot jewelry and several other options online for your beach wedding and add a perfect touch to your destination wedding. Whether you are tying the knot with your soul mate or renewing your vows, you can find the best in the collection of foot jewelry for beach weddings.



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