8 types of Eyebrow Ring you must know about them

Have you ever considered having your eyebrows pierced? Body piercing, especially in the face is the more commonly employed forms of self expression among not just teens, but also among massive numbers of young adults throughout the country. Piercing is not just considered safer, but also little rebellious, glamorous and surely sets you apart from others. When it comes to eyebrow piercing, it is typically pierced at a forty degree angle from the exterior corner of eye, however can be pierced anywhere safely along the eyebrow right above the eye to the corner of eyebrow or at the edge.

eyebrow rings

Though all or any piercing of the body and face can become infected or irritated easily, eyebrow piercing is atop the safest, which just takes up to six or eight weeks to get cured. Barbells, captive bead rings and curved barbells are what many people worn today. All these jewel types make different degrees of pressure on piercing that can cause piercing migration or irritation over time, particularly in case of fresh piercings. Unlike other piercings, the use of surface bars or other suitable jewelry is not used always in the initial piercing and the use of commonly accessible body piercing jewelry usually develops an unnecessarily great risk of rejection or migration in eyebrow piercings.

Eyebrow rings for making an elegant fashion statement

Eyebrow rings, once been the popular option for tattooed and punk rocker, they are now seen frequently on high school teens. While other types of piercings remained as a topic of taboo, eyebrow piercings have really caught the attention of the world and also made it clear that they are surely to stay forever. It is no longer something needed to be covered in the public; today they are a fashion statement proudly worn by many people.

eyebrow rings

Among all other body jewelry option for eyebrow piercing, clear eyebrow rings have exceeded being an accessory to suit a girls’ attire. By choosing the proper ring, you can easily draw the attention of others. A ring featuring a sparkly little gemstone looks like a magnet to many people, tempting them to make eye contact. And no girl dislike having others looks at her. What was earlier an indication of rebellion among teens has now turned into a subtle way of flirting with people.

Popularity of eyebrow rings

Eyebrow rings are quite recent kinds of jewelry that are grown in popularity. It is no longer considered as more edgy or something that only a hardened person would put on, clear eyebrow rings come in a distinct range of styles that can fit your personality. Conventionally, eyebrow rings have come in either a curved or straight piece of metal that passes through the eyebrow and it has a ball or profile on both the end to avoid falling out. Eyebrow rings are easier to be inserted, with one end screws off that you can just push it via the skin, while screwing the other end. You can even find eyebrow rings that are featured in actual ring shape.

eyebrow rings

Material of eyebrow rings

Steel is typically used to form the shaft of clear eyebrow rings; however other metals are also used. If you are a person with sensitive skin, the hypo-allergenic metal can be suggested to ensure that your eyebrow ring does not cause any irritation to you.

A new popular trend is that clear eyebrow rings can be worn in several ways since there are countless styles to explore. The one suitable way to choose the perfect one is easy. You can consider getting metal, acrylic, plastic or some other substance attached on the end of the eyebrow ring in order to accentuate it. If you are an enthusiastic party goer, you can consider choosing the one that are light up or fluorescent to get your attire to be more suitable for the situation.

eyebrow rings

It is easy to search for an alluring piece of eyebrow ring online. Making up a best addition to any outfit, clear eyebrow rings can aid you dress down anything or impart a great touch of sparkle and a better alternative look.

Since eyebrow piercings can differ in their depth, it is better to be aware of the size of eyebrow ring prior to making purchase decision. You need not have to end up with something very short or longer that are likely to mess up your choice, and you get a ring that suit your budget.

eyebrow rings

Research all types of eyebrow ring out there and you can able to work out what will fit you the most. One of the highly innovative of all piercings and a more visible as well, it is significant that which eyebrow ring that you choose looks good on you. Check at the wide range now and pick something that displays your own individual qualities and your creative spirit as well.

Types of eyebrow rings

If you are out to buy a suitable eyebrow ring for your piercing, you are likely to come across few common types of eyebrow rings,

  • Acrylic eyebrow ring
  • Surgical steel eyebrow rings
  • Titanium eyebrow rings
  • Unique eyebrow rings

eyebrow rings

Check out the list below for the popular styles and varieties of eyebrow rings that are preferable for most of those who get eyebrow piercing

  • Eyebrow PTFE best barbells with acrylic cones

You can excellently add a bit of color and design with this eyebrow rings 16g. The barbell is featured with two acrylic stones in an array of colors and designs. Each barbell is designed of PTFE, which makes it an easy wear for various types of piercings, especially eyebrow piercings.

eyebrow rings

  • Eyebrow ring bent barbell featuring tadpole charm

This is a classic piece of simple eyebrow ring with a bent barbell featuring metal tadpole base charm. These unique pieces of eyebrow rings 16g are tasteful and stylish. You can also use it as a navel ring if you wish to have a belly button piercing.

  • 16g stainless steel externally threaded circular barbell

The eyebrow rings measuring 16g are available in different diameters. Every ring is crafted from 316L implant grade stainless steel. All sizes provide the choice of 4mm and 3mm balls. The balls get thread onto the 1.2mm external threading that is found at both the ends of the barbell. These rings can also be utilized for a range of different piercings that include nose, ear and more

eyebrow rings

  • 18g annealed stainless steel ring featuring fixed ball

Do you love wearing captive rings, but could not stand the difficulty of managing the bead? Get 18g annealed stainless steel ring featuring fixed ball help putting an end to your complete troubles. This annealed ring is pliable and soft making insertion as well as removal not more of a challenge. The ring has a welded ball measuring 3mm on one end, thus adding up the illusion of ring looking captive.

eyebrow rings

  • 16g annealed stainless steel ring

The eyebrow rings 16g can be found in different diameters. Both the ends of ring are flat cut allowing only a small gap, offering the ring its unique design. The annealing process used enables the ring to be pliable as well as soft making insertion and removing easy.

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  • 14g titanium captive bead ring having titanium ball

This exotic titanium captive bead ring is available in varying range of diameters. All these sizes come with 4 or 5mm titanium ball. This titanium captive bead ring is great to wear in different parts of the body, including navel, eyebrow, lip, ear and more.

eyebrow rings

  • 18g niobium or titanium captive bead ring

The 18g niobium or titanium captive bead ring is a wonderful tension style ring that looks incredible in your piercing. This 18g captive bead ring is hand polished and hand made by an expert jeweler for offering it an ideal look with lustrous shine. This specific piece of jewelry can also be used for earlobe piercings, daith piercings and more. You can also develop several color combinations with a great selection of niobium or titanium colors. This 18g captive bead ring is made of high quality with really smoother finish.

eyebrow rings

  • 16g titanium captive bead ring featuring titanium ball

This 16g titanium captive bead ring is designed using the finest materials. This captive bead ring is found in variable diameters from 6mm to suit the tightest areas to 16mm to suit piercings of quite more wiggle room. This titanium black captive ring is suitable for those who are searching for body jewelry that is dynamic and that can be used in a large range of piercings.
eyebrow rings

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