5 Eyebrow Piercing Jewelry Explores Myriad Varieties

Eyebrow piercing jewelries are worn on the brows that can be anywhere on the brow line of either sides. It can be horizontal or vertical that have variety of styles .

Eyes are the most adorable parts on the human body. Piercing is indeed an exceptional way to underline the eyes and further enhance its beauty. Other kinds of piercings are also in practice commonly. Eyebrow piercing dominates all other types of piercing. It also remains a new style of body modification.

Horizontal eyebrow piercing is the types that normally made above the eyebrow. The stunning look of this piercing can add to the eyebrow shape. Some of the jewelry options that fit this type of piercing include banana bells, curved barbells and also bio-plast barbells.

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Choosing The Best Eyebrow Piercing Jewelry

First of all, personal choice of the individual as for what angle of his brow he wants a piercing.  The fact is any puncture needs the similar efforts for cure. The eyebrow piercing also create normally  according to marks, lower and upper hence horizontal piercings are same hard to deal with. However, a professional piercer can able to perform this type of operation.  In choosing different types of eyebrow piercing jewelry you have, instruct the master about your wish. A professional specialist with a clear notion of brow anatomy will choose the position correctly, while avoid scraping the nerve-endings.

Gold eyebrow piercing jewelries

The suggested starter jewelry for eyebrow piercing is twelve to sixteen gauge captive bead rings. It may also use as mini curved barbell. The delicate tissue of eyebrow swells a little at first, so that your piercing will pierce you with big piece of eyebrow piercing jewelry initially in order to accommodate swelling. CBRs are also very prevalent starter jewelry option. For standard brow piercing, also consider choosing micro bananas with size 1.2x10mm and 1.2x12mm.

As a result, a jewelry tends to squeeze the skin and shape of a curve banana to reduce the threat of rejection. Anti-eyebrow piercing is something that is carried out slightly under the inferior eye orbit, on the upper cheekbone. A variant of any common eyebrow piercing is spiral eyebrow. It is different in a manner that the spiral eyebrow has two or more successive holes. And then a special spiral-shaped piece of eyebrow piercing jewelry is allows through all the holes.

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Types of Eyebrow Piercing Jewelries

  • 3/8 Inches Cz Cherries Curved Eyebrow Barbell

This is an alluring curved eyebrow piercing jewelry with silver tone paving way to two ripe pretty red cherry CZ stones suspending from green gem of leaf shape. In order to obtain a look that feels flawless, then never make delay to choose this cherries cubic zirconia curved eyebrow barbell.

eyebrow piercing jewelries with gems

  • Surgical Steel Marijuana Pot Leaf Curved Eyebrow Barbell Jewelry

This surgical steel eyebrow piercing jewelry is featured with bright green enamel pot leaf that is sure to produce an eye catching look. Including a touch of cannabis love in your eyebrow, it is worth getting eyebrow piercing just to wear this superior high quality surgical steel eyebrow ring.

circular eyebrow piercing jewelries

  • AL CZ Prong Set Internally Threaded Eyebrow Rings

It is also easy to boost your facial charm by flaunting in this enchanting double prong set eyebrow piercing jewelries. Completed in greatest quality surgical steel along with internal threading, this incredible piece of eyebrow ring is bestowed with dual sparkling cubic zirconia gemstones to better emphasize any kind of eyebrow piercing.

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  • Bioplast Jeweled Flexible Eyebrow Ring Barbell Body Piercing Jewelry

The surgical steel eyebrow piercing jewelry fitted on this ring is crated out of 316L implant grade surgical steel, having crystal gemstone, which is not glued but press fit. This piercing jewelry comes out in a range of colors to accommodate the personality and wardrobe of the individual. The flexible bioplast eyebrow piercing jewelry is now the recent launch in body piercing. Bioplastic is increasingly the recommended material than titanium and also surgical steel due to the fact that the flexible barbells allow for a highly comfortable fit. They are hypoallergenic and cause no irritation as well.

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  • Prong-set Cz Curved Eyebrow Barbell

Create an impression with these pleasing prong-set cubic zirconia eyebrow curved barbells. Made from 316L surgical steel, an attractive silver-tone finish is used along with a single piece of cubic zirconia. Choose from different CZ colors or have them all by today immediately. You can discover different variants of eyebrow piercing jewelries with diverse colors of gemstones, including green. Red, blue, pick and clear.

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  • Anodized Steel Eyebrow Ring Barbells

Feel pleased on adding a rich and a fun alternative to your ordinary eyebrow piercing jewelry. If you wish to get eyebrow piercing, you must choose this piece to decorate your eyebrows and walk out boldly to reveal your gorgeous appeal as well as the daring look. It is definite that this eyebrow ring is an ideal eye catcher. It is also exact that your face attains admiring look once you beautify yourself in this delicate piece of eyebrow piercing jewelry.

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  • Shimmering Crystal Dual Ferido Balls Barbells

The dazzling crystal forms the important focus of this jewelry that excellently highlights your complete facial look. This is totally a wonderful choice of eyebrow piercing jewelry that instantly deserves your attention if you search for ideal one. Try getting some charm to your eyebrow piercing on wearing this dramatic piece of eyebrow ring. It is sported with two ferido balls beautified with numbers of tiny crystals. Eyebrow piercing jewelries are out of best and highest quality surgical steel for secured and comfortable wear.


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  • CZ Colored Curved Eyebrow Barbell

You have to check out this supreme colored UV bioplast curved eyebrow barbell jewelry if you are about to get eyebrow piercing. Furthermore, a beautiful piece of eyebrow piercing jewelry is furnished with single cubic zirconia gem on both sides. It also available in variety of colors. Bioplast material is used in this body piercing jewelry that enables for standard use of the jewelry. The cubic zirconia gemstone in clear red forms the best body piercing jewelry. Therefore, this jewelry is worth considering if you want to get an eyebrow piercing.

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