Neon Rose 316L Surgical steel Straight Barbell

You thought ear, eyebrow, belly are the be-all and end-all of piercings? Wait. There is yet another type of piercing that is considered as a cool style statement and that is a tongue piercing. A tongue piercing is like taking the piercing definition one step ahead and experimenting with your style in a challenging fashion. Tongue piercing is not for the faint hearted. However, if you choose to have one, you will have broken the bounds of self expression through style. There are lots of people all around the world opting for tongue piercing, though the number is less than the others.

Piecebody like it always has, brought a wide array of marvelous tongue piercing jewelry for the enthusiasts. The one that we are referring to right now is an item made from 316l surgical steel and is in the form of a straight barbell. Since it is neon rose in color it glows in the dark and of course looks attractive. So, you can have your own personalized rockstar look with this item. Available in a wide range of sizes, the Neon Rose 316L Surgical steel Straight Barbell can be bought at a low price.

Tongue piercing like any other has a long and elaborate history associated with it. Tongue piercing was considered as a sign of virility and courage by the ancient Mayans of Central America quoted by the Journal of Contemporary Dental Practice. In modern day India tongue piercing can be considered to be a vow to remain silent. Now, like any other piercing tongue can also be either permanent or temporary. Certain rituals in certain parts of the world require their people to have it pierced while others do it out of purely fashionable reason. In our modern society, tongue piercing is generally associated with an adventurous person.

In some people it is also an expression of their sexual preference. Some people believe that piercings can actually give them lot of sexual pleasure and hence get it done. Whatever the reason may be tongue piercings have become popular over the last decade. Tongue piercing jewelry is typically made from acrylic or metals. Metal ones are preferred to acrylic ones because they can be sterilized in autoclave. Sterilization will obviously prevent any untoward infection inside your mouth. Therefore, using 316L surgical steel tongue piercing jewelry is the best option as it is the non reactive metal. Also, this neon surgical one will be seen blowing brightly when you talk.

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