Elegant and Stylish 16g Lip Rings To Make You Look Gorgeous

The trend of body piercing reaches in either adults or teens are seen having different types of piercings. One most prominent kind of body piercing is lip piercing. Many of the piercing enthusiasts love to achieve this kind of trend.

Getting a lip piercing and adorn it with an attractive piece of 16g lip ring represents a perfect fashion statement. It does not reveal the fashion statement, but also a way of expressing attitude and independence.

16g lip rings

How Does a 16g Lip Ring Enhance Your Look?

Noticeably, the trend of wearing a lip ring is taking huge storm either men or women. It is due to the fact that lip ring jewelry goes perfectly with the fashion, pleasure, and lust together. Abundant designs and types of lip piercings that you can explore to meet the desire of the look young. Many fashion divas, sports stars, glamorous style icons, and film stars are presenting forward the trend of 16g lip rings. The distinct types of lip rings differ with respect to the location of piercing.

16g lip rings

Typically, a traditional type of lip ring wears the side of upper or lower lips. The fashionable 16g lip rings have also gained attention among the individuals. Lip rings also differ in styles and types that are available in different designs and colors in the market nowadays.

16g lip rings

When you choose a lip ring, you need to ensure that the piece you pick must go suitably with your attire and attitude. You must also remember that your skin tone must always complement your lip ring. Also, never forget that for your lip ring to be emphasized, it must be in contrast with your skin tone. This will help in making sure that you obtain those jealous looks as and when it is viewed.

Things to Consider in Getting a 16g Lip Rings

There are few things you should bear in mind while having your lips pierced that are important for the safety of your own self.

  • You must make it certain that you have your lips pierced by a specialized piercer who place of work is genuine and authentic
  • It is necessary to assure that you comply with all the restrictions that must be followed after getting your lip piercing like avoiding drinking and facial exercises

16g lip rings

  • You should also avoid getting your lips pierced just before any occasion or event. Plan accordingly and get the piercing done well in prior to any occasion, so that you can able to wear 16g lip rings.

However, while comparing to another sort of piercing, lip piercing tends to consume less to me to cure. This, hopefully, offers you a bit more confidence while you have your lips pierced.

16g lip rings

How Does a Lip Ring Consider to be Safe?

Lip piercing considers being the safest as well as the easiest type of piercing, as there are not important blood vessels present in the human lips. Though it can be called as lip piercing, it need not necessarily positioned on the lip itself and it can be pierced anywhere along the mouth. Based on the particular position, the different kinds of lip piercing are termed as follows,

  • Marilyn Monroe Piercing – This kind of lip piercing is made on the upper lip, right where Marilyn Monroe got her beauty spot.
  • Angel Bites Piercing – This involves two piercings on the opposing sides of upper lip
  • Madonna – It is just located on the opposite side of Monroe piercing, which is named after the birthmark of Madonna

16g lip rings

  • Shark Bites Piercing – This sort of piercing is same as that of Angelbites, however, this is located on either side of lower lip
  • Dahlia Piercing – This is another piercing made on the upper lip, closer to the crease of the mouth
  • Medusa Piercing – This piercing is considered as real top labret piercing as it crosses the center part of the upper lip.
  • Philtrum– It is more similar to Medusa, indicates upper lip piercing
  • Canine bites – Positioned anywhere on the lip area
  • Cleft- This piercing is found in the area between the edges of upper part of the lip

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How to Choose a Suitable Type Of Piercing?

All that you need to do before starting to choose the preferable position for your lip piercing is trying to sort out the sensation of getting 16g lip rings or lip studs within your mouth. If you can manage to comprehend what it would be like, then possibilities are that your lip piercing would not impact the way you talk, drink or eat.

16g lip rings

The lower lip is more recommended for piercing, as it does not interact with gums directly. Hence, you can remain sure the area is out of danger. But, in case if you have decided to dedicate either side of your upper lip for piercing, you must better use only labret studs.

It is important to check the materials that the lip ring is made of. For example, it is great to have studs that are made of 18 karat gold, titanium, niobium, or surgical steel.

16g lip rings

Major Types Of Lip Rings

The two major lip piercing types include ball closure rings and circular barbells. Both the types of lip rings are perfectly fit for lip piercings that are closer to the rim of the lip. You can find these types of lip rings come in an exciting choice of colors, materials and also sizes that will make it simple to pick the best ring for you, no matter whether you want a unique look, simple or make a style statement with sparkly gems and bright colors.

16g lip rings

  • Teardrop Type Silver and Steel Ball Closure Ring

    If you are looking for a splendid piece of lip ring for your lip piercing, you are sure to get a smooth look with this spectacular silver teardrop model ball closure lip rings 16 gauge. This hottest ball closure ring is equipped with a sterling silver teardrop style captive made of a surgical steel ring.

    The teardrop design projects outward, such that the ball closure ring looks complementing not only lip piercing but also ear rim piercing and navel piercings.

16g lip rings

  • Steel and Silver Ball Closure Ring

This charming ball closure lip rings with 16 gauge has design in a sterling silver captive ring. In shape of 3 hearts, which sites in a surgical steel ring. The hearts projects outward, thus this ball closure ring appears best in orbitals, lip piercings, and ear rim piercings.

16g lip rings

  • Silver and Steel Jeweled-ball Closure Ring with Pink Outward Facing

    Consider adding attractive sparkle with attractive steel ball and pink silver closure ring. This pretty ball closure ring features with sterling silver captive, having pink jewels, placing in a surgical steel ring. The jeweled captive projects outward

16g lip rings

  • Silver and Steel Ball Closure Ring With Outward Sacred Heart

    The best way of refreshing your look is wearing this silver and steel sacred heart ball closure lip rings measuring 16 gauge. This fashionable ball closure ring is featured with a sterling silver captive that comes in the shape of a classic sacred heart that sits in a surgical steel ring. The sacred heart looks outward, so it is suitable for various other types of piercing including ear rim piercing and a navel piercing.

16g lip rings

  • Steel and Silver Circular Barbell Featuring Dragon Shape

    Upgrade your look and feel by getting this ideal piece of circular barbell. This funky type circular barbell is bestowed with a sterling silver dragon at one end, with 3 mm steel ball at the other side. The dragon faces frontward. This circular barbell also seems alluring in forward- facing piercings like navel piercings and eyebrow piercing.


  • Surgical Steel Ball Closure Rings

    Have any piercing feeling and looking splendid with this surgical steel bar closure 16g lip rings. The steel bar closure ring for 360-degree rotation through the piercing. In which feels ideal for simple cleaning. The bar develops smooth appeal for a discrete bead captive ring. This is suitable for Madonna piercings, different types of ear piercings, and nose piercings.

  • Zircon Gold Ball Closure Lip Ring

    The zircon ball closure rings are stylish, sleek and greatly regarded for their fabulous versatility and quality. This is also considered as the better alternative for genuine gold.


  • Blackline Ball Closure Ring Featuring Hematite Ball

    The hematite ball blackline ball closure 16g lip rings are a suitable alternative to ordinary BCRs. The ball of this lip ring is crafted out of hematite. Which is a natural gemstone having a dark gray metallic finish and a shining appeal? Blackline BCRs are more biocompatible and perfect for your piercings.

    They will not cause any kind of irritation to your piercing. It also helps in reducing healing time, particularly when you have experienced soreness or irritation with some other material of piercing jewelry.

Having your lip pierced is something, which remains permanent. It is always recommended to get an expert’s opinion before having your lips pierced. With proper selection of lip rings and appropriate car, you can create a flawless look.

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