Eyebrow Piercing Jewelry – The Best Jewelry To Try

Eye piercing jewelries for brows are a fashionable trend these days.  It is because it brings more attention to the public. The stylish eyebrow piercing jewelry would also automatically improve the confidence in life without any hassle and it brings you more options for getting quite an entertainment without any hassle. Normally, the eyebrow piercing includes with more number of types that includes horizontal eyebrow piercing, vertical eyebrow piercing, anti eyebrow piercing, anti eyebrow piercing and much more.


Furthermore, it is also necessary to know about the complete process and jewelry types in the most excellent way so that it would be quite easier for enjoying high-end benefits in short time. With knowing about the insightful and illustrative information about the eyebrow piercing jewelry, it is much easier to get the confident in making a perfect look.

Before piercing the eyebrows, understand what you are getting into along with the potential risks with many other details. An eyebrow piercing jewelry is really cool in giving the elegant look. It is also common these days with offering the extensive beauty to the face.


Stylish Eyebrow Piercing Jewelry

Due to many numbers of eyebrow piercing styles are available, it’s quite important to choose the best among them. In order to get the stylish look in an extraordinary way. Jewelry for eyebrow includes

  • Curved Barbell
  • Straight Barbell
  • Circular Barbell
  • Captive Bead Ring
  • The Shields
  • The Twister


Eyebrow Jewels price also varies according to the type and design of the piercing so that each of the models so it is necessary to choose them accordingly.

  • Get really cool and unusual ideas for your eyebrows that would bring you more style and enthusiasm in the amazing style.
  • Eye piercing normally refers to the kind of vertical or horizontal piercing eyebrows.
  • Irrespective of where the piercing is and how it is attach, it is important to orient the guest according to the individuals need.


  • Eyebrow piercing started the 1960s 1960s so it is not new to this world and traditionally, it has been made for many numbers of years in more countries
  • Eye brow Jewels are trendy and it is quite useful for getting a brand new look
  • Eyebrow piercing depends on personal taste and it brings more beauty in the extraordinary manner with fashion.


Eyebrow Piercing Benefits

Everyone likes to make the high fashionable Eyebrow piercing in their face and it would bring a stunning look without any hassle. some of the common benefits of these beautiful Eyebrow piercing are

  • Attracts attention to the eyes of the people
  • Relatively short healing time
  • Not very complicated
  • Not painful though slightly painful when puncturing
  • Done by both men and women


However, there are also some of the important things that you should consider while choosing the Eyebrow piercing.

  • Skin infection is common and chance for blood
  • Possibility for causing the nerve injuries in the eyes
  • Nerve injury would impair eyesight

Types Of Eyebrow Piercings Jewelry

Before you pierce eyebrows, it is necessary to decide the type of eyebrow jewelry that you like to use. Normally there are only 2 types of eyebrow piercings jewelry that includes


  • Bars eyebrow piercings jewelry
  • Rings eyebrow piercings jewelry

Eye Brow Bars

  • The Eyebrow bar is a process of jewelry that you can easily wear.
  • Available many funky colors, designs and looks
  • Easier to choose curved or straight eyebrow jewelry

Eye Brow Rings

  • Wide variety of these rings based on smooth segment, ball closure, circular and many others
  • Here is the list of 9 best eyebrow piercing jewelry you must try to have a beautiful look
  • Over the years, eyebrow piercing models and types have changed greatly and the lists are:

Vertical Eyebrow Piercing

  • The Vertical Eyebrow Piercings are most popular type on the eyebrows ridge.
  • The normal place for the eyebrow is at a 35-degree angle and  is from outside corner of the eye
  • Vertical eyebrow piercing could be from eyebrow to other areas in the body
  • Could be possible using captive beard, barbell or the standard type

Horizontal Eyebrow Piercings

  • The horizontal eyebrow piercings jewelry is made horizontally on upper eyebrow ridge.
  • Horizontal eyebrow piercings are made using the surface bar as it goes perpendicularly to the skin of the individual and horizontally at equal depth

Bridge Piercings

  • When you like to make a bridge piercings, then it is located across the nose bridge in between the eyebrow that is fleshy.
  • They are done with straight barbell or surface barbell
  • People with the fleshy skin can have the bridge piercing


Anti Eyebrow Piercings

  • Anti eyebrow piercing is also known as teardrop brow piercing in which the piercing is placed in the area where eyebrows are placed when you have it upside down face.
  • It will be made on lower side than usual eyebrow position
  • Piercings adorns cheeks so that they are not in the eyebrows due to its location
  • Surface bars are commonly used for Anti Eyebrow Piercings

Spiral Eyebrow Piercings

  • The Spiral Eyebrow Piercings are the trendy options for you to make the piercing and it is preferred by most of the people.
  • This is a special spiral jewelry used for two or more consecutive holes
  • Spiral shaped jewelry will pass through consecutive holes

T- Eyebrow Piercings

  • The T- Eyebrow Piercings normally involves the horizontal brow piercing along with the vertical one forming the T-shape pattern
  • You would also get either the horizontal or the vertical eyebrow piercings in addition to form T-eyebrow type


Multiple Or Combination Eyebrow Piercings

Combination Eyebrow Piercings is one of the common types that would give you the extraordinary look. It does not refer to a specific kind.

Crow’s Feet Piercing

Crow’s Feet Piercing have the Curved Surface Barbell along with Silver Barbell For Girls

Eyebrow Piercings Costs

An anti eyebrow piercing varies to the popularity, location, and service. Hence, the model average cost varies from $20 to around $100 dollars.

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