Tongue Barbell with Fancy Balls

Tongue Barbell with Fancy UV BallsTongue piercing is quite a wild experience and not just women men also enjoy it a lot. In fact, the first references of tongue piercing have been found in Mayan men. So, it is as much a man’s style as a woman’s. Men have a long history of body piercing for different reasons but most importantly to demonstrate virility and courage. Of course nowadays making a fashion statement has also become a major reason. This tongue barbell with fancy balls looks quite unique and is capable of attracting a man’s eye to shop for it.

Made from surgical steel it is not only safe but stylish and durable too. The balls being UV sensitive glows under light especially sunlight. The balls in this item look almost transparent and scintillating. The ball size is 6mm while the bar size is 16mm which is a good piercing size. Tongue piercing actually started gaining popularity during the 1900s when body modification came to be accepted as a part of mainstream fashion. Piercer Elayne Angel is often attributed to popularize this art but getting a piercing done is mainly a personal decision. However, there are certain reasons which are quite universal.

Tongue piercings in men is often associated with sexual preference. It is also believed that tongue piercings can enhance sexual pleasure especially oral pleasure. With this belief in mind some men have their tongues pierced with rings or barbells. Whether it is a myth or is corroborated with fact is unknown at present. Some men have a completely different reason to have their tongues pierced. They enjoy the feeling and the look of a pierced tongue. Apart from appreciating their adventurous side, they also enjoy the hide and show game that can be played with a tongue piercing.

There are other greater meanings often associated with tongue piercings in men like spiritual and ritualistic significance. Lot of evidences suggests that Aztecs and Mayan men had their tongues pierced to serve ritualistic purposes. A tribe called Aranda in Australia still practices tongue piercing to mark the initiation of a shaman. Sometimes men have tongue pierced to face their fear of pain and to endure it and emerge as a winner while at other times it is done to reinforce one’s claim and hold over one’s body. Tongue piercing might also be done to mark a transition in life.

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