Multi Stone Ball Tongue Barbell

Multi Stones Ball Tongue BarbellTongue rings have become an integral part of fashion these days and right from celebs to common people are having their tongues pierced not as a part of punishment but as an extension of their stylish selves. Drew Barrymore got her tongue pierced with a sizzling golden item which makes her smile and her mouth even more beautiful than it already was. Her luscious lips are truly complemented by the gold tongue ring she has inside her mouth which is displayed whenever she talks. You don’t have to be a Drew Barrymore to have your tongue pierced. You can do it if you want to.

Who would not want to have their tongue pierced when there is a multi stone ball tongue barbell? Can you imagine having sparkling stones inside your mouth and everyone getting a glimpse of it whenever you talk or laugh out loud? Isn’t it exciting? Everyone will focus on your face and you can enjoy all the attention. The barbell is made from 316l surgical steel so it won’t cause any problem to your tongue or skin inside mouth. Its size and thickness is also perfect for snug fit.

Like any other piercing, tongue piercing also requires healing. Since, it is inside your mouth, you have to keep in mind that you can eat certain types of food while avoiding other types is a must. Once your piercing has healed you can get back to your old eating habits. Also you have to introduce food which will help in reducing the pain inside your mouth.

During the initial phase of piercing your tongue will remain swollen. You may end up biting your tongue more often due to this and you will also find it difficult to chew solid food. Hence, liquid diet is great until the swelling subsides. Meal replacement shakes, protein shakes and clear broth in room temperature are great for start. As soon as the swelling starts subsiding, you can introduce bland food like cold yogurt and applesauce. Baby foods and ice creams are also allowed. Cold drinks or fruit juices that have cooled off can be taken. Remember the less you have food to chew, the less pressure will be put on your tongue ring and it will heal faster.

Do remember to rinse your mouth with a relevant mouthwash or warm saline solution after anything you eat or drink.

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