316L Surgical Steel UV Color Cone Spike Labret Monroe Chin Lip Piercing

316L Surgical Steel UV Color CONE SPIKE Labret Monroe Chin Lip PiercingIf your fashion role model is the iconic Marilyn Monroe, then this style is exactly for you. A Monroe piercing will make you look more appealing and enhance your beauty and boldness. It’s called Monroe piercing because it resembles the famous beauty spot of Marilyn Monroe which made her such a popular screen goddess. The piercing will also make you look like your favorite diva and you will become the talk of the town instantly. The specialty of Monroe Chin Lip Piercing is that it, the jewelry is placed on the left side above the upper lip where Marilyn’s beauty spot existed.

Labret studs are the best choice for Monroe piercing. Some people also use rings and curved barbells for Monroe piercing to look more adventurous. However, classical labret studs are ideal options. Piercebody has brought this sexy, colorful and trendy labret stud made from high grade surgical steel with a cone sitting on top made from UV cone piercing which glows under any kind of light. The cones are available in bright colors which you can mix and match with your outfits to look totally cool. There is nothing to hide in a Monroe piercing deals but still if you wish to hide it, try the acrylic or silicone retainer to conceal them.

A Monroe piercing is quite a popular one and several piercing parlors practice them. Finding a piercer for Monroe is not difficult. However, you have to find out a professionally experienced piercer so that the piercing is proper. The piercer will mark the area clamp the skin above your lip and perforate the skin with a hollow sterilized needle before inserting the gauge piercing stud in it. A Monroe piercing heals in about 8-12 weeks and you have to maintain proper hygiene and aftercare routine to speed up the process.

Warm saline solution soak with a cotton ball or swab is mandatory. You also have to wash the jewelry with antibacterial soap and rinse it well before patting it dry. Avoid smoking and drinking alcohol and using make up or cosmetics on your face. In fact, you have to steer clear of swimming in lakes or ponds to protect your piercing. Other Monroe variations include double Monroe and reverse Monroe piercings. The standard Monroe piercing can cost between $25 and $80. Buy lip rings online to enhance your beauty and appeal with a Monroe or a diamond Monroe piercing and become the look alike of your favorite diva.

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