Alien Logo Tongue Barbell

ALIEN Logo Tongue RingIsn’t it cool to wear a logo tongue ring depicting something interesting? Sporting a logo tongue ring is the best way of self expression. Choose the one which has the perfect message that you wish to show to the world. Having a personalized logo is even more tempting because it provides you the chance to own the tongue ring completely. This tongue ring brought to you by Pierce Body is a cool one made from surgical steel bearing the logo of an alien. The black and yellow alien logo tongue barbell looks unique and gives you a vent to alienate yourself from the surroundings.

However, to flaunt it for a long time you have to take care of the fresh piercing. The first thing you need to do after having your tongue pierced is to place crushed ice on the piercing to reduce the pain and swelling. The ice will melt in your mouth and the cold water will also help alleviate the pain and reduce swelling. However, you must avoid chewing or sucking on the ice because that will not leave enough ice for the piercing. You can also drink lots of cold water.

When your tongue piercing is fresh you need to keep it clean. You cannot stay without having food of course, but you have to rinse your mouth with a cleaning solution after 30-60 seconds of having something solid. If you have had only plain water, then rinsing is not required. You also have to rinse your mouth before you go to bed and also after you wake up in the morning because these are the times when bacteria can accumulate inside your mouth. Maintaining the perfect cleaning routine will help in enhancing the healing process. If your piercer has not provided you with a solution, then use saline water to clean your mouth. You can also use an alcohol-free antibacterial mouth rinse to clean your mouth.

Using a seal salt solution twice a day also helps in accelerating the healing process. Brush and floss your teeth regularly so that bacteria do not accumulate in your gums and teeth which will also help in fast healing. However, do not brush the piercing or you might injure the region. Another thing you must keep in mind is the balls at the end of the bar. Check them at night to find out that they are not loose. Do not touch your piercing frequently.

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